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Image from page 274 of “Bill Nye’s history of america” (1894)
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Identifier: cu31924028712069
Title: Bill Nye’s history of the United States
12 Months: 1894 (1890s)
Writers: Nye, Bill, 1850-1896
Publisher: Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott Co
Contributing Library: Cornell University Library
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uld havedone a cfood deal of trading here, undoubtedly, en-tirely on credit, thus hurting company ver^ muchand loading straight down Washington merchants withbook records, which, added to whatever they hadcharged currently to people in Congress, wouldhave made times in Washington incredibly lifeless. General McClellan, having impressed the coun-try v/ith the concept that he ended up being good connection- their CASH S WORTH AS HE PAYA BATTLE. A FEW MORE FRATRICIDAL STRIFE. 273 builder, but a tad too dilatory within the matter ofcarnage, had been been successful by General Burnside. President Lincoln wrote the Proclamationof Emancipation to your slaves in July, but waitedfor a victory before posting it. Bull Run as avictory wasn’t around his standard ; then when Leewas driven from Maryland the document wasissued where all slaves into the United Statesbecame no-cost ; and, although thirty-one years havepassed as of this writing, they truly are however dropping inoccasionally from the back areas to inquireabout the truth for the report.

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EVEN DROPPING IN OCCASIONALLY FROM BACK DISTRICTS. CHAPTER XXVII. STILL ADDITIONAL FRATERNAL BLOODSHED, ON PRINCIPLE. OUTING QUALITIES VANISH, AND PROVIDE LOCATION TO STRAINED RELATIONS BETWEEN COMBATANTS,WHO START TO MIX THINGS. ON December 13 the years company closedwith the fight of Fredericksburg, underthe management of General Burnside.Twelve thousand Union soldiers were killed beforenight mercifully power down upon the slaughter. The Confederates were shielded by stone wallsand situated upon a commanding level, fromwhich they certainly were able to shoot down the Yankeeswith perfect sang-froid and deliberation. In the midst of all those discouragements, thered cousin fetched loose in Minnesota, Iowa,and Dakota, and massacred seven-hundred guys,women, and children. The outbreak ended up being underthe handling of minimal Crow, and had been confinedto the Sioux Nation. Thirty-nine of these Indianswere hanged on a single scaffold at Mankato,Minnesota, due to this wholesale murder. This execution consti

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Image from page 202 of “The Norwich memorial; the real history of Norwich, New London County, Connecticut, in the great rebellion of 1861-65” (1873)
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Identifier: norwichmemoriala00dana
Title: The Norwich memorial; the annals of Norwich, New London County, Connecticut, inside great rebellion of 1861-65
12 Months: 1873 (1870s)
Authors: Dana, Malcolm McG. (Malcolm McGregor), 1838-1897
Topics: Norwich, Conn. — background Civil war, 1861-1865. [from old catalog]
Publisher: Norwich, Conn., J. H. Jewett and organization
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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already been quite prolonged and bene-ficial character. His entire time is dedicated to this nobleobject, and the zeal and effectiveness of their labors can be attested bythousands of grateful hearts. The unwell and wounded soldier re-turning to their residence has constantly within him a buddy whose sym-pathies were wrought into useful kind, and lots of an anxiouswife, mama, or sister has gotten important advice and directionsin their particular attempts for relief of a suffering spouse, son, or brotherin the field or medical center. It really is toward credit of our town, that so universally ourcitizens had been wanting to make any and each help tothe cause, and to people who went forth to do struggle in itsbehalf, of not one could it be said facile princeps, for themotto for the royal crest seemed to have already been adoptedby all, Ich dien, — I serve. Inside home-service allclasses of your everyone was zealous to fairly share, and theybrought to it a self-sacrificing, substantial spirit, that makesit worth honorable record. XI.

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THE SOLDIERS help COMMUNITY. — WOMANS WORK. 1861-65. No blade have we, no battle-blade,Nor shining spear ; just how shall we aidMy nation inside her great crusade ? I am a female weak and slight,No vocals to plead, no supply to battle,Yet burning up to guide the best. Caroline A. Mason. THE Story of your war wouldn’t be totally or fairly writ-ten, if achievements of woman in connectionwith it tend to be untold. Yet their particular brands are not to befound in official reports, nor gazetted for brilliant deeds,such as made numerous a soldier a hero when you look at the countrys sight.It was in hospitals, in Relief Associations inside their local 178 • THE NORWICH MEMORIAL. cities, in personal ministries into convenience of those theyhad delivered forth using their benedictions, that the patriotismof United states females had been seen and thought. The record of Norwich within value is the one that is de-serving of enduring commemoration and honor. All that couldbe done by our women to give you for and encourage oursoldiers, was done, with an unusual persistency a

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