Latest Identity Theft Prevention News

Sen. Sherrod Brown, other lawmakers seek to combat tax-related identity theft
Measures in the bill designed to prevent identity theft include an expansion of the IRS's personal identification number (PIN) program to anyone requesting protection from tax-related identity theft and requiring the Medicare program to phase out …
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Ball State establishes Identity Theft Information Line
Siciliano said that in the same way responsible drivers have car insurance, responsible consumers should enroll in an identity theft protection service. “That's one of those things in life now that you should just have. If you go out for a nice dinner …
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Identity theft spreads to tax refunds: Cybercriminals file with others' ID
Krebs, whose site was the first to break news of the Target credit card breach in 2013 and who is considered an expert in identity theft prevention, said he was the victim of a fraudulent tax return filing last year. His work makes him a target, he …
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