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Image from web page 7 of “The US Legion Weekly [Volume 4, No. 14 (April 7, 1922)]” (1922)
credit report
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Identifier: americanlegionwe414amer
Title: The American Legion Weekly [Volume 4, No. 14 (April 7, 1922)]
12 Months: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: American Legion. National Headquarters
Topics: American Legion periodicals
Publisher: American Legion
Contributing Library: The American Legion Nationwide Headquarters Library
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Horatius gets credit for the bridge-holding Casabianca features perpetuated his title together with purple chevron. And it also oper-ates from the strong competition ofnumerous counter tourist attractions. A citypost, or club, or lodge that remainsalive has cause of its vitality. The tiny town post might need nopress broker because every individualmember is his very own press agent. Butthe big city post that doesn’t knowthe utilizes of promotion speedily finds thatit is composed of a commander, an adju-tant, and some vacant chairs.The films are way too close at hand andthe cabaret just about to happen prom-ises a lot better than the report of this com-mittee on finance. In virtually every town there is at leastone newspaper which offers a columnat reported periods for publicationof American Legion development. Take itfrom the editors of those departments,despite laige variety of articles and ex-tensive memberships, it will always be alarge task to get sufficient development to fill thecolumn. Lots of post comes to the editor.Most from it get a hold of

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Image from page 373 of “yearly report of administrators regarding the Wabash Railroad Co., for the fiscal 12 months closing ..” (1890)
credit report
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Identifier: annualreportofdi18991906waba
Title: Yearly report of directors for the Wabash Railroad Co., for financial year ending ..
Year: 1890 (1890s)
Writers: Wabash Railroad
Topics: Wabash Railroad Railroads
Publisher: St. Louis : Woodward & Tiernan Print. Co.
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,068 80 Cost Of Road & gear (1) 5,335,419 36 3,882,500 00[ ,452,919 36Supplies and products readily available CashonHand Investments in shares and Bonds (2) Sundry Accounts Collectible-Due from Agents From U. S., Carrying Mails.. Pacific Express Co Sundry Railroads and Indi-viduals BUls Receivable Advances Quick Freight Lines Account Working Fund Advances on Account real-estate in St. Louis Miscellaneous (3) 1,244,803 46987,034 96 1,553,020 34 520,891 43179,975 7961,621 59 613,497 2053,239 27 43,004 74 29,120 8843,593 41 2,834,91174;., 61,364 27 5,031 64 399,135 85 LIABILITIES. Typical Stock Preferred Stock Bonds (4) Interest because of Interest Accrued, not Due Dividends Debenture Bonds,Series A due Sundry Accounts Payable-Vouchers and Pay Rolls Sundry Railroads and Indi-viduals Taxes Accrued, perhaps not because of Hospital Account Bills Payable-Notes Payable Equipment Notes of LongDate (5) profits purchase DebentureBonds, Series B gear Fund Account Miscellaneous Balance to credit, Profit andLoss

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a) Boost is because of price of new Terminals in St. Louis, ,527,000.00; less GoldEquipment sinking-fund Bonds retired, 0,000.00. (21 Boost is due to financial investment in Capital Stock associated with Wabash-PittsburghTerminal Ry., ,000,000.00, and First Mortgage Bonds associated with the Wabash-PittsburghTerminal Ry., ,154,000.00. (3) Boost is a result of amounts held in anticipation because of buy ofnew equipment. (4) Increase is because of problem of Wabash R. R. very first Lien ipercent Terminal GoldBonds, SI.664,000.00; Wabash R. R. Gear Gold Bonds Series The, 0,000.00;Wabash R.R. temporary 59^ Collateral Notes, ,160,000.00; less Gold EquipmentSinking Fund Bonds retired, 0,000.00. (5) See Note 3. —47— THE WABASH RAILROAD COMPANY. Operating Expenses—Year Ending Summer 30, 1904. UPKEEP OF Method AND STRUCTURES. Year endingJune 30,1904. Year endingJune 30,1903. ,950,007 26 188,963 21 421,804 69 522,933 43 114,243 15 421,079 68 7,364 43 51,332 82 3,104 67 774 66 ,672,302 45 Renewals of Rails

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