Image from web page 39 of “The Official National Collegiate Athletic Association lacrosse guide” (1922)

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Image from page 39 of “The Official nationwide Collegiate Athletic Association lacrosse guide” (1922)
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Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: officialnational16nationa
Title: The Certified Nationwide Collegiate Athletic Association lacrosse guide
12 Months: 1922 (1920s)
Writers: National Collegiate Athletic Association. [from old catalog] United States Inter-collegiate Lacrosse Association. [from old catalog]
Topics: Lacrosse
Publisher: New York, National Collegiate Athletic Bureau
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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tors responding to the cooler weather condition which greeted themin the North, but were not able to overcome the Canadians, thefinal rating becoming 5 to 4. the outcomes of this games played onthe trip are as follows: Oxford- Oppo-Cambridge nentsApril 1 Lehigh University, at Bethlehem, Pa…. 7 2 4 Pennsylvania S. C., at State university, Pa.. 6 0 7 University of Pa., at Philadelphia, Pa 8 0 8 Johns Hopkins Univ., at Baltimore, Md.. 2 1111 Mt. Wash. L. C, at Mt. Washington, Md. 2 713 Swarthmore university, at Swarthmore, Pa. . 8 9 15 Hobart university, at Buffalo. N. Y 3 8 17 Scalp and Blade A. C, Buffalo, N. Y…. 4 3 19 Cornell University, at Ithaca, N. Y 5 2 21 Colgate University, at Binghamton, N. Y.. 8 4 22 Syracuse University, at Syracuse, N. Y 3 4 25 Harvard University, at Cambridge, Mass.. 5 2 26 Stevens Inst, of Tech., at Hoboken, N. J.. 8 4 27 Princeton University, at Princeton, N. J.. 4 629 Crescent Athletic Club, at New York 1 6 might 1 University of Montreal, at Montreal, Can.. 4 5 Total things 78 73

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Spaldings Athletic Library 33 Lacrosse in Brookl) n tall institutes Brooklyn may claim a sizable an element of the credit forkeeping the old Indian online game of Lacrosse into fore in theUnited shows. Besides the internationally understood Crescents,the City of Churches has in the past and another been thecenter and running base for a few six teams composed ofschoolboys. An interscholastic league were only available in 1916 torevive the overall game one of the schoolboys who had previously been lettingit lapse notably could be the huge reason for the interest in thegame throughout the East at the present time. The high schools comprising the very first league had been ManualTraining, Erasmus Hall, Boys High, Jamaica, Flushing, St.Johns Prep and Stevens Prep of Hoboken. The conclusionof initial championship tournament gave the subject to BoysHigh, which beat completely guide for the only amount of time in the historyof Lacrosse within second school. By 1917 Jamaica, Flushingand St. Johns had fallen out from the league plus 1918,when Stevens dropped, a tiny P

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Performance of Syracuse Home Bureau pageant on reputation for farm life into the …
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Image by Cornell University Library
Collection: Human Ecology Historical Photographs

Title: Efficiency of Syracuse Residence Bureau pageant regarding the history of farm life inside condition. Undated.

Collection #23-2-749, item PR-PO-10
Div. Rare & Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library

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Image from page 105 of “Nineteenth Annual Report of The National Farm School November, 1916” (1916)

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Image from page 105 of “Nineteenth Annual Report of The National Farm School November, 1916” (1916)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: nineteenthannual1916farm
Title: Nineteenth Annual Report of The National Farm School November, 1916
Year: 1916 (1910s)
Subjects: National Farm School (Doylestown, Pa.)–Annual reports.
Publisher: Farm School, Bucks Co., Pa.: National Farm School
Contributing Library: Delaware Valley College, Joseph Krauskopf Memorial Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation

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BLAUNERS 833-35 Market St. Philadelphia The New Kind of aWomans Specialty Store The term Womans Specialty Store hascome to be associated with freakish outer-garments at exorbitant prices. We aim to associate it with modish,though sane and practical garments atmoderate and value-giving prices. Womens Coats, Suits, Dresses, Furs,Blouses and Hats. Everything for the Kiddies. Stop in on your next shopping trip,and learn the meaning of our slogan— Styles Superb—Values Supreme

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The Integrity Title InsuranceTrust and Safe Deposit Co, S. W. Cor. Fourth and Green Sts.. Philadelphia Capital Stock, Full Paid 0,000.00 Surplus 1,175,000.00 Undivided Profits 190,819.99 Deposits 4,753,626.88 BANKING DEPARTMENTReceives money on deposit, subject to I, i-c-j jr ■^-j. T*i check on sight, allowing 2 per cent, interest. IH ^^ ^ B^w bS Rents boxes for safe keeping of valuables in ^m ^^L % H|B ^9 burglar and fire-proof vaults, for S3.00 and EZ. ^f 1„_ ^iS^^a upwards. Letters of Credit and International Cheques for Travellers issued, available every- SAVING FUND DEPARTMENTOpen from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M.Monday to 7 P. M. Saturday to 1 P. M. 3 per cent, interest allowed on deposits.TITLE AND REAL ESTATE DEPARTMENTExamines and insures titles to real estate. Collects rents, dividends, interest, etc.Money loaned on mortgage and mortgages for sale. Attends to all details pertaining tobuying, selling and conveying of real estate. TRUST DEPARTMENTTransacts all Trust Company busin

