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Image from web page 74 of “breakdown of reviews and world’s work” (1890)
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Identifier: reviewofreviewsw33newy
Title: overview of reviews and earth’s work
12 Months: 1890 (1890s)
Publisher: New York Breakdown Of Reviews Corp
Contributing Library: Robarts – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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company section. Some carehas been taken to save the natural charm ofthe rivers rushing wildness. At all prominentpoints not necessary for manufacturing functions thebanks have-been maintained for park purposes.There is a regular purpose to help make the promi-nent buildings worth a first-class municipal-ity. Two brand-new obstructs forstores and offices possessed bythe realty organization, designedby two associated with foremost ar-chitectural organizations when you look at the coun-try, would-be a credit to anygreat city. More striking workof the realty company isStrathglass Park, called inhonor regarding the Scotch villagewhence came Mr. Chisholmsparents across the Atlantic.it really is a residential playground, andit looks just as if it may belongto the choicest area of ametropolitan town, — sayBrookline, in Greater Bos-ton. But the residents areemployees for the mills IAlong an extremely uniform slopeof the valley two long paral-lel streets converge in semi-circles at either end. Largedetached homes of stone, THE REDEyELOPMENT OF AN OLD STATE. 61

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A STREET IN STRATHGLASS PARK, RUMFORD FALLS. with record roofs, harmoniously varied in archi-tecture, stand with sufficient grass area about them.The grounds are carefully cared for by thecompany. Good concrete pavements tend to be borderedby turfed margins with color woods. The housesare divided in to convenient flats. Aboutto be built are a monumental portal and ahandsome casino. Strathglass Park originated in Mr. Chisholmsidea that effective paper-making depended upongood workmen ; that permanently workmen goodhomes had been important. The rooms are rentedupon a lease. The lease is figured to pay for interestand particular various other fixed costs. There are alsospecial build up ahead of time ; a person is for antici-pated taxes, another for upkeep charges.At the end of the year, according as thesecosts were less or even more, a deduction ismade or an extra payment is needed. Inthis method the lessees, as people, tend to be straight in-terested in keeping the tax-rate reasonable ; as renters,also, in taking the bes

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