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Image from page 368 of “Electric railroad review” (1906)
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Identifier: electricrailwayr162amer
Title: Electric railway analysis
Year: 1906 (1900s)
Authors: American Street and Interurban Railway Association
Subjects: Street-railroads Electric railroads
Publisher: Chicago : Wilson Co

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ents properrebonding. And so the railway bond in the beginning installed is leftcarrying repeatedly its proper load, aside from thefact so it has been strained and cracked by continual ham-mering of rims and has now already been niore or less corroded on Itscontact areas or burned from overburden. The bonding problem confronted the Oakland TractionConsolidated roadway at Oakland, Cal., following the quake lastspring, as San Franciscos awful catastrophe caused a largeincrease in population of Oakland and surroimding towns,and trains working at 40 kilometers per hour were so frequent onthe crucial path it was impossible to do any track workduring the afternoon. The difficulty had been even more difficult because of the factthat hefty shield rails for each side of the solution rails pre-vented the simple elimination of the combined plates making it prac-tically impossible to get them back in destination if they wereremoved. The administration decided at first to try bondssoldered toward head regarding the train, which but had been rapidly

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Joint with Vinyl Plug Bond. We announce the loss of an energetic person in our relationship,Mr. Feeney of New Jersey- Mr. Feeney went to the con-vention a year ago and took a dynamic component in discussions.While I didn’t have the benefit of a long personal ac-quaintance with him, i am aware from authorized reports that wehave suffered a deep reduction. The reports to-be provided at this meeting tend to be par-ticularly intriguing and important, a credit to the associationand to your speakers. The assuciation invites a free of charge discussionon both the reports therefore the matter Box, to ensure that we shall allderive interest and benefit therefrom. Finally, I wish to thank the members of the execu-tive committee as well as the connection for commitment and co-operation and I sincerely trust that to all the fellow-workers pres-ent, the meeting will show to be a most effective one. The semi-steel place brakcshoe produced by theSpear & Miller Company, of Chicago, has actually satisfied with highfavor in electric as

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Image from page 229 of “Penman’s Art Journal” (1909)
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Identifier: penmansartjourna33512nati
Title: Penman’s Art Journal
Year: 1909 (1900s)
Publisher: National Penmanship Press
Adding Library: The University of Scranton Weinberg Memorial Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Lyrasis Users and Sloan Foundation

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end up being the short-hand of everybody; those that would overcome the others should they had a fairchance. And just because, as it pertains RIGHT DOWN TO COLD PACTS concise Courses instruct the stating model of stating systems, and teachit into the interest into the future associated with the pupil, but with immediate resultswhich look nearly incredible. Such schools as Duffs University, Pittsburg; Loekyears Bus. University,EvansYille; Lains School, Indianapolis; American Coml School, Allen-town, Pa.; Wichita Coml College; Ferris Institute, Big Rapids; WichitaBus. University; Oakland, Md., Twelfth Grade; Albert Lea, Minn., Coach. Col-lege, and many other people, tend to be more contemplating causes their ownschools than in reports from others. After attempting about all the goodsystems which have been completely long enough for an endeavor, these schools havesettled upon Brief Course. An examination associated with the guide is great, but a practical test could be the realproof. Do not lose-out by failing woefully to provide an effort. WRITE USTO-DAY. ARTHUR J THE BARNES p ST. LOUIS

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You might be OUTCOMES NOT HOT-AIR ARISTOS (The Best) Or JANES SHADELESS SHORTHAND Produces outcomes which bring GoodMoney. A. Janes, author of Aristoe, wasa Parliamentary Reporter nearly BOyears, and produced Axistjos afternearly 40 years spent within the prac-tice regarding the Art. The famousHarmsworth Encyclopedia, the highest expert worldwide, provides itthe beginning on Practicability, Legibility, efficiency and Brevityover all other standard systems. Dont be a Fossil or a Moss Back or so prejudiced and only someold system that you will not bestir your self enough to examine intosomething that benefit you. Follow Aristos and come out studentswho can compose Rapidly and Read Their particular >otes and just who willProve a credit to yon. AWAKEN, it will cost you nothing to analyze Aristos orJanes- Shadeleas Shorthand. INSTRUCTORS PROGRAM FREE.—i’ve taught six of thestandard Bystema and examined every other system regarding marketworthy of the title shorthand, and I also believe i understand wbat Im talk-ing abou

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