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Image from web page 177 of “The Samaritans, the earliest Jewish sect; their particular record, theology, and literary works” (1907)
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Identifier: samaritansearlie00montuoft
Title: The Samaritans, the earliest Jewish sect; their history, theology, and literature
Year: 1907 (1900s)
Writers: Montgomery, James A. (James Alan), 1866-1949
Subjects: Samaritans
Publisher: Philadelphia J.C. Winston
Adding Library: Robarts – University of Toronto
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ctions by 1820.^^ With this period we havethe graphic memoir of the Samaritan refugee, Jacob esh-Shelaby,^^ whom registers at length the wretched plight of theSamaritans. Due to the notoriously violent characterof the Muslim population of Nablus, it has been the customof the Ottoman government to appoint as Mutesellim orgovernor on^y a native Arab, who’s selected from oneof four competing households. When you look at the bloody battles which nowtook place among these factions the Samaritans were be-tween top of the and nether millstone, and their particular sorry condi-tion was frustrated by the Syrian wars of Mohammed AHof Egypt, with or against who the competing parties took sides.That remarkable mans son and general, Ibrahim, tookNablus by the sword in 1832, but found it impractical to re-press the defiant Arabs. In line with the Chronicle Adler,the Samaritans shared in the relief which Egyptian rule s Mills, Nablus, 279. 68 A^. et E. 126. ■ Ibid., 157, 161. 58 In Rogers, Notices associated with the contemporary Samaritans, 1855.

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c ►J< c << c/, m oo < 13 c 3 X fc ca UNDER ISLAM 141 taken to the residents of Syria, a declaration corrobo-rated by Shelabys realize that in 1832 the sect once again renewedits pilgrimage to Gerizim. In 1841 a conspiracy wasformed to murder most of the Samaritans; their opponents werenot appeased with all the present for the Samaritan wide range, andShelaby provides credit on primary rabbi of the Jewish com-munity in Jerusalem for providing a certificate that theSamaritan people is a branch of kiddies of Israel, whoacknowledge the truth associated with the Tora. This substantial testi-monial satisfied the fanatical Muslims, as it showedthat the Samaritans had the right to Islams defense ex-tended towards Peoples of the Book.^^ The persecutionsinduced town to address an appeal in 1842 to theFrench government, composed in a Hebrew and an Arabicdocument; but for purposes of state, Louis Philippe performed noteven publish the papers, and so they are not brought tolight until some many years later on.^^ Accor

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