March 14, Haidian District Yinyan primary school teachers to reflect, the school principal, two newly installed indoor LCD TV , By installing cameras in the classroom can be monitored by classroom teachers and students move. The teacher said the school would give teachers great psychological pressure to the school to remove LCD TV and turn off the camera. The school principal, said the move was for protection of audio-visual facilities Security And improve teaching quality.

Haidian District Yinyan school teacher Zhang Min (a pseudonym), said the school classroom to install a camera, you can see panoramic views of the classroom, “We always thought just before the control test, used to prevent student cheating, not too Note. ” Not long ago, when he went to the principal’s office work, see the wall to install two new LCD TV, camera use in the classroom, principals can see from the screen for each classroom situation. “The whole platform is exposed to Shot , The thought of being president of his own time to monitor every move, every class I am very uncomfortable. “

3 14 11 am, in Yinyan primary school to see the back of the ceiling of each classroom, all the installation of a hemispherical camera. Recess, the reporter interviewed several random high-grade primary school students. They said, “The teacher said that the camera can see everyone’s learning.” As for who is watching to see where they have that knowledge. Some teachers said in an interview that the installation of cameras in the classroom does not affect their teaching, the classroom has always been public places, the normal teaching behaviors can not see nothing. The role of the camera, they say, “classroom audio-visual equipment is very expensive, schools may also consider it out of property.”

Yinyan Primary School Mr Church said the classroom cameras have been used 3 years, 24-hour opening, should the case of extraordinary circumstances, you can always transfer to see videos. President’s Office of the two LCD TVs, audio-visual equipment are idle, just installed last week, is not always open. “I sometimes turn on the TV, to know whether the teacher on time hillock and so on.” Zhuo said that these measures are to protect students, audio-visual facilities, safety, and for the teaching service, hoping to get the understanding of teachers and students.

Experts View Classroom practice monitoring is double-edged sword

Beijing Youth Legal and Psychological Counseling Center Director, Youth Education Spring Hill, said experts were schools to install television cameras and monitoring initiatives is to “double-edged sword”, currently there is a big controversy. From the safety point of view of education, this does have a certain need, but the teachers and students in the long term Environment Work under study, will have a great psychological pressure. The teacher, they easily feel every move under the supervision of the principal, a heavy psychological burden. In addition, students in the growth process, much like the space and freedom, easy to intensify its control over the rebellious personality. To resolve this contradiction, suggested that the relevant departments as soon as possible Legislation , Carried out by means of legislative constraints and management of the initiatives such as the use of the provisions of the camera and time, so that personal privacy and public interests are better coordinated.

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