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Image from web page 516 of “Charter and yearly reports, 1859-1912” (1912)
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Identifier: charterannualrep00east
Title: Charter and annual reports, 1859-1912
12 Months: 1912 (1910s)
Writers: Eastern Townships Bank
Topics: Eastern Townships Bank Banks and financial
Publisher: Sherbrooke, Que. : The Lender
Contributing Library: Scott – York University Libraries
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er, and even though the department features only beenopened for a couple months a rather satisfactorj^ company is beingdone. The ^Midway workplace reaches a spot where huge expendi-ture has been made by the construction of two railways andis a central point in that section. Build up have increased during the 3ear over ,000,000,being largely over any previous year, showing theincreasing development and prosperity of country, which isvery gratifying. Because of this increasing business associated with Bank the Di-rectors are determined to issue the total amount for the ,000,000capital authorized during the special meeting of Shareholders, inFebruary, 1903, viz : 0,000, the matter being at 60 pre-mium, additionally the calls payable 10 per cent, month-to-month, com-mencing on 2nd day’s January after that. As there appears to be a fairly general need by in-vestors for more frequent unit of Profits, your Directorshave decided to satisfy this need plus in future Dividendswill be paid quarterh, viz ; January, April, July andOctober.

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Vancouver cotton fiber building EASTERN TOWNSHIPS BANK. 421 The Inspection of the numerous offices has-been made asusual. In closing the administrators have actually much pleasure intestifying toward zeal and fidelit,y of the General ^Manager,Inspectors, Managers and other officers of this Bank.The whole respectfully submitted, AVM. FARWELL, President. Report of profit-and-loss account fully for the YearEnding Nov. ]5th, 1905. Balance at credit of profit-and-loss broughtforward from November 15, 1904 $ 30,217.74 Profit of Head Office and Branches, after de-ducting cost? of control, Interestdue Depositors, and supply for bad anddoubtful debts 317,279.84 Premium paid on new issue of Capital Stock 14,055.00 1,552.58 APPROPRIATED THE FOLLOWING : Dividend of 4 %, compensated second July, 1905 99,986.40Div. of 4 %, payable second Jan 1906. . .100,000.00 Used in Reserve Fund 100,000.00 Applied in reduced total of worth of Securities 29,000.00 Bonas to Staff Members 8,000.00 336,986.40 Balance carried forw

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Image from web page 107 of “Better Binghamton; a written report into Mercantile-Press Club of Binghamton, N. Y., September 1911” (1911)
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Identifier: cu31924075437537
Title: Better Binghamton; a report into Mercantile-Press Club of Binghamton, N. Y., September 1911
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Writers: Robinson, Charles Mulford, 1869-1917 Mercantile-Press Club, Binghamton, N. Y
Publisher: [Cleveland, O., Printed because of the J. B. Savage Business
Adding Library: Cornell University Library
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BETTER BINGHAMTON m sanitation and morality. It could be well to take into account that letteras addressed to Binghamtonians. With reference to the establishment for the park system—thisphrase such as the purchase of playgrounds, the redemption ofthe riverbanks, the improvement of current parks, and also the trans-

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s^S-^it^^^ ^ML This tenement, maybe not seeming quite because bad as many others, is selected as a good example formation of some streets—there is not any reason even that workshould prove a weight. An appropriate & most efficient way offinancing such improvements has become functioning in a good manycities, and always I think with well-known endorsement also withsuccess from the park standpoint. To cite a concrete instance, Iwill simply take Denver, though there was some variation of information in differentcities. By a charter amendment which became effective Summer 1, 1904,the Park Department became a definite department of this Denvermunicipal government. It absolutely was offered the very least levy in annualtax evaluation of 1.3 mills, as well as the cash collected under this levyis yearly placed towards credit for the Park Fund, no part of it,whether utilized during fiscal year or otherwise not, ever before time for thegeneral investment. Using this Park Fund the upkeep and improve-ment regarding the areas is cared for. No one fe

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