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Image from page 287 of “The Gardeners’ Chronicle : a weekly illustrated journal of horticulture and allied subjects” (1895)
credit report
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: gardenerschronic0318gard
Title: The Gardeners’ Chronicle : a weekly illustrated journal of horticulture and allied subjects
Year: 1895 (1890s)
Authors: Gardeners’ chronicle (London, England : 1874)
Subjects: Ornamental horticulture Horticulture Plants, ornamental
Publisher: London: [Gardeners’ Chronicle]
Contributing Library: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, McLean Library
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation

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entaccount of the plants and gardens of the CanaryIslands, a substantial addition to our knowledge.The Journal reflects credit on the Society, andsecures for the country Fellows a return for theirsubscription that they would not otherwise obtain. Devonshire Technical Instruction Com-mittee.—Mr. Chas. Bebby, horticultural lecturer tothe East Suffolk County Council Technical Instruc-tion Committee, has been appointed instructor ofhorticulture by the Devonshire County Counci, andwill enter upon his duties at the end of the month. National Chrysanthemum Society.— A meeting of the general committee took place onthe 26th ult., Mr. B. Wynne in the chair. TheSecretary, having announced the death of Mr.Aethdb Wobtley, who in the early days of the oldStoke Newington Chrysanthemum Society had filledthe office of Secretary, the following resolution wasunanimously passed:— That this committee placeson record an expression of the sorrow with which ithas heard of the recent death of Mr. Abthcb

Text Appearing After Image:
~H?TEMBEB 7, 1895.] THE GARDENERS CHRONICLE 271 Wohtlet, formerly Secretary of the Stoke Newirjg-ton Chrysanthemum Society, to which office he waaelected in 1851, and bears in grateful remembrancehis services to the Society, and to the Chrysanthe-mum in that capacity, and bIbo as an old cultivatorand exhibitor of the golden flower. It wasfurther resolved that a copy of this resolution be sentto the relatives of Mr. Abthob Woetlet. Mr. Geo.Walkeb, Paddington, and Mr. W. A. Holmes,son of the late Secretary to the Society, wereeltcted to vacancies on the general committee ; andMr. J. McHattie, The Gardens, Strathfieldsaye, toa vacancy on the Floral Committee. A schedulerevision sub-committee was appointed to revise theschedules of prizes for September, October, andDecember. The Jubilee celebration sub-committee,appointed to prepare a scheme for the proper cele-bration of the Jubilee of the Society in 1896, madea report, and the same was accepted, a committeebeing appointed to carry out t

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Image from page 261 of “The Mark Lane express, agricultural journal &c” (1832)
credit report
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: marklaneexpressa9319unse
Title: The Mark Lane express, agricultural journal &c
Year: 1832 (1830s)
Subjects: Agriculture Farm produce Farm produce
Publisher: London : Isaac Alger
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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h wethers and choice aged bullocke,slaughtered in the establishment, said, Wethink the beef and mutton you kill is too young;it has not the flavour of our own fed wethers andbullocks. There may be something in this. In-deed, I believe it is generally acknowledged byall gourmands that two-year-old wether sheep artethe ripest and richest mutton. May not the samoobtain in cattle ? Transactions in Store Stock. (Reported to the Department of Ar/ricnlturc andTechnical Instruction for Ireland.) known sires as Silvercup, Airies Prince, LordStewart, Marcellus, Marmion, Montravc,Ronald, and Carthusian. All are big-sizedsound horses, well adapted for mating withthe native Italian mares with the view of im-proving the breed. Thirteen of them are two-year-olds, the others between three and fiveyears, and include the well-known prizehorses, Crathorne and Chamberlain. Alto-gether the selection is one which does Mr.Ranucci much credit, and it is to be hopedthey will reach their destination in safety.

