Primary monitoring system installed directly with the principal’s office teachers are dissatisf

March 14, Haidian District Yinyan primary school teachers to reflect, the school principal, two newly installed indoor LCD TV , By installing cameras in the classroom can be monitored by classroom teachers and students move. The teacher said the school would give teachers great psychological pressure to the school to remove LCD TV and turn off the camera. The school principal, said the move was for protection of audio-visual facilities Security And improve teaching quality.

Haidian District Yinyan school teacher Zhang Min (a pseudonym), said the school classroom to install a camera, you can see panoramic views of the classroom, “We always thought just before the control test, used to prevent student cheating, not too Note. ” Not long ago, when he went to the principal’s office work, see the wall to install two new LCD TV, camera use in the classroom, principals can see from the screen for each classroom situation. “The whole platform is exposed to Shot , The thought of being president of his own time to monitor every move, every class I am very uncomfortable. “

3 14 11 am, in Yinyan primary school to see the back of the ceiling of each classroom, all the installation of a hemispherical camera. Recess, the reporter interviewed several random high-grade primary school students. They said, “The teacher said that the camera can see everyone’s learning.” As for who is watching to see where they have that knowledge. Some teachers said in an interview that the installation of cameras in the classroom does not affect their teaching, the classroom has always been public places, the normal teaching behaviors can not see nothing. The role of the camera, they say, “classroom audio-visual equipment is very expensive, schools may also consider it out of property.”

Yinyan Primary School Mr Church said the classroom cameras have been used 3 years, 24-hour opening, should the case of extraordinary circumstances, you can always transfer to see videos. President’s Office of the two LCD TVs, audio-visual equipment are idle, just installed last week, is not always open. “I sometimes turn on the TV, to know whether the teacher on time hillock and so on.” Zhuo said that these measures are to protect students, audio-visual facilities, safety, and for the teaching service, hoping to get the understanding of teachers and students.

Experts View Classroom practice monitoring is double-edged sword

Beijing Youth Legal and Psychological Counseling Center Director, Youth Education Spring Hill, said experts were schools to install television cameras and monitoring initiatives is to “double-edged sword”, currently there is a big controversy. From the safety point of view of education, this does have a certain need, but the teachers and students in the long term Environment Work under study, will have a great psychological pressure. The teacher, they easily feel every move under the supervision of the principal, a heavy psychological burden. In addition, students in the growth process, much like the space and freedom, easy to intensify its control over the rebellious personality. To resolve this contradiction, suggested that the relevant departments as soon as possible Legislation , Carried out by means of legislative constraints and management of the initiatives such as the use of the provisions of the camera and time, so that personal privacy and public interests are better coordinated.

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FACT SHEET: Obama Administration Announces Public and Private Sector Efforts
The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy will enhance access to prescription drug monitoring program data to thousands more physicians and pharmacists in Arizona, Delaware, Kentucky, and North Dakota in 2016. The Fraternal … The American Public …
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Jean Chatzky: Surprising cost of bad credit
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Image from page 677 of “The naval history of the Civil War” (1886)
credit monitoring
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: navalhistoryofci00port
Title: The naval history of the Civil War
Year: 1886 (1880s)
Authors: Porter, David D. (David Dixon), 1813-1891
Subjects: Porter, David D. (David Dixon), 1813-1891 United States. Navy
Publisher: New York : Sherman Pub. Co. Des Moines, Iowa : Condit & Nelson
Contributing Library: Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection
Digitizing Sponsor: State of Indiana through the Indiana State Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
ave been clue to the hurried performanceof a multiplicity of duties, or to the indis-cretion of a secretary. But it is the duty 664 THE NA VAL HISTORY of the historian to correct these discrepan-cies when they are manifest, where it canbe clone without raising questions thatmight end in angry controversies. There was published in the Army andNavy Journal, on the 16th of April, 1864, areview of the services of the Monitors inSouthern waters. Commander EdwardSimpson, in a report dated April 21st, ex-pressed himself as dissatisfied with theamount of credit given his vessel, thePassaic, in the official reports. On the29th of July, 1863, the Passaic went intoaction with Fort Wagner, followed by thePatapsco and the New Ironsides. Thepresence of the Passaic is not mentionedin Rear-Admiral Dahlgrens review. On the 31st of August, 1863, the most se-rious engagement in which the iron-cladshad yet taken part occurred between FortMoultrie on one side, and the MonitorsPatapsco, Weehawken, Passaic,

