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Most Kingston memory cards are wonderful. This one in particular features a much faster performance and it has a greater storage capacity. You will notice that it has a much better dependability. The best part is, you will be able to satisfy your needs. Your investment will be totally worth it, especially since it is a rich feature because of its high-quality aspects. The digital camcorder needs are met totally! It goes well with the SD Specifications of the Version 2.00. Such electronic item is an amazing and ideal expansion solution for all the small devices, like an MP3 player, a digital camera, a PDA, some smart phones, and much more.
General facts
This fabulous card is totally highly secure; it is a stamping sized flash card for memory purposes. It can be definitely used in a wide variety of electronic and digital products. The KINGSTON 16GB card allows you a lot of room in order to capture and to store as many beautiful pictures you desire. It is both, absolutely secure and safe. It is ultra-tiny, for this reason, it will consume a little power coming right from the handset, so it can deliver long battery life for your specific phone. You will be able to share the content collections as you desire, with family, friends and all your colleagues thanks to this fascinating digital SD memory card. According to sources, it is really an outstanding SD card to meet all sorts of needs!
About Specifications
This SD memory card goes along with Version SD Specification 2.00
It is Versatile:  especially whenever it is combined with an adapter that can be directly used as full-sized SDC cards.
It is Compatible with a: super Micro SDC and host devices; Yet, it isn’t compatible with a standard micros SD-and enabled devices or readers.
The File Format: it is FAT 32
The Capacity: it is 16GB
The High-Speed Classed Ratings: it is Class two. A mini. data transferring rating
A great Operating Temperature: from -13 Fahrenheit up to 185 F.
The Storage Temperature: from -40 Fahrenheit up to 185 F.
Some details
Whenever you combine it properly with an adapter you will notice outstanding performance.
What is this SD memory card about?
It is a magisterial and non-volatile card format especially developed for many great portable devices. In this case, it will suit the camera needs. Its capacity is simply great. This format has absolutely proven to be amazing and therefore it has become very popular.  The Design and the Implementation are magnificent! It has a great shape; it is pretty much asymmetrically sized and shaped to avoid an upside down placement. No bad contact can happen in this case. These SD cards will amaze you! They are much broader than other styles.  Apart of being slim, they allow you to store a lot of images. You can find great deals out there, it is time to try it out, you won´t be disappointed!

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Roberts Class Monitor

Class overview




 Royal Navy

In fee:

1 April 1941



General attributes (Roberts & Abercrombie)





7,973 tons (traditional)

9,150 tons (full-load)


8,536 tons (traditional)

9,717 tons (full-load)


373 ft


89 ft


Roberts: 13 ft 6 inches

Abercrombie: 14 ft 5 inch


2 shaft, Parsons steam turbines, 2 boilers, 4,800 hp


12.5 knots (14.4 miles per hour)


442 – 460


2 15-inch/42 Mk 1 weapons in one single turret

8 4-inch AA weapons (4 2)

16 2-pdr “pom-pom”s (1 8, 2 4)

20 20 mm guns


Turret: 13 inch

Barbette: 8 inch

Belt: 4-5 inches


Vessels in class consist of: HMS Roberts (F40), HMS Abercrombie (F109)

The Roberts class of screens associated with the Royal Navy consisted of two heavily-gunned vessels built during the Second World War. These people were the Roberts, finished in 1941, and Abercrombie, completed in 1943.

Attributes of the course, besides two 15″ firearms in a double installation (extracted from two First World War period Marshall class monitors), were superficial draught for operating inshore, broad ray to give stability (as well as resistance to torpedoes and mines) and a higher observation system to see fall of chance.


HMS Roberts (F40), known as after field-marshal Frederick Roberts, first Earl Roberts.

Built by John Brown & business, Clydebank, laid down 30 April 1940, established 1 April 1941 and completed on 27 October 1941. She reused the turret worldwide War I track Marshall Soult. Roberts supplied bombardment support during Operation Torch in north Africa, in which she had been harmed by two 500 kg bombs. She was fixed with time to support Operation Husky (the invasion of Sicily), Allied landings near Salerno process Avalanche, the D-Day landings additionally the Walcheren functions. She had been scrapped in 1965.

One of HMS Robert’s guns (formerly in HMS Resolution) is mounted outside of the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth, South London, together with one from the battleship Ramillies. HMS Roberts by herself ended up being offered for scrapping right after the war, but hired back because of the navy as an accommodation ship at Devonport until 1965: it was extensively rumoured your ship-breakers just who purchased her had above restored their particular cost in rent before they then marketed the girl stays as scrap steel.

HMS Abercrombie (F109), named after General James Abercrombie, built by Vickers Armstrong, Tyne. She had been set straight down 26 April 1941, established 31 March 1942 and finished 5 might 1943. She utilized a 15-inch weapon turret originally built as an extra for HMS Furious. She was harmed by contact mines on several occasions while supporting the intrusion of Italy, but was repaired. Scrapped in 1954.


^ Conway, All Of The World’s Battling Ships 1922-1946

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Roberts course screens

HMS Roberts

HMS Abercrombie

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Roberts-class monitor

Abercrombie  Roberts

Preceded by: Erebus course  Followed Closely By: Nothing

Range of screens associated with the Royal Navy

v d e

Brit naval ship classes of World War II

Aircraft providers

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Various Other

Isles  Tree (trawlers) Erebus  Roberts (tracks) HMS Pegasus  HMS Albatross (seaplane companies) business aircraft carriers Fighter catapult ships – Armed business Cruisers

 A – United states built X – Cancelled C – Completed following the war

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