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Image from web page 49 of “us Indians of this Plains” (1920)
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Identifier: northamerican11wiss
Title: North Us Indians of the Flatlands
12 Months: 1920 (1920s)
Writers: Wissler, Clark, 1870-1947
Topics: Indians of North America
Publisher: New York : American Museum of Natural Record
Adding Library: American Museum of Natural History Library
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h, f projecting. The pieces c and d tend to be each, halfthe width of that noticeable h, consequently the side seam on heel ishalf means between the the top of moccasin together with sole, but hits thelevel during the feet. Once the sides of this moccasin aren’t high enough forthe wearers comfort, an extension or foot flap is sewed on. varyingfrom two to six ins wide, slashed long enough to overlap in front andheld in position by means of the most common drawstring or lacing around theankle. Every where, we discover no differences when considering therobes of males and ladies except in their decorations.The buffalo robes had been often the whole skins with the 11 INDIANS ASSOCIATED WITH THE PLAINS end. Among mosl tribes, this robe was worn horizon-tally because of the end regarding righl hand part. Light,dur-able, and gaily coloured blanket- were later introducedby traders and tend to be nonetheless in general use. Moccasins were donned by all. the shoes of theSouthwest and Mexico not credited to these[ndians. The two general structural type- of mo

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Fiji. 11. Two-piece Moccasin Pattern. This sort prevails when you look at the flatlands. The solamente are of stiff rawhide. They adjust typically to theoutlines for the foot. The uppers art cut as shown in patternsthough occasionally the tongue is split. An ankle flap is added. sins in the united states are the one-piece, or soft-soledmoccasin, while the two-piece, or hard-soled. Thelatter prevails among these Indians, whilst formeris general among forest Indians. A Blackfoot moccasinof an easy two-piece pattern i- shown in Fig. 11.The upper is made of soft-tanned -kin and after finish- m M i;i i. i i LTUHE 15 ing ami decorating is sewed to a rawhide sole cutto tit the trick associated with wearer. A top, or vamp,may be included. The structure for a Blackfoot one-piere moccasin isshown in Fig. 10. Our choices reveal that thistype occurs occasionally one of the Sarsi, Blackfoot,Plains-Cree, Assiniboin, Gros Ventre, Northern Sho-shonij Omaha. Pawnee, and Eastern Dakota. Up to now,it is not reported regarding of this

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Image from web page 68 of “First report of online game and fish warden for brand new Mexico. 1909-1910-1911” (1912)
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Identifier: firstreportofgam00newm
Title: Very First report of game and fish warden for brand new Mexico. 1909-1910-1911
12 Months: 1912 (1910s)
Authors: New Mexico (Ter.) Game and seafood warden’s dept. [from old catalog] Gable, Thomas P. [from old catalog]
Subjects: Game laws and regulations Fishery law and legislation Game and game wild birds Fishes
Publisher: Santa Fe, N.M., Brand New Mexican publishing business
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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ng unused on management of a vessel, andtimid of venturing his individual on the water; that a-game warden must have nowoodcraft, and become afraid to venture alone in to the woods; that another shouldattach himself to a shooting party and indulge together with them in unlawful destruc-tion of game through the shut season—these are, as you would expect of it, absurd-ties; and yet they are but few of the cases delivered to tlie attention of yourcommissioners. * * * * * In the variety of ollicers for tlie outside solution associated with the dei)artmentof online game and fisheries it could seem that key basic requirement^to be looked for are great personality and sobriety, health, energy, strengthfearlessness, tact, comprehensive understanding of the video game guidelines and fishery regula-tions, and education adequate to read and compose; nm that, in ])articular. forthe fisli^ries ])rotective solution, familiarity with the different fishes, knowledgeof the waters to lu patrolled; and. in jiarticular. the inland service, know-

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OBLIVIOUS TO ALL OR ANY CARES. REPORT OF GAME AND FISH WARDEN FOR NEW MEXICO. 00 ledge of tlio denizens of llie forests, their eliaracteristiL-s and habits, sliould beconsidered indispensable attainments. CLERICAL WORK. Jlie ekMiial work of the department considering that the license law moved into effecthas thought sucli ])roportions on surprise those who have not offered attentionto the matter. A comjdete modification of system became necessary as well as on many oc-casions additional ofiice help ended up being needed to keep n]i witli the task. You can find currently 148 gathering deputies which issue licenses. Every bookof licenses sent out should be recharged to your party receiving it, and also this involvestlio keeping of an individual and individual account for each permit collector, andeach thirty days, whilst the monies from purchase of the same are provided for hawaii treasurer,he in turn informs us of this amount which must certanly be credited towards individualaccoimt of the person remitting it. Each license collector must makemonthly re

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