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Image from page 499 of “Annual report of the Public Service Commission, and the … annual report of the Board of Railroad Commissioners” (1914)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: annualreportofpu19182mass
Title: Annual report of the Public Service Commission, and the … annual report of the Board of Railroad Commissioners
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: Massachusetts. Public Service Commission Massachusetts. Board of Railroad Commissioners. Annual report
Subjects: Massachusetts. Public Service Commission Public utilities
Publisher: Boston : Wright & Potter Printing Co.
Contributing Library: UMass Amherst Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries

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n of gravel pitat Salem Street, Medford. Balance on account contract pending settle-ment. Balance on account contract pending settle-ment. Telephone rentals due, bill not yet rendered, . ,741 2023,638 01 1,692 101,410 474,376 00 13,847 15 6,360 87 7,703 40 2,558 94 ,328 14 Depreciation, Road, Equipment and Miscellaneous Physical Property. CreditItems. Retirement of passenger and combination cars Retirement of miscellaneous equipment, ….. Retirement of power plant and equipment, . . . _ .Replacement charges: way and structures, §80,461.78; equipment, ,268,59, . . . . Balances at close of year: accrued depreciation, road and equipment,Balances at beginning of year: accrued depreciation, road and equipment, Equipment (depreciation), Way and structures, depreciation, Power, depreciation, . . . … Tremont subway equipment, depreciation, Salvage from sale of power plant equipment, . . Replacement credits: way and structures, ,596.30; equipment, ,447.85; power, 7d Total,

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8,568 24 120,000 00 80,000 00 120,000 00 2,042 59 6,200 00 2,687 98 d Debt. 1919. BOSTON ELEVATED. 497 Profit and Loss Statement. Item. Debits. Credits. Credit balance transferred from income account, p Delayed income credits, p. 504, Miscellaneous credits, p. 504, . Debit balance at beginning of year, p. 487, Dividend appropriations of surplus, p. 497, Delayed income debits, p. 504, Miscellaneous debits, p. 504, Balance carried forward to balance sheet, p. 487, Total, 7,555 86 835,779 00 1,488 62 52,831 84 28,557 78 7,505 86105,906 29252,800 95 ,076,213 10 ,076,213 10 Dividends declared during the Year. rrr- Name op Secubitton which Dividend Rate Per , Cent(Regular). Par Valueof Amounton whichDividend wasdeclared. Amount ofDividend. Date. WAS DECLABED. Declared. Payable. Common stock, .Common stock,Common stock, . y?. ,879,40023,879,40023,879,400 8,191119,397358,191 Feb. 9, 1917Apr. 18, 1917Aug. 6, 1917 Feb. 15, 1917May 15, 1917Aug. 15, 1917 Total, . 5,779 In

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Amica shares 8 tips for National Moving Month

LINCOLN, R.I. (PRWEB) May 13, 2015

May is National Moving Month, and Amica Insurance is sharing tips to help make the process as smooth as possible.

Amica suggests the following when preparing to relocate to a new home:

Buy plenty of boxes and tape before packing. Not having enough will only add stress to the process.

Create an inventory of items while packing and unpacking to protect yourself in the event of an accident or theft.

Don’t repack items that are stored in a dresser. Instead, cover the dresser in blankets and use tape to make it more secure.

If moving with kids, have them pack a box of their favorite personal items.

If moving with pets, remember to have their ID tags updated with your new address.

Before moving day, shred outdated personal documents and recycle the scraps.

The week before moving, plan dinner menus to use up the food in your home instead of packing it or throwing it away.

Move on a weekday when banks, utilities and government offices are open to make the transition easier.

About Amica Insurance

Amica Mutual Insurance Co., the nation’s oldest mutual insurer of automobiles, was founded in 1907. The company, based in Lincoln, Rhode Island, is a national writer of auto, home, marine and umbrella insurance. Life coverage is available through Amica Life Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary. Amica employs more than 3,400 people in 44 offices across the country. For more information, visit

CONTACT: Vince Burks, Corporate Communications, 50 Amica Way, Lincoln, RI 02865-1155, 800-652-6422, ext. 24563

Amica Media Center

Twitter: Amica

Facebook: Amica Mutual Insurance Co.

