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Image from page 441 of “Christian herald and signs of our times” (1896)
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Identifier: christianheralds19unse
Title: Christian herald and signs and symptoms of our times
12 Months: 1896 (1890s)
Publisher: [New York, The Christian Herald]
Adding Library: Christian Herald Association
Digitizing Sponsor: Tisch Library, Tufts University

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H. WOOBWJOBi Business, of Hnltimnr*. H tn among nw>«t po|>uUr bOOktpnb-lnheri1 Ifin.lHIO ro|iie« ulrenHy ooM. hut it i- today nefl-inn f»«rer than in the past. Agent* »ell M to lfi copie* nri>jr. An K.-tey I irirnn retail price #270 00. provided for•elhnir llOooplai in three month* A (loo.on hicyrleirtven for «e1iinir ** ropiea in 2 month* A goldwatrh for «ellinir AO OOpI— in a single thirty days. Thin pre-mium besides rommi««ion. Full outfit3ft rt*. Freight paid, credit given. Other populiirhook- and MAM No. They off it -pertal and mo«tliheral rate* to Student* and Teacher* for mimtnervacation Ihiring laat inmnirr a big nnmtier of Student* and Teaeher* conva**ed with regards to their I k*. One of the li*t. there were Zl whom made over ftSXI Oft6? just who won the Miui advanced, and 7fl made nrmr$lfifii«> f.>r M -d mi in ni<* r wurk Write them simultaneously.

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Safetycomes firs in washing. What exactly is theof making the job easy,long as the high-risk or clang eroiWhat does it matter howlia thing expenses, or how m;prizes you can get with it, irots and damages the clothes ?cant be you want to t.j-y any chances. Utilize PearliNothing that features ever already been ufor washing or cleansing is mabsolutely safe than Pearlives you the simplest, the quickthe most carefully cost-effective work. 509 r oTmrrarsiTo cms tnrsz a ?nnra mnnra oinnfinnr; ONEILLS Sixth Avenue, twentieth to 21st Street ¥ ¥ ¥ an unique Announcementto your Mail OrderCustomers ¥ ¥ ¥ SILKS so that you can provide those of your patrons which live out of Icity a way to secure one of the great silk bargainsare today supplying, we’ve reserved 10,000 yards of IDresdens and Persians most of the highest quality and newest styles (light and dark), &ioffer all of them exclusively to out-of-town residents, at Samples uponapplication… $ 1.00 yard Regular .50 high quality. H. ONEILL & CO., Sixth Ave., 20th to 21st St., N.I M

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Image from page 871 of “The Street railway diary” (1884)
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Identifier: streetrailwayj261905newy
Title: The Street railway log
Year: 1884 (1880s)
Subjects: Street-railroads Electric railroads Transportation
Publisher: New York : McGraw Pub. Co.
Adding Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Smithsonian Libraries

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AMERICANRAILWAYM ENTS,known as STREETIN V EST-coinmonlvthe Red Book, could be the standardreference handbook on electric rail-way statistics and finance. Sincethe first issue (1894) it has beenthe most satisfactory and reliablepublication in its field. An important take into account thesuccess of the Red Book hasbeen that it’s compiledand given by the editors of theStreet Railway Journal. Theintimate relations which have al-ways existed between your StreetRailway Journal and its particular clientelehave generated the hearty co-operationof the street railroad and tractioncompanies in decorating much more com-plete and reliable information thanis acquired by anv other manualaiming to pay for this field. The Red Book has beenfound worthv of a prominent placein the libraries as well as on the referencetables of electric railway officialsand designers, as well as bankers, in-vestors, contractors, manufacturersand other people interested in this in-dustry. Regular cost, 00per copy

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WHY DON’T YOU TAKEADVANTAGE OFOUR .50 COM-BINATION RATE? THIS RATE INCLUDES: Street Railway Journal (52 dilemmas). Electrical Railway Directory and BuyersManual (3 issues). United States Street Railway Investments(The Annual Red Book). The 1905 edition ot the Red prepared for delivery. If you’d like a copy, only drop us a lineand we will be happy to provide you with theadvantage of the combo rate. Whenrendering bill full credit may be allowed forthe unexpired term of one’s current subscrip-tion toward Street Railway Journal, and youwill secure copies in the future in connectionwith the Directory and Red Book at a totalcost of but .50 per annum. Street Railway Journal 1 1 4 Liberty St., Nyc STREET RAILWAY JOURNAL. 99 We WABASH

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