Text Appearing After Image:
COMMANDER (NOW REAR-ADMIRAE) EDWARD SIMPSON. and Nahant on the other; the detach-ment being under the command of Com-mander T. H. Stevens, on board the Pas-saic. During the action, the Passaicgrounded about half a mile from Fort Moul-trie, and was severely hammered by theguns of that work before she floated off.This affair was not mentioned in the re-view, though it was a much more seriousone than the engagements with Wagnerand Battery Gregg, on Morris Island. On the 8th of September, one of the mostremarkable actions between iron-clads andshore – batteries that ever occurred wasfought under command of CommodoreS. C. Rowan, between the batteries on Sullivans Island on the one side, and theNew Ironsides, Patapsco, Lehigh,Passaic, Nahant, and Weehawken(aground), on the other. This action lastedthree hours, and terminated in silencingthe fire of the batteries on the island. During this action, the Passaic was atthe head of the line, having received an or-der from the Commodore as she was

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

Accidental Payments and Quiz Cheating
Ideally, when you want to type illegal stuff, instead of swear words, you remember that the system is monitoring you, and walk over to talk it out in person instead. (Or don't do … The story is that UBS Willow Fund invested in distressed debt until …
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AG Conway Alerts Consumers of Experian Data Breach
The accessed data included names, addresses, Social Security numbers, birth dates and driver's license numbers of current T-Mobile customers and consumers requiring a credit check for service or device financing from Sept. 1, 2013 through Sept. 16, 2015.
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College of DuPage trustees work amid serious dysfunction
The report points to other issues as well, many of them uncovered by the Tribune, including the school's failure to follow its investment rules, which added to costly losses, and a scandal in how it awarded college credit to recruits at the police …
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Monitoring Diet

Quite often, after putting in laborious days in the gym to try and drop some fat, we are let down by the figures staring straight back at us from the scale. the reason why am I able to not drop some weight after all of the? If this sounds a little too familiar for you then don’t worry; it’s probably just a straightforward situation of staying away from all correct tools to trace your development.

Various weight-loss goals likewise have different needs. And even these come right into play whenever you are trying to keep track of your progress. By way of example, if you’re attempting to perfect your hour-glass figure without really dropping much fat, neither machines nor extra weight percentage should be able to assist you. It thus becomes essential to utilize multiple ways to keep track of your development through your routine.

Lots of people often forget the basics and some underestimate their particular effectiveness. Get the measuring tape, dirt it off and place it to good usage. Measure not only your target areas, but precisely what you can. By way of example, gauge the bust (around the fullest component), chest (right underneath the breasts), waistline, hips, upper hands, upper thighs, calves and forearms. Understand that just as much as we possibly may be trying to work out a certain part of a body, other parts get impacted too. And this means, you certainly will quickly understand which areas of your system are giving an answer to your efforts also to what degree.

Excess Fat
The complete story is not told through the machines alone. Many people have heavier bones, most are built wider while many might actually have more lean muscle than usual. Calculating your body fat percentage provides you with an extremely precise view of how much of body is actually contains non-essential fats- the ones that have to be focused. With a straightforward set of weight calipers, you can effortlessly measure and calculate your body fat percentage.

Though machines are not probably the most reliable signs, they’ve their particular benefits. Machines would be the simplest readily available equipment that people can determine our anatomies with. As soon as combined with the body fat percentage, provide us with a number that people can work better with. Just redouble your weight (example. 150 weight) with all the non-essential fat portion (e.g. 20percent) to know simply how much weight you’ll want to lose (150 x 20per cent = 30 weight).

Waist to Hip Ratio
With particular objectives, arise specific measurement needs. In case you would you like to boost your sides, you are better supported with this particular method. It is extremely easy to do yourself and all it needs is a measurement tape and a calculator.
Measure the waist during the narrowest point in addition to hip within widest point, both in inches or centimeters.
Divide the waist dimension by compared to the hip.

Based on the nationwide Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), a ratio greater than 0.8 for females and greater than 1.0 for males places them at an elevated health risk due to their fat distribution.

We all have actually that set of jeans that fit united states two months ago and don’t anymore, and/or sleeves of top that fit also tight now. These and other clothing can be very powerful signs of your progress. Remember how particular bits of clothes fit you and you may not require other things to tell you that you are on the road to that bikini human anatomy.

Snap a picture of your self every week in a particular pose and compare these snaps over a period of time. And soon your camera will become an improved friend than your mirror.

Additional Tips

• Perform these measurements in the nude or with just minimal garments on.
• complete the checks at precisely the same time of the day (if at all possible first thing each morning) in order to avoid mistakes.
• For females, keep in mind the extra liquid yourself keeps through your durations.
• hold a tabulated record of most your readings.
• usually do not check your progress each day. Do so each week and sometimes even on a monthly basis. The body doesn’t respond as fast as we possibly may need it to.

Hannah Wright
For more information on how to lose some weight see

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Server Monitoring Process

Network monitoring is the most important part of the system administrator’s or IT manager’s work. The larger the company is, the more employees work there, the more clients are served by this organization, the more vital the server monitoring process is. It is worth to mention that nowadays there are a lot of companies with rather small and simple networks where servers are also used and need to be monitored.

