How to Prevent Internet Fraud

Every facet of development has it pros and cons. So the advent of the internet should have its own share of disadvantages. Prominent among them, is the fraudulent acts that is perpetrated on the World Wide Web. Internet fraud is nothing but an on-line deception of a business transaction that will ultimately turn potential buyers/clients to victims of financial scam. Its purveyors are diabolically cunning and can out-smart the most intelligent of us all. They come in different evil guises all in a bid to lure us to them. Beware!

One of the types of on-line scam is done by direct solicitation. Here a “potential buyer” request to buy goods worth a lot of money using fake credit cards or Counterfeit Postal Money Orders; only for the hard-working salesman to make a cataclysmic loss that may make him/her bankrupt.

Another form is the Automotive Fraud, where the car sales person presents a “ghost” automobile for sale. Suddenly the ghost automobile is no more in stock, but the car sales person can get you its kind. However the desired automobile is in another “continent” and he wants you to pay for its shipment. There is neither a car nor a continental place, thus the expectant buyer is lured to pay for shipments that goes into the salesperson’s wallet.

It can even be romantic (dating scams) where you cannot really blame the victims. For it is said that the heart that yearns is gold. Here, the Romance chat rooms are turned into an arena for the sale of Love. ‘Lovers’ develops a heart-to-heart relationship with you for a while, and then suddenly they are in a state of dilemma (health problems) and need urgent medical and financial assistance. Beware it is all a lie. The only romantic language they know is currency and they will do all that is deceitful to get it from you.

Everyone is interested to watch the next football match, music concert, latest thriller at the cinema. But one can only end up being duped by these scammers. How? The answer is by selling fake tickets on-line in the name of the real company to consumers. And to add salt to injury, one is further harrassed at the venue of the show for possessing a fake ticket.

Scammers also front graphical sites aimed at selling “ghost” retail goods. What they actually want is your credit card detail used in purchasing these non-existing products. And afterwards, you can be assured that they will buy for themselves real products at your expense.

There is also a recent one: Click Fraud. Where online advertising affiliates force you to click on ads which are generated by spywares. And due to affiliate programs, such as Google Adsense, where they pay large amount of commission; you can be assured that there will be an obvious large amount of remunerations going into their wallets. Don’t be fooled that this is a marketing strategy. It is definitely fraud.

As I said earlier: they come in different guises in the bid to lure you. These guises can be listed to an infinite degree.

Thus the important question is this: HOW DO YOU PREVENT THIS?

Provide little amount of information about yourself to an unknown website. Do not give your social security number unless it is necessary. If you have a bank account online, access it from links in search engines.
Do not use the links posted on the website. Also share limited information about your personal life.

Ensure that your anti-virus software and firewall are on and updated to prevent unwelcomed access to private information on your PC.

You can also endeavor to report a scam case to the appropriate authorities on the net. It may never be too late to retrieve what is stolen.

Be cautious with spam mails. They are a reservoir of fraudsters’ invitations. Do not transact business immediately when you receive one. Make sure you confirm its legitimacy first before transacting.

Do not readily click links inviting you to buy or sell any product. It is advisable You should also confirm if a website is legit. A good guide to this is that the legitimate ones usually have their addresses, phone and fax numbers at the lower part of the page. If these present it is likely they are for real.

Do not use money transfer for payment. Because money via paid via this medium is not retrievable in a case of scam. However Paypal ensures for scam security.

And PLEASE, do not just trust anybody you meet in the chat room no matter how much they profess their undying love for you, and no matter the financial predicaments they are. It might be lies. Be wise.

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Globus Partners Ltd Secure Privacy Browser VPN & Tor – Revolutionary answer to Secure Internet Browsing

London (PRWEB) April 20, 2015

the answer to secure searching on the net is finally right here. The brand new Globus Browser is transforming online safety, offering users reassurance realizing that these are generally safeguarded once they surf the web. By incorporating VPN and Tor, Globus Browser has the capacity to give you the highest amount of privacy and safety to all individuals to stop cybercrime, unwelcome surveillance, and identification theft. To help make this possible, the organization features launched an IndieGoGo promotion to increase $ 50,000 by might 24th, 2015.

