Image from web page 102 of “Old naval days; sketches from lifetime of Rear Admiral William Radford, U. S. N.” (1920)

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Image from page 102 of “Old naval days; sketches through the life of Rear Admiral William Radford, U. S. N.” (1920)
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Identifier: oldnavaldayssket01meis
Title: Old naval times; sketches from life of rear-admiral William Radford, U. S. N.
12 Months: 1920 (1920s)
Writers: Meissner, Sophie Radford de
Topics: Radford, William, 1809-1890
Publisher: New York, H. Holt and business
Adding Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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following the first broad-side was indeed fired. His ship ended up being hulled many times be-tween wind and liquid, five carronades had damaged free, muchof the rigging had been gone, the primary and mizzen-masts were indanger of dropping on the part, and several of their guys had been dis-abled. Perceiving that Cyane had struck. Captain Douglas at-tempted to run, however it was too late. His wheel was shotaway, and his reduced masts have been poorly hurt. After achase of 30 minutes he surrendered, and Lieutenant Ballardwas delivered to take ownership. Lieutenant Hoffman had been onboard the Cyane with a small crew. This fight is noted when it comes to splendid seamanship of theAmericans and gallant behavior regarding the English. CaptainStewart had succeeded, by running and backing from a single shipto others, in fighting each separately, and in stopping hisown ship from being raked. There is nothing finer in ourannals. It was the final great battle associated with the Old Ironsides, because it wasthe final frigate activity associated with war.

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OLD IRONSIDES 8i The success of the War of 1812 can not be credited to onefrigate, yet the Constitution absorbed the greatest number of at-tention as she performed definitely the maximum problems for British armedships upon the sea. Becoming looking for considerable repair works, the old frigate underwenta amount of implemented idleness, lasting about six years, sailingagain in May, 1821, under command of Capt. Jacob Jones forservice as leading of this Mediterranean Squadron. It was dur-ing this cruise, in 1822, that Lord Byron paid the lady a call. When you look at the autumn of 1823, the Constitution had been in Boston for anew staff, sailing in October, 1824, under Capt. Thomas Mac-donough, to join the Mediterranean Squadron, after that immediately to becommanded by Commodore John Rodgers, whose powerful handand rigid control would, the Secretary of this Navy ended up being con-vinced, restore the moral tone and put a conclusion towards the brawlsand battling of duels, also towards the basic dissipation thenrife between the officers regarding the Mediterranean fleet

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Image from web page 412 of “The Times reputation for the war” (1914)
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Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: timeshistoryofwa10lond
Title: The Circumstances history of the war
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Topics: Times reputation for the war Times record and encyclopaedia associated with the war World War, 1914-1918
Publisher: London
Contributing Library: Robarts – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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AN ARAB. The picture illustrates the problem of acquiring foothold inside sand. taken up to Alexandria for fix. The accidentblocked the traffic regarding the Canal for 14 hoursThis had been the greatest success accomplished by theenemy in the endeavours to reduce communica-tions between the Mediterranean and India. Imperial Service Troops had the credit of alittle affair in which the organizer regarding the Canal

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Ti;F<KFSn ANF) f;HF<MAN OFiF(:F-F<S. LHE TIMES fllsrollY OF Hello We! [AI{. IuiiU lodt liici litf. Oil (i t-iiilMU 23 u hqtiHtlionof MyHor« Lttiu-tTrf, ojwrating 15 miles oaist ofKanturu caine upon u foreti of HO to 70 Turks,the ttclvttnce body of u niicliug ptirty 200 strong.The Lancers pursutil the enemy for severalmiles, killing seven, cuptiuing 12, anil woundingmany others. Among the dead the boily ofthe sheikh Ri/alla Salim was identified. At thiw period, the close of 1915, the Turksand (}erman« had been making severe preparationsfor another advance on Egypt. The Alliescampaign in (lallipoli liad failed while the advanceon Bagdad liad converted into a retreat, while theconquest of Serbia because of the Central Powers and indeed expended in (Jermany from the Armyof Egypt and (ierman soldiers had been delivered toConstantinople—though perhaps not four military corps.Few Germans, save officials, reached Syria.Hut German guns, German ammo, and(ierman equipnent oi all kinds arrived in Syria,where in January

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