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cost of identity theft
Can you detect the potential warning signs associated with identity theft? It’s estimated that over 15 million Americans are affected by fraudulent charges, each year. In 2013 alone, the U.S. experienced a $21 billion hit in financial losses, all attributed to fraudulently-made charges.

Identity theft is considered one of the fastest-growing crimes across the world. On a case-by-case basis, an estimated 7 percent of all adults have experienced some form of identity theft; generally in the form of misused bank and credit cards. In order to prevent the onset of fraudulent activity on your account, it’s important to stay aware of any potential traps that will leave you vulnerable to fraudulent behaviors.

The more you learn about identity theft facts, the less vulnerable you are. That’s why it’s advised that you become familiar with identity theft facts, to steer clear of potential traps that compromise your financial security.

Think your identity may have been stolen? There a number of ways that can you help determine whether or not your identity has been compromised and some steps to take.

Sad Facts About Mere Mortals Fighting Against Identity Thieves:

As we see in the above infographic, it takes alot of due diligence, not to mention the time & effort it takes to restore your credit & good name once you’ve become a victim of identity theft. Obtaining your annual credit reports is a must. But it’s recommended that you check your credit files 2 to 3 times per year. Why? For all you know, you may have been a victim of id theft for months without you knowing. Bank accts, credit card accts, etc, that were opened in your name months ago. Bank loans taken out using your stolen identity months ago that you didn’t know. But you only learn about this later when you see your credit reports. Not much help trying to prevent this from happening in the first place if you’re just a mere mortal…

You Need To Gain Superpowers To Fight Identity Thieves:

Superpower Level 1 – So you’ve subscribed to a credit monitoring service that helps you monitor your credit. You’d receive alerts to any unusual activity in your credit files. Good, good. A Jedi trainee. But that ain’t gonna cut it just yet. You’ll still only be responding or reacting to a problem. Not preventing it from happening in the first place.
Superpower Level 2 – Subscribe to a fullblown identity theft protection service. By doing this, you stop identity thieves in their tracks. You’re immediately alerted to any major financial events such as new bank accts, credit cards, etc, that were opened in your name. Basically any activity I mentioned earlier that identity thieves would implement when they steal your identity. If you can spot those type of things quickly, then you’re basically stopping the problem before things hit the fan. Not just reacting months later after becoming a fullblown victim and having to crawl your way out of the mess. Normally these type of fullblown id theft protection services will charge you a subscription fee upfront, but Identity Girl will provide you this special link that let’s you try out such a Level 2 service for free for an entire month. ;)

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