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The Laborers International Union of North Americas National Guard District Council Endorses Sen. Jack Reeds Legislation to Modernize National Guard Technician System

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) June 03, 2014

The Laborers International Union of North America’s National Guard District Council (LIUNA NGDC) commonly supports Senator Jack Reed’s re-introducing of the National Guard Technician Equity Act. On May 8th, 2014, Sen. Reed introduced Senate Bill 2312, that seeks “to eliminate inequities” inside the treatment of technicians. LIUNA NGDC states which Senator Reed’s legislation targets certain compensation plus due procedure shortfalls which particularly impact National Guard dual-status technicians.

“Technicians are more knowledgeable, experienced, plus expense powerful than their less experienced plus high paid active duty counterparts. From a expense attitude, technicians can be among the right kept tips in every of Department of Defense,” states Ben Banchs, Organization Manager at LIUNA NGDC.

Technicians are a unique category of Federal civil service employees. Their responsibilities vary from clerical to mechanical. Technicians keep computer networks, handle pay plus advantages, plus work plus keep fight systems at a readiness level about par with at a marked savings over their active duty counterparts. The National Guard costs lower than the active duty force. In purchase to keep the significant amount of readiness when keeping fees low the National Guard relies about a little full-time staff of Federal civil service employees commonly well-known as dual-status technicians (DSTs). Over 48,000 National Guard dual-status technicians serve throughout the 54 states, territories, as well as the District of Columbia.

The system is nearing its 50th year inside existence, plus certain, including Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI), believe there are regions which might employ improvement. One of the issues Sen. Reed is worried with is the fact that technicians are frequently being denied the chance to reach full civil service retirement age. In a report that accompanied the authentic bill passed inside 1968, the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) prepared it obvious which technician work was meant to be “profession work, with retention of qualified technicians inside the military till age 60” (ref. SASC Report No. 1446, July 22, 1968, p. 12-13).

Two quite significant provisions inside Sen. Reed’s legislation deal with a technician’s ability to reach full retirement age. The initial provision might permit a dual-status technician to convert to non-dual status following 20 years of creditable technician service. The second might exempt technicians from being considered for involuntary separation by the Army/Air Force’s qualitative/selective retention board task.

In addition to retirement parity, Sen. Reed’s bill seeks to extend technicians the same due task rights afforded to different Federal employees beneath the law inside purchase to appeal plus find review of adverse personnel actions straight connected to their tasks because civilian employees.

S. 2312 furthermore contains provisions which LIUNA NGDC believes may conserve taxpayer’s income. One of the money-saving provisions seeks to close a loophole inside the law which allows Federal employees whom volunteer for Active Guard Reserve (AGR) duty to “double-dip” by permitting those to earn plus employ 120-hours of yearly military leave beneath 5 USC § 6323 throughout their period of activation. Cashing-in of the 120-hours is permitted by law despite that the associate volunteered for the tour plus despite the truth which inside the big most of instances the need for volunteering is the fact that AGR compensation is higher than their general civil service salary/wage. The annual savings to the National Guard, alone, are estimated to be regarding $ 10 million inside payroll plus $ 5 million inside Federal retirement advantages. The savings for the whole Federal staff can be greatly high.

Sen. Reed’s bill equally seeks 2 research. The initially is to determine whether it might create fiscal sense to let National Guard technicians the chance to engage inside the TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) System. TRS is a comprehensive wellness insurance benefit accessible to all members of the National Guard plus Reserve. The policy’s individual premium is simply over $ 220 monthly for family coverage, that is (inside certain cases) upwards of 50% cheaper than a synonymous plan beneath the Federal Employee Health Benefit System (FEHBP). However, because National Guard technicians are qualified for FEHBP, they are legally disqualified from taking benefit of TRS.

The different research contained inside the bill seeks to locate out how much time Federal employees that are equally members of the National Guard are spending away off their civilian jobs every year inside purchase to fulfill military operational plus training specifications. The military ops tempo because 9/11 has located an unprecedented load about members of the reserves, forcing those to be missing off their civilian jobs for repeated periods of time plus length. The research seeks to capture how extended those absences are, plus what, when anything, ought to be performed regarding it.

Lastly, the bill seeks to enable technicians the possibility of getting either pay or compensatory time for periods of overtime worked. When the National Guard Technician Act was passed, it just enabled technicians to get compensatory time for hours of overtime worked at a one-for-one rate. This really is inside sharp compare to most additional Federal employees whom get the conventional overtime pay-rate of 1.5 (time-and-a-half). Sen. Reed’s bill seeks to enable technicians the possibility of getting either compensatory time or pay for overtime worked, much like additional Federal employees, nevertheless might retain the limit about which overtime compensation at the active one-for-one level, guaranteeing which the provision is cost neutral.    

LIUNA NGDC—the Laborers International Union of North America’s National Guard District Council—is the best plus fastest-growing union of National Guard technicians inside the United States. LIUNA NGDC applauds Sen. Reed for introducing S 2312, plus encourages all technicians to contact their individual Member of Congress plus urge those to sponsor this legislation.

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