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Image from page 49 of “The separate” (1849)
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Identifier: independen89v90newy
Title: The Independent
Year: 1849 (1840s)
Publisher: New York : S.W. Benedict
Adding Library: Robarts – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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-689 S.W. STRAUS & CO. ESTABLISHED 1082 I N COn.POR.ATED 150 BROADWAY- STRAUS BUILDINGNEW YORK – CHICAGO MINNEAPOLIS DETROIT BAY AREA solely a professional Bona, HouseThirty-five many years without a buck Loss to an Investor. :: ::j very first MortgagePublic Utility Bond producing 5.80^ Property appraised at nearly200per cent of level of thesebonds outstanding. Dividends being paid. Manage-ment excellent. Web profits over dual in-terest and showing increases atthe price of 31per cent. Forward for Circular 1-4097 IRedmond&do. 33 Pine Street ny August Belmont & Co. No* 43 Exchange spot AGENTS AND CORRESPONDENTS ASSOCIATED WITH Messrs. Rothschild London, Paris and Vienna Issue Letters of Credit fortravelers, for sale in all components ofthe globe. Draw Bills of Exchange, andmake Telegraphic Transfers toEurope, Cuba together with other westernIndies, Mexico and California. Execute sales for the pur-chase and purchase of InvestmentSecurities. 38 THE INDEPENDENT January 1, 1917 Jinn J/smile-GK. crZ;nfiari; j, I

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Slnce)8&) Investments FAR back when you look at the Civil War days, more thanfifty years ago, the home of Hambleton &Company made its very first offering of bonds toinvestors. Today this house has lots of theconfidence of experienced people and lender,ing institutions. Your bank features probably dealt with united states, or ifnot, can advise youabout united states. Our lengthy knowledge and established reputa-tion associated with noise investmentsecurities has reached your solution, whether you are alarge buyer or one who desires to startwith smaller amounts. We have just prepared a booklet, which givesmany facts, and reveals the reason why finance companies, insurance coverage com-panies and wealthy individuals spot their moniesin bonds, and exactly why it is a great policy obtainable toinvest in the same form of securities. Write for spending 0 to ,000, to De-partment D, 43 Exchange destination, New York, orio South Calvert Street, Baltimore. J&mbleton & Company ESTABLISHED 1865 * * INVESTMENT SECURITIES 43 EXCHAN&E PUT NEW YORK Stocks Bonds FROM THE Part

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Image from web page 84 of “personal England : an archive associated with development of those in faith, guidelines, discovering, arts, business, business, technology, literature and manners, through the earliest times to the current time” (1901)
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Identifier: traillsocialengl06trai
Title: Social The united kingdomt : accurate documentation regarding the development of the people in religion, rules, learning, arts, industry, business, research, literary works and ways, through the very first times to the present time
Year: 1901 (1900s)
Writers: Traill, H. D. (Henry Duff), 1842-1900 Mann, James Saumarez, 1851-
Publisher: New York : Putnam
Adding Library: University of California Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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TYPE OF lI.ll.S. .lIU.IDMi.(Vh-loria and Alhfrf Musmm.) enabled the Admiralty to take into account the idea; and efforts wereat as soon as meant to remedy it. ISut the <-)rder-in-Council ofFebruary, 1817, ended up being after all just a half-measure : for it merelydirected that in future all their ^lajestys vessels should be ranked atthe number of firearms and carronades that they in fact carriedon their decks, quarter-decks, and forecastles: plus it left out ofaccount the caiTonades which, into the vessels of three higherrates in Na-y, weie carried on the poop. Thus, the Siqjerb,74., though otticially promoted to lie a 78, should actually havebeen marketed to be an .S4. Without a doubt, most of the very first, 2nd, andthird rates, even after the now Order, therefore the associated

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26 SERENITY, liETRENCHMENT, AND EEFORM. [1815 declaration that the power of each ship is stated according tothe amount of weapons and carronades actuall}- carried, continuedto mount six even more tools than they were credited with. TheVictory, 104-, WHS a 110; the Qiveen Charlotte, 108, had been a 114;the Prince, 98, was a 104; and, in fact, any difficulty . therule had virtually no exclusions. These also anomalieswere not totally got rid of before promulgation of a newscale of armament in L847 ; and even then they had been got clear ofonly for a comparatively short-time. Specific firearms, specially ifof relatively small size, soon started to be once again neglectedin the official estimation of a ships armament; and afterarmoured vessels became a well-established feature within the Navysmall firearms were slowly kept wholly regarding account, until in1885—the j-ear by which this study closes—the formal NavyList was a lot more misleading versus formal Navy listing of 1814had already been. In 1885, for exam

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Image from page 71 of “Guide and souvenir of Detroit ..” (1891)
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Identifier: guidesouvenirofd00farm
Title: Guide and souvenir of Detroit ..
Year: 1891 (1890s)
Writers: Farmer, Silas, 1839-1902. [from old catalog]
Publisher: Detroit, Mich., S. Farmer & co

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ax is paid. Ifnot compensated by the to begin February, the Receiver of Taxesis approved to promote the property on the market; but as ittakes a while to prepare them, the listings are usually notprinted until about May 1, as soon as the residential property is advertisedfor sale for four successive weeks. Next the fee ofadvertising, amounting to about fifty cents, is included, andinterest is still reckoned in the rate of ten percent, yearly. If income tax is certainly not paid the house is soldabout June 1, the precise time being discretionary wdth theReceiver of fees. The sale shows just that the pur-chaser is entitled to using the house bought forthe number of years decided at period of purchase ; but ifthe owner neglects to get it, the purchase is confirmed by aregular transfer associated with the title by the city. Files of salesare filed within the City Treasurers workplace. The property canbe redeemed at any time within a year after purchase, by pay-ing extent due during sale and interest at the 56

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hAlUANt »; r MolNT KI.I.I<»IT < KMHTKIvY rate of ten %, yearly. Right after the salea a number of all home upon which the taxes haven’t beenpaid, nor cancelled by product sales, is furnished because of the Receiverto the town Treasurer, to be after that gathered througlihim. In the annual sale, unless some personal individual estimates theamount regarding the income tax, all places by which taxes tend to be outstanding aresold toward city, and the quantities received for back taxesin the Treasurers workplace tend to be paid as receipts from CityBids. Taxes or assessments when it comes to building of pavements andsewers, or even for paving of roads, are kept totally distinctfrom the standard city fees, consequently they are payable within thirtydays from the time the moves are put in arms of Re-ceiver. Or even compensated paid within 30 days, the Receiverof Taxes can, at their discernment, advertise on the market the prop-erty on which these fees are levied. Beneath the income tax law of March 14, 1882, and Act of June6, 1883, the State and County fees for every single

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