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Image from page 114 of “Keene and vicinity, its points of interest, and its particular representative company males, embracing Keene, Hinsdale, Winchester, Marlboro, Walpole, Swanzey and Charlestown” (1891)
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Identifier: keenevicinityits00baco
Title: Keene and vicinity, its points of interest, and its representative business males, embracing Keene, Hinsdale, Winchester, Marlboro, Walpole, Swanzey and Charlestown
12 Months: 1891 (1890s)
Writers: Bacon, George F. (George Fox)
Topics: Hinsdale (N.H. : Town) Winchester (N.H.) Marlborough (N.H.) Walpole (N.H.) Swanzey (N.H.) Charlestown (N.H.)
Publisher: Newark, N.J., Mercantile Publishing Co.
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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tion charges. Pail making by equipment had been begun in Swan-zey about 1830, this city becoming one of several pioneers inside crucial branch of industry. Althoughi REPRE8ENTATINE COMPANY MEN OF WESTERN 8WANZET. lOd more prominent as a manufacturing than as a farming city, Swanzey contaius some excellent facilities,and numerous residents give unique focus on farming. The top of township is veryuneven, there being many hills, the five many prominent of which are called hills, but thereare also plains, having a total part of hundreds of miles and a lot of intervale and meadowland. The soil of plains is quite light, but profitable plants of rye, corn, oats and buckwheat havebeen raised in it, so that as much of the soil into the intervales and upon the uplands is excellent,the aggregate value of the farm product hits a higher figure, and agriculture deserves a share•of the credit for Swanzeys present wide range and prosperity. Representative Company Men of West Swanzey.

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S. W. SNOW & CO., Manuf. of Locked-CornerWooden Packing Boxes, West Swanzey, N. H,—If we wereto printing a listing of the utilizes to wliich closed corner woodenpacking containers have now been place it would exhaust all ouravailable area and much more besides, of these containers tend to be ofsuch varied utility they are equallj adjusted for theuse of view nianufacturers and confectioners, blackingmakers and chalk producers, spruce manufacturers,extract makers, and model -manufacturers, etc.,etc. They are strong, light, and nice in features,low in cost and well-known among dealers anil consumersalike, therefore it is to not ever be wondered at that demandfor them has reached enormous proportions. The firmof S. W. Snow & Co., have become extensively engaged intheir make and have now already been for the full score nfyears,they having succeeded Messrs. Snow & Munsell in 1870.That company began functions in 1869 and had been preceded byMessrs. Snow & Thompsnn, who succeeded Messrs. Morse& Co., in 1868. The presen

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Image from page 212 of “Purdue dirt” (1904)
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Identifier: purduedebris1910purd
Title: Purdue dirt
Year: 1904 (1900s)
Authors: Purdue University
Topics: Purdue University College yearbooks — Indiana Western Lafayette Universities and colleges — Indiana West Lafayette Periodicals
Publisher: Lafayette, Ind. : Senior Class of Purdue University
Contributing Library: Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
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he sixth they went in for bloodstream,and pushed five works throughout the plate, therefore winning the overall game. Char-ters was in the container and Sarg caught, because of the illness of Trag.Score, G-4. With seven victories to their credit, the Boil-ermakers were just starting to feel invincible, andwith this feeling of confidence holding over theminvaded dangerous territory when you look at the north three-game trip. Wisconsin ended up being 1st group met, onThursday afternoon. It was a perfect day and alarge group was readily available to see Knights warriorsbang one on Purdue. The overall game went on for thir-teen fast innings, aided by the score tied at 2 and 2.It ended up being the record college game associated with the period, andthe much better staff won completely. When you look at the thirteenth inningthe Champs displayed their particular understanding of theinside game through the winning run using aperfect squeeze play. This is the secoml gamewon from the squeeze play. These day the team went to North-western and succeeded in beating the Purple ninein a simple way. The Purdue fielders took every-

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thing that arrived their particular .i.. ;iiiil ;iii rnur in ihr nullirld is perhaps all iluit s^iv.-dNorthwestern from getting a goobe egg. Tlie game had been tuo easy fur theBoilermakers, and they tooli it because of the rating of 12 to at least one. This is theninth right online game tor the Champs. The group, in radiant spirits, went along to sleep that night in the ChicagoBeach resort and dreamed of drubbing Chicago. Here day, Sat-urday, Chicago ended up being met on Marshall Field and removed by a score of2 to at least one, really close and interesting game. Thus ended one o£ the greatestbaseball trips previously taken by a Purdue group. It absolutely was the next period insuccession that Nicks device had taken all three games in the northerntrip. The pupils pulled oft every night top parade that was a dandy thatnight to demonstrate their particular understanding of the groups attempts. It stayed for Illinois to split the victorious streak for the Purduenine at Champaign. The Lafayette men did not play in type anyway thatday, and allowed the Champaign nine to hightail it with the b

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