Text Appearing After Image:
Notes a id Jottings. The generally showery weaLher that has pre-vailed since the second week of the month has hadthe effect of refreshing pastures very much, thoughit is scarcely likely, except on the very bestland, and where lightly stocked, that grass willbecome at all abundant over the greater part ofEngland. From reports, too, Ireland appearsto be somewhat in the same condition. Rootcrops of all kinds, however, are improvingamazingly, and with a mild autumn may yetmake bulky crops; straw, too, is bulky enough,especially wheat straw, so thSi we may hope,with these prospects and a fair stock of old hayin the hands of many farmers, the winter willnot be so severely hard to face, though it maybe bad enough. A little help early is a grandthing for all classes of cattle except those thatare intended to remain in the fields all winteras scavengers. At the Tring show which was held duringBank Holiday week, the milk and butter testswere a very* important feature of the proceed-ings, and th

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Snare Drum Mixing Tips

In my judgment, one of the most compelling instruments in the genre of rock drums is the snare drum. If you hear an excellent rock song, you will definitely hear a first-class, powerful snare drum.

Thinking back, my favored bands with strong and one-of-a-kind snare drums where Genesis, who can forget that gated reverb effect perfected by Phil Collins. Van Halen had a distinct snare drum sound and one of my most favorites is Led Zeppelin.

How do these snare drum sounds get produced? They get created with the kind of snare drum used, the type of microphones used for the top and bottom of the snare drum, the type of pre-amps used for those microphones, and they get defined by the positioning of those microphones. There are extra recording techniques, and mixing techniques that make for a fantastic snare drum sound.

I believe we should start with EQ. Eq for a snare drum will be different for each and every song. So these standard settings that I’m going to be giving you are just that, general standard settings. Yuo will need to use your ears to dial in the correct EQ settings. do not fall into the trap of thinking there are set settings for EQ, compression and other audio effects, because there is not!

Attempt using a high-pass filter set at 120Hz and under. 120Hz is an excellent starting point and then just slide the filter downward for desired cut.
Boost between 150 – 300Hz. This will fatten the snare drum up for you.
Try cutting around 400 – 900Hz to knock out some boxiness low end.
Boost between 5 – 7kHz for a crispness.
A boost between 9 – 15kHz will add some nice brightness to the snare. Just make sure it doesn’t interfere with the vocals in that range.

For heavy snare sound: Boost +3dB around 100Hz, Q= 1.0, Cut -5dB around 2000Hz Q= 1.4, Boost +3dB 8000 Hz Q = 1.0
For a crispy and powerful snare drum sound: Cut -3dB around 200Hz Q= 1.0, Boost 3dB at around 8000Hz Q=1.0

If your going to play around with these settings, you will need a parametric EQ. Parametric EQ’s have a setting for the Q.

Here are some very general compression settings:
Attack: 20ms to 60ms
Release: 30ms to 100ms
Threshold: – This depends on the strength of your signal. It can be set at -6dB or -16dB, depending on your signals dB level.
Compression ratio: 2:1 to 6:1

Pan settings for a snare drum. Most people pan their snare drums dead center. But in reality, the snare is not dead center. Its either off to the left or right, depending on if the drummer is left handed or right handed. If the drummer is right handed, you should pan the snare drum slightly off to the right and if your a left handed drummer, pan it slightly to the left. When I say slightly, I mean something like 5 to 7 units, so it will read +5 or -5, depending on if the drummer is right or left handed.

audio mastering

mastering studio

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Different Ways That Can Be Used To Prevent Identity Theft

As identity theft is a major concern of lots of people living in USA so they must be aware of the ways to prevent identity theft. There is no doubt that the thieves use different strategies for stealing the identity of people but there are many ways that can be followed in order to face the situation. There are different types of identity thefts that are associated with different cases so there are different ways to deal with all the cases of identity thefts.

To prevent identity theft a person must follow the practices that can be helpful for preventing the identity thefts. Some security practices must be followed to keep the personal record safe. The computer systems can be a source of identity theft so it should be confirmed before using a computer that either the information will be kept confidential or not. Another very useful way to prevent identity theft is to have alarm systems that can prevent identity theft.

All personal records should be kept in lockers and those papers that are to be wasted must be shredded before putting them in dustbins. People should be careful while talking to others on phone and the access to personal computer should not be allowed. The credit should be monitored after some time regularly and the security software can be used to protect oneself from online invasion.

