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Image from page 222 of “Recollections of an ill-fated expedition into headwaters of Madeira River in Brazil” (1907)
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Identifier: recollectionsofi00crai
Title: Recollections of an ill-fated expedition to your headwaters regarding the Madeira River in Brazil
12 Months: 1907 (1900s)
Authors: Craig, Neville B., 1847-1926 Madeira and Mamoré Association
Topics: Madeira-Mamoré Railway Mercedita (Ship) Collins Journey (1878-1879) Brazil — information and vacation
Publisher: Philadelphia & London : J.B. Lippincott
Adding Library: Brown University Library
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situations attendingtheir voyage to Para is supposed to be associated by Mr. Hepburn,for to him, as frontrunner, and to their associates belongs allthe credit of the many bold and successful adven-ture. The Juno was to being christened theBolivia^ to match using the Brazil, which had beenbuilt since the Hercules. Some question or other, relatingto registration or even to unique legislation by Congress,prevented the re-baptism for the Juno before she sailed.certainly, they had great trouble in enabling away after all,because during those times the Eussian Government, forwhich Mr. Wharton Barker was acting as special agentand representative, had been building many fleetsteamers at Cramps shipyards, and the Federalauthorities had been keenly live to concerns ofneutrality. ^All this is arranged plus the tugs succeeded ingetting away without really serious difficulty, but we rememberthat there was an Austrian man-of-war lying-in theDelaware at that time, and that her yards weremanned, even as we headed down flow using Brazilian

Text Appearing After Image: PAUL MACKIE ISTS AN ILL-FATED JOURNEY 185 flag during the fore; also that the usa revenueauthorities believed it their task to cease us. The tugs,however, surely got to Para, through Mr. Hepburn and hisgrit, plus because of time the remainder expeditionary forcefollowed on post steamers. ^Besides Mr. James P. Scott, whom endured right back ofthe entire enterprise, despite untoward and often unin-telligible difficulties and disasters, Mr. WhartonBarker and his firm, the belated Mr. William Thaw, ofPittsburgh; the Messrs. Levick, along with other males, ofequal importance in the commercial and financial worldof Philadelphia, lent their particular economic support and theirearnest personal support. Our relations withthe Messrs. Collins were many cordial. Our agree-ments had been very carefully attracted. Absolutely nothing was kept undonethat could be recommended by those mainly interested inthe enterprise, or by our advice, the Hon. George M.Dallas, of Philadelphia. ^^ To-day, nearly a generation later, is is easyenough to choose f

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Image from page 286 of “the real history of your nation from the development by Columbus to the party of this centennial anniversary of their statement of liberty ..” (1881)
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Identifier: historyofourcountr00rich
Title: The reputation for our country from its breakthrough by Columbus to the party associated with the centennial anniversary of the declaration of independency ..
12 Months: 1881 (1880s)
Writers: Richardson, Abby Sage, 1837-1900
Topics: United Says — Record
Publisher: Boston, Houghton, Mifflin and Business
Adding Library: New York Public Library
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he reason for thecolonies indeed there. I will be ungrateful easily forgot Robert Morris, the hard-workedsuperintendent of the bare money chests of Continental Congress.he previously about as thankless a job as anybody, and no one couldhave done better unless he previously capacity to make stones into silver, andgood currency out-of dried leaves, such as the enchanters in fairy stories.He pledged their own credit often to get cash to pay off thesoldiers ; and when the military ended up being starving, it was his or her own notesthat furnished them with flour and beef. He had been scolded about andblamed, when affairs went badly, because he failed to provide moneyto cause them to better, and had been that useful scapegoat on whom to layall faults, — the chief associated with the Treasury division. In his old agehe destroyed his fortune, which previously ended up being large, and spent someof the last several years of his life in a debtors prison. Hence the worldrewards those that provide it, stated Columbus, unfortunately, and his cryis repeated by the majority of who have used in his footsteps.

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M^^J^ 278 STORY OF OUR NATION. Given that war ended up being over and serenity would be to be talked of, these menI were describing to you were checked to at once for counsel. Inthose days the nation understood the men who would offer the lady most readily useful, and elected them withoutquarreling over it. SoFranklin, Jefferson,Adams, Laurens, andJay, were simultaneously chosento meet up with the English,French, Spanish, andDutch commissioners inParis, and determine uponterms of comfort. Whenarrangements were allmade for a gathering ofthese large mightinesses,only Franklin and Ja}^ ofthe Us citizens, were pres-ent. Jefferson had a sickwife at Monticello, andhe had been too good a hus-band to l«ave the lady aloneif anybody could befound to serve in liisstead. Laurens ended up being still inside Tower of London, in which he hadremained since his capture, and Adams was in Holland completinghis company there. Thus Franklin and Jay were alone to representthe desires of the countrymen when you look at the comfort. Franklin held securely for three things, before signing the peacearticles:

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