Presently, Globus Browser is wholly no-cost. Screenshots of the beta version of the web browser are found on the business web site. The application is made on the Chromium base that allows people to escape from pesky supplier limitations, while adding more protection to everyday online searching. It really is simple to use, trustworthy, and a convenient choice this is certainly so advanced it can be used at a global degree.

Globus works together a VPN (Virtual professional Network) in which all the net traffic is encrypted and redirected through Globus-owned solutions in areas throughout the world. You will find machines in The united kingdomt, Germany, the united states, Russia, and several other areas. If the internet browser is ready, you will see about 35 various host countries. The encryption secret is a sophisticated 1028 little bit to 2048 little bit, consequently it’s secure from even the many experienced hackers.

Users of Globus Browser can merely click where they need the traffic to be redirected, which will protect folks from cyber criminals understanding where their ip is. Contemplate it a protected tunnel between a person’s PC and server. Set this with advanced Tor technology, as well as the formula for optimum internet based safety is made, specially since every time someone visits a website they could potentially receive tens of thousands of monitoring data on their computer system. The software happens to be available on mobile aswell.

Globus VPN + Tor

This perfect security solution, with which users can approach Tor through VPN services, will prevent their ISP from seeing that they may be making use of Tor. Similarly, VPNs are far more popular than Tor, so users won’t stand out as much. Having said that, in some nations replacing an encrypted Tor connection with an encrypted VPN connection, would-be suspicious. But with Globus VPN, users can pick a specific server in a particular country of the choice. This is certainly a win, win!

Once the VPN client features connected, the VPN tunnel will be the machine’s standard net connection, and TBB (Tor Browser Bundle, or even the Tor customer) will approach through it.

Another advantage here’s that prevents Tor from witnessing whom users are behind the Globus VPN. Additionally, Globus has were able to accept the VPN and Tor bundle for a much high level of privacy and security. Globus Servers + Tor enables users to visit the websites closed through the normal Web .onion

Benefits of Globus VPN Safe Privacy Browser and Tor

    Unblock internet sites – Unblock YouTube, Twitter, Twitter, gaming sites, and more in school, the library, and/or office with Globus safe Privacy Browser from anywhere. Avoid filters and fire walls set by the community administrator to gain access to your favorite content.
    Anonymous browsing – due to privacy and protection issues, people might want to browse the Web anonymously. Globus safe Privacy Browser produces an encrypted tunnel between a user’s computer additionally the Globus computers to allow people perform their particular internet based tasks anonymously, without being tracked.
    Hide IP details – online is infested with spammers, snoopers, and hackers. They quietly monitor on line activities and steal painful and sensitive data like credit card information and passwords when users least expect it. If users connect with Globus Secure Privacy Browser VPN enabled, they get a unique US internet protocol address to mask their particular actual internet protocol address and browse the Internet anonymously.
    Personal & secure searching – VPN provides a sophisticated standard of protection on the web. When users connect with the world wide web through Globus safe Privacy Browser and VPN, their particular information, including passwords, economic transactions and immediate emails, is secured and encrypted.
    Wi-Fi safety – whenever users see the online at a public Wi-Fi hotspot, anyone on that network can monitor their internet tasks. Irrespective of in which users connect from, an individual VPN secures their particular internet browsing session and keeps their particular personal data personal.
    Malware defense – Globus Secure Privacy Browser VPN and Tor will alert users when they see internet sites recognized to consist of spyware, and then block the site. It detects and blocks more than 3.5 million malicious, phishing and spam web sites from infecting a device.

Capital raised from IndieGoGo will undoubtedly be accustomed finish development of the application to get it ready to introduce globally. Those attempting to make a contribution can perform therefore by going to the promotion or clicking here. As a “thank you” when it comes to assistance, backers regarding the cause can select from many appealing incentives.

For more information about how Globus Browser works and how it’s going to unlock a new way as a type of online browsing, kindly go to the internet site.

Share this on Twitter, Twitter, along with other internet sites. Allow relatives and buddies understand this innovative means to fix secure searching!

Contact: Vitaly Kazaritski


Phone: +44 (0) 7780459981

Suite 225, Legacy Business Centre, 2A Ruckholt roadway

London, UK

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