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Image from page 973 of “Hardware merchandising March-June 1917” (1917)
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Identifier: hardmerchmarjun1917toro
Title: Equipment merchandising March-June 1917
12 Months: 1917 (1910s)
Subjects: Hardware business Hardware Implements, utensils, etc Building
Publisher: Toronto :
Adding Collection: Fisher – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: Algoma University, Trent University, Lakehead University, Laurentian University, Nipissing University, Ryerson University and University of Toronto Libraries

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w, there they have been, face toface, using assistant asking, Now,then, whats the situation to you fellows? Ottawa tip hitches using farmers:Not long ago the business enterprise males of thetown decided to abolish hitching rights onthe main streets. Naturally they couldhave gone ahead and done it of hand,and produced ill experience one of the farmersat when. But rather they sent aletter, stating the master plan, providing to pro-vide a hitching destination handily situated,and asking farmers whatever they thoughtabout it. All typed right back it would bea a valuable thing; so that it had been done, and allwere pleased. Ask a farmer about it,and he can inform you, maybe not how the peopleof Ottawa performed such-and-such, but how wedid it; that is various. Useless marketing had been the firstthings that had going. The gentlemanwho demands advertisements with the aim ofassorting them down the s^des of thebig thermometer he could be planning to placesomewhere around, features looked to other HEV! Ma want*a nickles worthof virueoar ari adimes worthof Salt!

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.Merchants had their particular knives out and had been too hectic circling around each other to wait patiently on trade. Come now—speak up; obtain it away from yoursystems. And thus each locates, like sufficient,that it absolutely was all their fault. Another im-portant function of the secretary is toissue a weekly bulletin when it comes to benefit offarmers and merchants, informing which hasjobs available, and who wants tasks. Itserves the goal of an employmentagency in the neighborhood and it is a greatsource of convenience and economy. Of all of the secretarys tasks, nothing ismore delicate than handling the rat-ing bureau, where information is on filecovering the economic standing of per-sons which make an application for credit. Not only isthis purpose of huge economic valueto the merchants, but it is additionally showing ofservice towards the farmers. Information asto dead music, therefore the whole local ques-tion of credit generally is available to anyfarmer whom wants it. It saves himfrom many a pitfall; for he could hardlyobtain such information in every various other way.listed here is another

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Image from web page 1108 of “1921 Des Moines and Polk County, Iowa, City Directory” (1921)
credit reporting agencies
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Identifier: 1921DesMoinesAndPolkCountyIowaCityDirectory
Title: 1921 Diverses Moines and Polk County, Iowa, City Directory
12 Months: 1921 (1920s)
Subjects: des moines iowa polk county city directories

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v Reno Lewis H trav res 1128 45th Reno Martha E Mrs iilnr rms 560 seventh Reno Milo sec-treas Farmers Educa-tional & Co-Operative Union ofAmerica rms Wellington resort RENO M MSec-Treas Clalborne-Reno Co, 1019-1023 Locust, Tel Walnut 3149, res5052 Ingersoll av, Tel Drake 3382-J Reno Walter B bds l|l28 45th Renquist Emory student CAPITALCITY COMMERCIAL COLLEGE rmsY M C A Renshaw Lucy elk (^ E Erickson Cobds 1100 8th Renshaw Montana CHigh Renshaw Vernie stenog Manbeck Mo-tor Sales Co bds 1100 8th Renwanz Virginia sec to genl counselBankers lifestyle bds 1429 24th Reorganized Church »of the Latter DaySaints Rev F T Mussell pastor 717e 12th Replinger Jos B claim adj D M CityRy Co bds 3401 first Replogle Lulu dipper Hutchinson Can-dy Co bds 1209 14th Replogle Walter S pkr res 1209 14th Reporter Printing Co (L C Zelleno)209 8th Reppert Clayton M (Beaver food &Market) rms 933 16th Reppert Gus medicines 3501 Ingersoll avres 3620 exact same slsmn res 1316 A KAOLK COAL (iOOl) ( (KVI phom:. m HK»:r kilometer s

