Marion County inmate mistakenly introduced after ID theft
Authorities state a female charged with drug offenses features escaped from Marion County Jail by assuming the identity of another inmate who had been planned to-be circulated. In accordance with court documents, the prison erroneously introduced 34-year-old Jessica M.
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Impossible birthdate tips off Lynnwood cop to ID theft believe
As he tried to get four iPhones really worth $ 2,600 yesterday, he handed a Verizon clerk his picture recognition, a driver's permit. The clerk tried to validate the man's ID and grew dubious. The person left the store without their license.
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The One Person Who's Maybe Not Dropping Sleep Over Potential ID Theft
In an Oct. 13 morning meal keynote with Mike German, former FBI unique agent switched whistleblower, Snowden had been replying to a question whether he had been getting free identity theft security solutions, considering his standing as a former federal specialist …
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