It is also possible to protect the identity of a person by taking into consideration all the information that the thieves require. This information includes knowing about name, age, address, contact number, credit card numbers, mailing address, health insurance number, the license number, social security number and bank account number. All this information is very personal so it must not be exposed to others in any case in order to keep oneself safe. Sometimes the thieves ask for the personal information by different techniques so the best way to prevent identity theft is to avoid disclosure of all personal information to any unknown person whatever reason he/she is giving for asking about the information.


iWallet Corp introduces the new technology hard case wallet named iWallet. This wallet uses bluetooth technology as well as biometric fingerprint reader to prevent identity theft. Find more details online

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The ORAC Score while

If you haven’t heard about an ORAC rating before it’s not surprising.  ORAC ratings are extremely of good use items of information yet most people have no idea about all of them or how to handle it with this information. Check out common concerns folks have about ORAC.

So what does ORAC stand for?

Orac signifies Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.

Something an ORAC rating?

ORAC is a way of calculating antioxidant levels in numerous foods and chemical compounds. The rating is expressed in devices plus the higher the worthiness, the higher the antioxidant energy associated with meals or substance.

What is an antioxidant?

An antioxidant is a substance, such as for example vitamin e antioxidant, supplement C, or beta carotene, this is certainly considered to protect body cells through the harmful results of oxidation. Numerous vegetables and fruits have reasonable amounts of these nutrients.  But several meals are very saturated in antioxidants eg green tea, goji fruits, and acai berries. 

Exactly why are anti-oxidants beneficial?

Free-radicals could cause mobile damage that plays part in several persistent diseases, including hardening of arteries (atherosclerosis), cancer tumors, and arthritis and in addition interferes with your immune system.  Because antioxidants shield and repair cells from harm brought on by free radicals, fighting off damage with anti-oxidants helps maintain your immune system strong, making you better in a position to prevent colds, flu, and other infections.

What’s a great ORAC score?

The USDA suggests an intake of about 5,000 ORAC products each day to receive the maximum healthy benefits related to antioxidants.  The typical average person is just ingesting about 20%-25% for this advised amount in his or the woman daily food diet.

How to have more anti-oxidants during my diet?

Eating 8-10 portions daily of brightly colored fresh fruits or dark green vegetables can help you attain the recommended ORAC degree in what you eat.  If this seems unattainable you can supplement with sort of vitamin or immune improving drink.  There are lots of great products in the marketplace that have been tested and possess quite high ORAC scores.

Towards writer
Jodi M. is a mom with a desire for keeping the woman household healthier. She extremely suggests using a complete system approach to defending against the cool and flu. The woman preferred item for every person in the woman family is an Immune Booster day-to-day drink. Having a wholesome immune protection system is a crucial element of general health and well being. Doux Soleil makes a scientifically higher level immune booster within a total line of cool and flu services and products to assist protect, support, fortify, and treat your household 365 days per year.

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Cool Credit Agencies images

Consider these credit reporting agencies images:

Image from web page 403 of “Les colonies français” (1905)
credit agencies
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: lescoloniesfranc00expo
Title: Les colonies français
12 Months: 1905 (1900s)
Writers: Exposition universelle et internationale (1905 : Liège, Belgium)
Subjects: Exposition universelle et internationale (1905 : Liège, Belgium)
Publisher: [Paris : Les actualités diplomatiques et coloniales]
Contributing Library: University of Connecticut Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS Users and Sloan Foundation

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83 Etablissements français de lInde 288 Tunisie 293 Ministère des Colonies „ 319 provider géographique et des Missions 321 Inspection générale du provider de santé 326 Inspection générale des Travaux publics 327 Jardin colonial et Ecole supérieure dAgriculture coloniale 329 Office Colonial t 332 Le Muséum dHistoire naturelle et les Colonies 340 Los Angeles Propagande Coloniale 343 nnnEXES papers officiels 355 Syndicat de la Presse Coloniale française 357 Union Coloniale française 361 Société de Géographie commerciale 364 Comité de lAfrique française 366 Comité de propagande de lAfrique Occidentale française 370 Comité de Madagascar 374 LAfricaine 376 Comité de lAsie française 378 Comité de la Guyane française 382 Association Cotonnière Coloniale 384 Association Caoutchoutière Coloniale 387 Ligue pour la Défense diverses Droits coloniaux 389 Société Antiesclavagiste de France 390 Crédit Foncier Colonial 392 Bureau de vente des Publications Coloniales officielles: 393

Text Appearing After Image:
Chemin de fer de Konakry au Niger. Une station (Kouria). 5132 OiA Levallois, Imp. Wellhoff et Roche, 55, rue Fromont, tél. 518-15.Paris, 124, boul. de los angeles Chapelle, tél. 441-86