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RDWOOD Sixty-sevenVarietiM GILCREST -PHONBS- MAPLE 405 Diverses MOINES CITY DIRECTORY (1921) REY 1093 S & L BIdg, Reppert Howard C gen mngr Win-HerWasher Co res 306 Lorraine Apts Repplinger Florence G stenog J E Mc-Dermptt Co rms 1700 Grand av Repplinger Regina elk Trav Ins Co rms1700 Grand av Reps L^tha B emp Younker Bros (Inc)res Val Summer Repsold Ernest ship elk Campbell HtgCo rnib 1130 7th Republij life insurance coverage Co C S Byrkit ^ pres B C Corry sec 511, 222 5th REPUBLIC TRUCKSConsljny Motor Truck Co Distribu-tors, 1314-1318 Walnut (See classi-fied Ajto Dept) Reaess Frank bds 1644 Livingston av Resess ios laboratory res 1644 Livingston av Resess Jos Jr bds 1644 Livingston av Resler Qeo blksmith res ss Garden rd3 s of therefore w 23d Resplierk John janitor bda 609 High Rest Isadore E slsmn bds 420 DesMoines Rest Saipl junk res 417 D^s Moines RETAIli CREDIT COL J G6sney Mngr, 1015Tel Wklnut 3491 Retail Merchants Bureau <^f the Chamber of Commerce A E Fletcher presA J Keder and Karl Kuhlman vprests

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Image from web page 643 of “Baltimore and Ohio employees magazine” (1920)
credit agencies
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: baltimoreohioemp11balt
Title: Baltimore and Ohio staff members mag
12 Months: 1920 (1920s)
Writers: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Business Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Business
Topics: Railroads — Employees — Periodicals Railroads — Usa — Staff Members
Publisher: [Baltimore, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad]
Adding Library: University of Maryland, College Park
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation

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letter, Florence, and hope youwill carry on in health. DING ! DONG ! Wedding Bells rangon Octcber 2, whenever skip Pearl Ring wasmarried to Louis Reinsnider on parson-age of Dr. Zimmerman. Again on October6 we heard all of them, when skip MargaretWindsor became the bride of DelancyScribbner at Harlem Avenue Church.Miss Hazel Shafer was also hitched onSeptember 19. Our most useful desires to thesefriends who have ventured a visit on thematrimonial sea. May it often be goodsailing ! We regret to know associated with deatli ni MissMussetters mother and show mii- iler;)cstsympathy. Tariff Bureau Correspondent, C. A. Wagner We present to your fellow-co-worker,James R. Brown, unit freight broker,Grafton, W. Va., our heartfelt sympathyin the abrupt death of their wife, on OctoberII. Mr. Brown had been of this de-partment for 22 many years, having already been itschief clerk for 18 many years, before transfer toGrafton, W. Va., as unit freight representative. The Tariff Bureau expressed its sym-pathy by giving a floral design.

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In the buying Department—left: DanDiehlman; right: Bill Sewell nyc PropertiesPier 22, North River Correspondent, John Newm.n Chuck Conners proceeded a holiday tofeed up-and wear forty jjcninds. Hesays he devoured eight eggs and drank twoquarts of milk, however cozy through the cow, forbreakfast each and every morning. The quantityseems adequate to-break not only a fastbut a stomach. Capacious fellow, Chuck,or a competent one at fibbing. Jimmy Lynch, whoever aspirations in acertain course caused him to go toMontclaire, N. J., is disappointed; nothingto report, up to now. But—nil desperandum.Jim works hard at work and whenhe gets residence he is tired. Skip Ida Hartwig, among TerminalCashier Nelsons clerks, a woman with sixyears service at this Pier to her credit, hasleft united states for married. Ideal reasoti on earth for leaving any kind of employ-ment is always to participate in the service for the worldat big by marrying. Miss Hartwigsconstancy and regularity in going to toher tasks here au

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