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Image from page 94 of “romantic glimpses of life in Asia; a narrative of findings, educational, social, and spiritual, inside cold temperatures of 1899-1900” (1919)
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Identifier: intimateglimpses00ladd
Title: Romantic glimpses of life in Asia; a narrative of findings, educational, social, and religious, in the winter months of 1899-1900
12 Months: 1919 (1910s)
Authors: Ladd, George Trumbull, 1842-1921
Publisher: Boston, R. G. Badger
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es for the immense amounts of silver and jewelshoarded up. The origins of this local strong-hold reach far-back ever. Amber is said tobe pointed out by Ptolemy. While the old town is largely in ruins, themodern town of Jaipur is flourishing, well-preservedand well-governed, and also by no means lacking infeatures of magnificence very its very own. For theRoyal House of Jaipur happens to be, overall, pe-culiarly popular as respects its indigenous princes, eversince Jai Singh II founded Jaipur in 1728. TheRaja of that time period as soon as we are there, thus far assigns showed up obvious to foreign eyes, felt aruler maybe not unworthy is the descendant of bestof their ancestors. At any rate, not being acquaintedwith, or empowered to go behind the curtain and see,the real stars, whether in the comedy or perhaps the tragedyof federal government, therefore regulate how much credit wasdue to local Rajas and exactly how much to Brit Resi-dents, we will be content to inform that which we saw. Andwhat we state did actually us important testimony to

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A WISE PATERNAL GOVERNMENT A Model local City 83 the excellences of a good and wise paternal goverrirment, administered by the indigenous princes under thefriendly and kindly advisement and help of theprevalent foreign control. Our first visit would be to the Museum in which we re-ceived a most cordial welcome from local chief-attendant in charge. He’d read of lecturesin Bombay and was many effusive—native like—inhis compliments. Regarding ground-floor of this build-ing is a fascinating and enormous assortment of art-work,—especially of material and textile work ofIndia, but practically solely modem. Into the lec-ture-room for the Museum, exams the Gov-ernment College had been at that time being held. Forpublic training made greater progress inJaipur compared to other states of Rajputana. TheCollege is affiliated with the University of Calcutta.It was exposed in 1844 with only about forty students;but at the time of our go to the number had alreadyrisen to over a t

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Image from web page 308 of “the within reputation for the Carnegie Steel business, a romance of hundreds of thousands” (1903)
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Identifier: insidehistoryof00brid
Title: The inside history of the Carnegie Steel Company, a romance of hundreds of thousands
Year: 1903 (1900s)
Authors: Bridge, James Howard, 1858-1939
Topics: Carnegie Steel Company Steel industry and trade
Publisher: New York, Aldine Book Organization
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gh ore prices later on. I propose at arisk of employing our credit into level of ^500,000, or possiblyone million dollars, to impact a saving, which our competitorswill not share, of 4 to 6 million dollars per year. Allarguments towards the contrary notwithstanding, I’m sure I am rightin these matters; since, within my judgment, with an understanding of thenature for the ownership of mines within the Northwest, nopower can possibly prevent their particular soon coming collectively and exacting theold time charges for ore. h£RV U: OL/rERS FORESIGHT 263 regarding Gogebic number, the mines i’ve chosen compriseover Soc of evolved ore or ore in sight. They comprisein this many years share about 6o^c regarding the allotment, the allotmentbeing made instead of the cornerstone of ore in sight, but on basis ofthe preceeding years shipments. These are typically the-only mines onthe Range that can mine iron-ore currently prices and makemoney. Another mines using their little item and heavygeneral expenses, are not making one penny per great deal. The result

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An ore-train. is 1 or 2 of the smaller of the mines are beingthrown up this present year; and, with care and interest, if wewere on the floor, we should be able to occupy practicallyall of those. Doubts may occur regarding number of ore within the propertieswe propose to take up. The question is, but if the ore isnot in the mines I propose to acquire, where can it be shown toexist, in properties available for rent or purchase, within the Rangesother compared to Mesaba Range .-* We have chosen due to the fact proper-ties we should find the mines that typical report brands ashaving the biggest quantity and our special reports confirm thatview. If there be maybe not large quantities of ore in propertieswe have actually into consideration, then there are no big build up 264 A RELUCTANT SUPREMACY of Bessemer ore however understood, outside the Mesaba Range, andthe Chapin and Minnesota Iron Gos properties. If so,Bessemer ores will soon appreciate in price therefore we, withothers, will need to pa

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Image from page 20 of “The United states Legion Weekly [Volume 4, No. 30 (July 28, 1922)]” (1922)
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Identifier: americanlegionwe430amer
Title: The United States Legion Weekly [Volume 4, No. 30 (July 28, 1922)]
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Writers: American Legion. Nationwide Headquarters
Topics: American Legion periodicals
Publisher: American Legion
Adding Library: The American Legion National Headquarters Library
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an increasein additional membership is unavoidable as aresult for the contest. Auxiliary contest-ants will change the brands and dues of newmembers into the official of the post, notof the Additional device, as well as the post com-mander and also the post adjutant must bothcertify to these listings, as with the truth of Le-gion participants. The post will pro-ceed such as the way it is of brands turned in byLegion participants, forwarding the namesto Legion division headquarters. Contestants may register as brand new membersformer people in the Legion whom havepermitted their membership to lapse. In case of a tie, the full quantity of anyprize may be awarded to all or any people affectedby the link. You will have thirteen prizes in US LegionWeeklys ,385 reward Membership Contest—eight forLegion workers and five for Auxiliary employees. The contestopened July 1st; it’ll close August 31st. Any Legion mem-ber enrolled between those times matters to the credit of theman or lady enrolling him. SpecialOffer to Ex-Service

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Si _M UN IT ISCHOO We offer you a many strange oppor-tunity. At just one-half associated with the regu-lar university fees rates you will get correspon-dence training for the greatest gradeand the constant attention of a com-petent United Y. M. C. A. institutes teacher, who will takea whole-hearted fascination with all your valuable problems. The assistance of this trainer is definitely available in yourefforts to enhance your self and your options. The kindof service he provides brings a huge selection of expressions like thefollowing from a Pittsburgh. Pa., student: / are certainty welt happy with how you clearup all harsh places I encounter. It is a mystery howyou will make a student feel as if the whole school isrun for his personal benefit. This type of interest is just certainly one of Six explanations whythe United V. M. C. A. Schools supply the many solution fcrthe the very least money. Mere than 20.000 ex-service men are now enrolled withus. There’s still time fcr that make use of thehalf-rates supplied on university fees. The ensuing list

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