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Nice Credit File pictures

Various good credit history images i came across:

Image from web page 7 of “The US Legion Weekly [Volume 4, No. 14 (April 7, 1922)]” (1922)
credit report
Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: americanlegionwe414amer
Title: The American Legion Weekly [Volume 4, No. 14 (April 7, 1922)]
12 Months: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: American Legion. National Headquarters
Topics: American Legion periodicals
Publisher: American Legion
Contributing Library: The American Legion Nationwide Headquarters Library
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation

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Horatius gets credit for the bridge-holding Casabianca features perpetuated his title together with purple chevron. And it also oper-ates from the strong competition ofnumerous counter tourist attractions. A citypost, or club, or lodge that remainsalive has cause of its vitality. The tiny town post might need nopress broker because every individualmember is his very own press agent. Butthe big city post that doesn’t knowthe utilizes of promotion speedily finds thatit is composed of a commander, an adju-tant, and some vacant chairs.The films are way too close at hand andthe cabaret just about to happen prom-ises a lot better than the report of this com-mittee on finance. In virtually every town there is at leastone newspaper which offers a columnat reported periods for publicationof American Legion development. Take itfrom the editors of those departments,despite laige variety of articles and ex-tensive memberships, it will always be alarge task to get sufficient development to fill thecolumn. Lots of post comes to the editor.Most from it get a hold of

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Image from page 373 of “yearly report of administrators regarding the Wabash Railroad Co., for the fiscal 12 months closing ..” (1890)
credit report
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: annualreportofdi18991906waba
Title: Yearly report of directors for the Wabash Railroad Co., for financial year ending ..
Year: 1890 (1890s)
Writers: Wabash Railroad
Topics: Wabash Railroad Railroads
Publisher: St. Louis : Woodward & Tiernan Print. Co.
Adding Library: Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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,068 80 Cost Of Road & gear (1) 5,335,419 36 3,882,500 00[ ,452,919 36Supplies and products readily available CashonHand Investments in shares and Bonds (2) Sundry Accounts Collectible-Due from Agents From U. S., Carrying Mails.. Pacific Express Co Sundry Railroads and Indi-viduals BUls Receivable Advances Quick Freight Lines Account Working Fund Advances on Account real-estate in St. Louis Miscellaneous (3) 1,244,803 46987,034 96 1,553,020 34 520,891 43179,975 7961,621 59 613,497 2053,239 27 43,004 74 29,120 8843,593 41 2,834,91174;., 61,364 27 5,031 64 399,135 85 LIABILITIES. Typical Stock Preferred Stock Bonds (4) Interest because of Interest Accrued, not Due Dividends Debenture Bonds,Series A due Sundry Accounts Payable-Vouchers and Pay Rolls Sundry Railroads and Indi-viduals Taxes Accrued, perhaps not because of Hospital Account Bills Payable-Notes Payable Equipment Notes of LongDate (5) profits purchase DebentureBonds, Series B gear Fund Account Miscellaneous Balance to credit, Profit andLoss

Text Appearing After-image:
a) Boost is because of price of new Terminals in St. Louis, ,527,000.00; less GoldEquipment sinking-fund Bonds retired, 0,000.00. (21 Boost is due to financial investment in Capital Stock associated with Wabash-PittsburghTerminal Ry., ,000,000.00, and First Mortgage Bonds associated with the Wabash-PittsburghTerminal Ry., ,154,000.00. (3) Boost is a result of amounts held in anticipation because of buy ofnew equipment. (4) Increase is because of problem of Wabash R. R. very first Lien ipercent Terminal GoldBonds, SI.664,000.00; Wabash R. R. Gear Gold Bonds Series The, 0,000.00;Wabash R.R. temporary 59^ Collateral Notes, ,160,000.00; less Gold EquipmentSinking Fund Bonds retired, 0,000.00. (5) See Note 3. —47— THE WABASH RAILROAD COMPANY. Operating Expenses—Year Ending Summer 30, 1904. UPKEEP OF Method AND STRUCTURES. Year endingJune 30,1904. Year endingJune 30,1903. ,950,007 26 188,963 21 421,804 69 522,933 43 114,243 15 421,079 68 7,364 43 51,332 82 3,104 67 774 66 ,672,302 45 Renewals of Rails

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