The server equipment is to operate round the clock 7 days in a week all the year.  It is not recommended to stop the server operation because this can lead to a company’s workflow interruption and the data loss. But computers, servers, and other network devices cannot work for ever, they can even fail sometimes. That is why the system administrator has to monitor servers’ operation constantly. This process includes monitoring the state of services, processes, applications, databases, etc.

What is “monitoring”? First of all, let’s give the definition.

Monitoring is the regular observation and recording of activities taking place in the object or the process, which gives an opportunity to evaluate effectively the influence of different external and internal factors; watching them during their operation and developing. The monitoring results allow improving the control of objects and processes.

What does the server monitoring process give us?

1. The system administrator or IT manager is able to detect the server failure just after the moment it has occurred.  In this case, employees will not complain that important services on the server are unavailable, or that it is not possible to connect to the database, etc. The server monitoring process minimizes the time of the system administrator’s reaction to the particular events, and the system downtime. All this increases the efficiency of the company’s operation on the whole.

2. The system administrator is able to evaluate the state of IT infrastructure on the whole or its particular parts in details with one glance.

 3. If the failure has been detected, the server monitoring program helps to define its cause, and what was just a consequence. This also minimizes the failure recovering time. Besides, the server monitoring process allows discovering the current server problems, and thus anticipating and preventing possible breakdowns.

The server monitoring software, that is available on the market today, makes the server monitoring process more automated and less expensive. A network monitoring program’s operation does not require any system administrator’s intervention. He just has to set up the particular checks, their periodicity, and notifications that will take place if failures are detected. He can also configure the program’s response on particular events. These may include: displaying a message, sending an e-mail message, running external programs, writing a record to log, sending SMS to a mobile phone, restarting/shutting down a service, a server, or a workstation.  The server monitoring process will be performed round the clock 7 days a week, which human is not able to do physically. This means, that the organization’s information system will always be under constant observation and control.

Servers are kind of organization’s “brain”. They are the warehouses of the important data; they provide the “intellectual” operation of the company and the connection between all its parts, uniting them in one “organism”. If the server stops working, all the company’s operation can stop as well. A server monitor allows avoiding this, letting the system administrator detect and repair failures as soon as possible. The server and the whole network monitoring program’s task is to make this process less expensive and more efficient thanks to the great number of server monitoring checks and its continual operation.

Dmitriy Stepanov, Server Monitoring Process expert

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A few nice credit monitoring images I found:

Image from page 316 of “Railway mechanical engineer” (1916)
credit monitoring
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: railwaymechanica96newy
Title: Railway mechanical engineer
Year: 1916 (1910s)
Subjects: Railroad engineering Engineering Railroads Railroad cars
Publisher: New York, N.Y. : Simmons-Boardman Pub. Co
Contributing Library: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Digitizing Sponsor: Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation

View Book Page: Book Viewer
About This Book: Catalog Entry
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Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
he machine was originally de-signed for a 24-in. maximum stroke, but arrangements weremade to have the stroke increased to 26 in., thus accom-modating slightly longer work. The machine is used forplaning shoes and wedges, trueing the seats of Economy steamchests, shaping back and main rod brasses, engine truckboxes, driving box cellars, piston rod keys, main rod keys,etc. Ample jxiwer is provided and when occasion arisesa cut of 1 1/16 in. or more can be taken on an oversizeddriving box shoe, the feed being about 1/32 in. and thecutting speed 40 ft. per min. Special features of the machine are the wide range ofwork which can be handled on it and the ease of changingfeeds and sjjeeds while watching the progress of the cuttingtool. A good idea of the range of work handled is affordedby Fig. 4. The machine may be shaping one of the bigmain rod brasses, or planing the extended driving box wedgein the foreground and the next minute be called on to shapethe small rod kev shown in the chuck.

Text Appearing After Image:
= .■. 4—Th.; Openside Planrjr nnd Some of Its Work A Fox monitor brass lathe, also installed with the othernew machines, finds very continuous and useful service. Itis used for general work in repairing and renewing parts ofinjectors, safety valves, boiler check valves, blow-off cocks,gage cocks, Ixiiler fittings and other cab fittings too numer-ous to mention. Six turret stations are j)rovided on thismachine and the ofierator has devclofX-d a large numberof s[)ecial tfwls and jigs by means of which the work is greatlyfar ilitated. Some of the jigs most commonly used, probably,arc thfjse developed for holding valve stem and piston rodpacking while l>cing bored. General Labor-Saving I)evicc» A continual effort has l>een made at Hot>oken to developdevices and methods which will save time or labor. One of the most interesting devices is a portable pneumatic oiler,credit for the development of which is due to M. R. Feeley,general foreman. Details of this oiler are shown in F

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

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