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5 techniques for getting Credit Bureaus to eliminate Errors from your own Report
He had been successful getting it taken off two of three credit bureaus, but one, which he doesn't wish to identify, never ever removed it. The personal bankruptcy won't be on their report much longer, but since most bankruptcies disappear from a credit report after 10 …
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The Bank-Free, DIY Lending Program That Can Help Friends and Families Finance
MAF features partnered with credit reporting agencies to report the community financing so it can count toward their clients' credit ratings. "We tweaked the design people were familiar and comfortable with and transformed it therefore the monetary market could recognize …
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California T-Mobile customers urged to put fraudulence notifications on credit documents in
People can place a fraudulence aware with all three major credit reporting agencies by calling one among the toll free fraud numbers below. You are going to attain an automated phone system which allows you to definitely flag your file with an alert at all three bureaus. You will definitely …
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Will Credit Relief Agencies Be Willing to Offer Free Legal Advice Before I Sign Anything?

Credit agencies have earned a lot of reputation these days, thanks to the amazing performance and the amount of success in helping people in eliminating debt. Studies reveal that more than 70% of the people opting for credit relief are now able to wipe out their debts. So, if you are now confused whether such an agency is reliable and whether you should risk investing on these services, you should go through the following points.

According to the recent amendments in the legal procedures, the debtor has all rights to seek negotiations with the creditors. There are few qualifying conditions that allow you to go for the relief services. If you are still confused where to enter into any agreement with them, here are few points to consider:

a)The credit relief agencies have the whole intention to help the debtors to get the maximum possible relief from the debtors. They operate as a building bridge between the debtors and the creditors and provide a platform for you to convey your limitations.

b)Most of the top rated agencies have provisions of providing relief counseling to the debtors. So, you can always walk to them and discuss with them your problems openly. They are the right people to seek advice whether you should go for negotiation or consolidation. They can assimilate all your current liabilities and advise you on adopting any such relief program.

c)It is possible for you to seek advice from these relief agencies before committing to their services. None of the agencies deny any such service since they believe in providing all information to the debtors.

d)You are not required to pay the debtors without getting any service. So, you can be confident that they will perform their best. None of the agencies charge their fee before putting their services.

So, if you are still confused whether these agencies will give you free advice before you enter into an agreement with them, you can be confident and march forwards to discussing with them and finding a formidable solution.

To speak with a debt relief specialist for a free debt consultation check out the following link. They will provide a free and unbiased evaluation of your financial situation to determine what the best debt relief option is.

Free Debt Advice(

Or Call – 877-853-6466

Read More » Updates Online Course for Substance Abuse Agencies has announced the addition of a new online course – that will assist health care and substance abuse agencies handle aggressive clients in a humane and dignified manner. The online course will also help agencies in the process to pass accreditation audits from OSHA, JCAHO, CARF and state licensing agencies, and is designed for health care providers who work in hospitals, psychiatric units and substance abuse facilities.

“We are happy to include this course in our library,” said Ron Black, president of “This course enhances our comprehensive system and will help health care agencies to meet accreditation standards, allowing them to focus on their mission: helping people get healthy.”

The new course, Control: Recognition, Proactive Approaches and Diffusion, was created to help health care agencies control aggression in clients. The course defines aggression and details the various types of aggression. Facts about workplace violence are discussed including the types, incidences and consequences of workplace violence. The course then goes on to discuss both warning signs and common triggers for aggressive behavior.

Prevention strategies are reviewed as well as strategies for diffusion of aggressive situations as they are occurring, including what to do when responding to an aggressive or violent client. The course ends with what to do after an incident of aggression or violence has occurred, including instructions for documentation.

About is committed to helping individuals earn continuing education credits in the most efficient, easiest and most cost-effective way possible. For over 15 years, CE-Classes has provided online courses, live seminars and webinars that are approved for various health care professionals for continuing education credits by a number of state and national boards and also serves a wide range of licensed professionals such as mental health counselors, therapists, psychologists, nurses and social workers. Individuals are given the option to choose between purchasing one or two courses or the Unlimited Online Courses Package for a year. helps companies and agencies that provide mental health and/or substance abuse services meet their accreditation and state licensing criteria. It accomplishes this task by providing employees with the training required by OSHA, CARF, JCAHO and State Licensing Boards. Administrators can monitor employee compliance with mandatory training with a few clicks of the mouse. Specialized courses can be based on the policies and procedures of their company. Through these courses and trainings, employees can undergo complete training that will improve their job-specific competencies. Moreover, the company has also developed a resource that can help agencies track staff development, thereby ensuring compliance for their upcoming audits.

