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Image from page 338 of “John Knox : the hero of this Scottish Reformation” (1905)
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Identifier: johnknoxheroofsc00cowauoft
Title: John Knox : the hero associated with Scottish Reformation
Year: 1905 (1900s)
Writers: Cowan, Henry, 1844-1932
Subjects: Knox, John, ca. 1514-1572
Publisher: New York : Putman
Adding Library: Robarts – University of Toronto
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despatched by Mary to variousScots of standing into the possibility of her earlyreturn. The Catholic bishops assembled at Stir-ling into the spring of 1561 to just take advice inview of the changed and (from their particular point ofview) more optimistic situations. The Catholiclords had been credited with a design to seize thecapital. Into the month of April, Bishop Lesleywas in France with authority to recommend, ontheir behalf, that Queen should land some-where within the north of Scotland, in which Romanismwas powerful, and get received by an army of 10,000.The Papists, writes Knox, began to brag as ifthey would have defaced the Protestants. * 1. The initial object of this Reformers had been tostrengthen this new edifice regarding the ProtestantChurch, to increase the trouble ofundermining its stability as well as interfering withits polity. Here the overall Assembly tookthe initiative. The Church had failed, as wehave seen, to secure the transference to herself of 1 Knox, H. of R., ii., 156-161; Lesley, H. of Sc, ii., 450.

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Image from web page 359 of “Venezuela: or, Sketches of life in a-south American republic: with the reputation for the mortgage of 1864” (1868)
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Identifier: venezuelaorsketc00east
Title: Venezuela: or, Sketches of life in a-south US republic: with all the history of the mortgage of 1864
Year: 1868 (1860s)
Writers: Eastwick, Edward Backhouse, 1814-1883
Subjects: Finance — Venezuela Venezuela — information and vacation
Publisher: London : Chapman & Hall
Adding Library: University of California Libraries
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– years back the Ve-nezuelans had the reputation of becoming a mild, equitable,and law-fearing peojjle: definitely, they can not respect thepresent condition of things as indicative of progress! Tocontinue the comse thej have recently followed is secure permanently the fate associated with the national credit. Why don’t we hope that,while the entranceway remains ready to accept all of them, they’re going to retrace theirsteps, and retmm to better counsels, in which case it isquite certain that a bright and prosperous job is beforethem.

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