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Image from page 668 of “Review of reviews and world’s work” (1890)
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Identifier: reviewofreviewsw21newy
Title: Review of reviews and world’s work
Year: 1890 (1890s)
Publisher: New York Review of Reviews Corp
Contributing Library: Robarts – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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iquortraffic, and, in short, manufacture various kindsof bricks with a very limited supply of straw, tosay the least. That he retires, at the end of fif-teen months, with a considerable amount of ac-tual accomplishment to his credit is anotherproof of the ability of the American army officerto surmount the difficulties of new conditions. IfGeneral Otis has not suppressed Aguinaldos re-bellion, he has at any rate destroyed the powerof the insurgent government as such. What isleft is the fast-ebbing vitality of a desultoryguerrilla warfare maintained by a few scattered,ill-equipped robber bands. Peace and order areyet to be fully established in Luzon, but organ-ized resistance to Uncle Sams authority is fastbecoming a thing of the past. General MacAr-thur has succeeded to the command, as we notedlast month. Various European powers with littlebills of their own against Turkey arewatching with interest the efforts ofthe United Stat(;s to collect from the Sultan that The Turkish Indemnity.

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WILL HE COLLECT? From the Tribune (Minneapolis). indemnity for the destruction of missionary prop-erty during the Armenian massacres. The dam-age was done in 189.5, when in the course of thepersecution of the Armenians an American mis-sion-house was burned to the ground at Harpoot,and the dwelling-houses and personal property ofmany of the teachers at Euphrates College andMaiash were destroyed. The mob that devastatedthe mission was actually led by Turkish soldiersand officers, so that it was eminently in orderthat Judge Terrell, our minister to the Porte,should feel the responsibility of asking damages.It is worth while noting that it was not the mis-sionaries themselves who pushed a claim formoney to be paid to themselves, but our ministerwho of his own initiative requested that the losersby the incident should present him with an item-ized statement of all damages sustained. Thebill footed some ,000, and the Sultan admittedthe justice of the claim. After much procrastination, th

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