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Image from page 48 of “Christian herald and signs and symptoms of our times” (1891)
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Identifier: christianheralds14unse
Title: Christian herald and signs and symptoms of our times
12 Months: 1891 (1890s)
Publisher: [Brand New York, The Christian Herald]
Adding Library: Christian Herald Association
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nowwhat you indicate. Why ? repeated Towneley. Oh,nothing but what is honorable. I happened to be comingto see you about this. Well, you come to-night after that. We dontmean having any nonsense, so that the sooner youspeak from better. Ill anticipate you to-night.Abram shouldered his resources once more and walkedaway, leaving Gerald meditative into the road.The young man, more depressed than in the past, thenresumed their stroll toward the inn. He’d to pass the Hermitage and then he wassurprised while he performed so to see its tenant, Mr.Magrath, in a handsome dog-cart, with GeorgeAppleton by their side. They were evidentlysetting aside for a drive collectively. George Appleton had manifested these types of abilityin connection with the repair works within Her-mitage that Mr. Magrath felt justified inemploying him in only a matter of much larger im-portance. Properly, that morning Georgereceived a request from their brand new manager thathe would accompany him on a short journeyof some six or seven kilometers on a matter of busi-ness. Nothing loth, George ended up being quickly at

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A Jewish School in Cairo. the gate associated with Hermitage where in actuality the dog-cart ended up being standing. Mr. Magrath waited forGeorge to install, and they at the same time drove offat a brisk speed in direction of TowneleyChase. Discussion amongst the two turned on theTowneleys, whose lands they were skirting. That Squire Towneley is apparently a fineold man, stated Mr. Magrath. A real specimen of the guy, saidGeorge. Yes, sir. Squire Towneley will passhis assessment with credit. By the way, it’s noised overseas that youngTowneley features fixed covetous eyes on MissMansford, your old masters quite niece. Isthere everything because report, you think ? I hope perhaps not, said George, dramatically. Instead a flirting lassie, proceeded Magrath,•« I am afraid. Will she angle successfully,do youthink, and land her fish ? Certainly, sir, you are altogether mistaken inthe estimation you have created of Nora Mansford.Shes as good as gold. For all she does she hasgood and truthful reason Ill risk my life onit. As for youthful Gerald Towneley

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