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Credit scoring Agencies Agree to Pay $6M to Resolve Complaints

Credit Reporting Agencies Agree to Spend M to eliminate Grievances
The research focused on consumer disputes about credit report mistakes, keeping track of and disciplining information furnishers (providers of credit reporting information), reliability in credit reports, additionally the marketing and advertising of credit tracking products to …
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Help! We Can't Get a Loan Because I'm 'Dead'
When you understand your credit file claims you're dead, keep in touch with the credit rating agencies. The dispute process per regarding the three major credit agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) is outlined on their web sites. Remember that the …
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Credit history companies consent to change methods
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — New Mexico is among 31 says that have reached money with three all over the country credit rating companies that have consented to fix disputed home elevators credit file quicker, wait longer before including potentially …
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Credit Reporting Agencies Announce Plan to Improve Credit Report Accuracy

Credit Reporting Agencies Announce Plan to Improve Credit Report Accuracy
The three leading national Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs) – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion – have announced a National Consumer Assistance Plan to improve the collection of complete and accurate consumer information while giving consumers …
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Stock futures slightly higher; credit bureaus revamping records; Apple
In this Sept. 9, 2014 file photo, the new Apple Watch is modeled during a media event in Cupertino, Calif. Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted the wearable gadget will be as game-changing as Apple's revolutionary iPhones and iPads, which have become …

Credit Bureau Changes Could Help You Correct Errors And Boost Your Score
Big changes at the three main credit bureaus could boost your credit score. But you have to know what to do to take advantage of them. Medical bills account for more than half of all unpaid debt on credit reports according to the Consumer Financial …
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Deadbolt Forensics Provides Advice on Why Attorneys Need Digital Forensics Agencies When Investigating Criminal and Civil Matters

(PRWEB) August 05, 2014

In today’s day and age, technology issues have popped up everywhere in criminal and civil matters. Many law firms are inundated with cases related to corporate data breaches, employee misconduct and intellectual property theft. Most recently, in the case of Moyer v. Michaels (Art & Supply) (Case No. 1:140cv-00561, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois) the company was charged with exposing as many as 2.6 million customer credit and debit card numbers in a data breach. The cyber-attack which occurred from May 8, 2013 – Jan. 27, 2014 left customers vulnerable to identity theft, fraudulent payments and account withdrawals.

In cases like these, it is very important for law firms to hire the proper digital forensics investigator as they are experienced in technology footprints and how data moves throughout the system. Conducting a proper digital investigation can often times determine the ultimate success of the firm.

Michael Yasumoto, Senior Forensic Analyst at Deadbolt Forensics has provided these tips to attorneys on how Digital Forensics agencies can help their next technology related case on the following issues:

Recovery of hidden or destroyed data, including formatted hard drives

    Time is of the essence here. Deleted and formatted data can be recovered but the drive needs to be examined immediately in order to increase the chances of successful recovery. If drives continue to be used after important data is lost, new files may overwrite and prevent recovery of the deleted evidence.
    Many “hidden” files are easily revealed through a forensic analysis. Whether the file is improperly named (a .jpg renamed to a .doc file) or hidden within another file (a .jpg embedded within a .doc file) they can be easily located and flagged for closer scrutiny.

Mobile forensics evidence including cell phones (both smart and feature phones), PDAs, GPS devices and tablets/iPads

    Most mobile devices keep track of their location in order to decrease the time it takes to connect to the cellular network. By reviewing this location information as part of a forensic exam, it is possible to get a date and time stamped record of where these devices have been.
    It is more common today for young people to communicate using third party apps like whatsapp, viper, and snapchat than to use more traditional forms like email and text messages. Despite the claims made by these apps regarding security, the contents of these communications can usually be recovered using forensic techniques.

Theft of intellectual property or trade secrets

    When an employee departs, it is becoming more and more prudent these days to preemptively create forensic copies of their computer and mobile phone so that all possible evidence is preserved if needed in the future. In case of IP litigation at a future date, it then becomes a matter of reviewing the preserved evidence to show removal of company IP. Without this preemptive action, there is the risk that the forensic artifacts proving the theft will be deleted, if they are not already erased, and eventually overwritten by the next employee during regular business use. Law firms can greatly benefit from learning why a digital investigation is needed, what steps to take within an investigation and who should be involved. These simple facts could save their firm thousands.

For more information on Deadbolt Forensics please visit their website at

About Deadbolt Forensics

Deadbolt Forensics is a privately held company focused on digital forensics and the associated services of data preservation, electronic evidence retrieval, analysis, neutral expert witness services, hard drive sanitization, and password/data recovery. The company works directly with attorneys and litigation support teams in both criminal and civil cases supporting plaintiff and defense clients. Deadbolt Forensics accepts clients in the states of Oregon (Registry# 906073-92), Washington (License# 603343020), and Alaska (License# 1000625). For more information on pro bono services offered to our partners in the non-profit sector, please contact us at publicrelations(at)deadboltforensics(dot)com.


Deadbolt Forensics, LLC

1915 NW AmberGlen Pkwy Suite 400 Beaverton, OR 97006

Phone: (503) 683-7138

Fax: (503) 296-5504

Email: info(at)deadboltforensics(dot)com


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