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Image from page 19 of “The Farm-poultry” (1901)
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Identifier: farmpoultry1224unse
Title: The Farm-poultry
Year: 1901 (1900s)
Subjects: Poultry Northeastern States Periodicals Poultry Business Northeastern Shows Periodicals
Publisher: Boston, Mass. : I.S. Johnson and Co.
Contributing Library: U.S. Division of Agriculture, Nationwide Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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or varieties,with supply made for recording of muchother data besides the number of eggs pro-duced. Opposite the record sheet for eachmonth is a full page of Timely Notes. Thepart of the book devoted to marketing theHumphrey devices can be interesting, andthe book in general is a dignified and credit-able piece of advertisjng. Sliarples Cre.tm SepiiiMtoi-s make cattle spend. Book,Business Dairj ing aud Cat249 free. W. Cliester, Pa. WINNING WINNINGS TODAY, The shows can’t begin prematurily . or be too big to locate Dustons White Wyandottes In tlie profits. Currently tills autumn lias his stock labeled as time on llie rivals of liis cusldiners, IN THE LAKGE.ST PLUS THE LESSER SHOWS OF COUNTRY. AVltli over 3000 select to choose don’t you imagine they can turn the key for vou ? May also mate youpairs, trios or pencils lo produce exhibition and breeders. Write your wauts aud send 5c. sLimp for handsomestIoultry catulojiue puljlisliod. ARTHUR G. DUSTON, 223 East Principal St., Marlboro, Mass.

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■the: National fruit-grower could be the Largest Horticultural and Fruit Trade Pub-lication West of the latest York. Published month-to-month at ST. JOSEPH, MICHIGAN iinuiBifflt together with final purchase available in the market. It^ tells the prowerB just who they could safe-? ly send their products to into the citiesnpnfelofthe nation, puardl them from^ Trees and Plants and Treatment ofiSi;! l| ■ ■rthe wiles of snide commiB«ion<Ct popularity. You certainly will enjoy it, if vou grow-n-i-U ill 3 : homes, and Rives simply the informa- i^J o «r «ir,o iifioiia tt-Tth PiPi-r-rlinU aISBw roentgen tion the grower requires, whelher he 1631-he an amateurorprofesRlonsl. Iub-iield towards the market, includini: vari-^ – lishes market reports from difTerent eties, cultivation, tranBportation, ;iiiintiir«ii;iMiiniii]iiniiiii:iiiii h i i towns and cities, giving a listing of prices. Keeps you pooled on Horticulture, 2 iJHCrop ConditionB. Irices of Fruit rWl Products within the nillerent areas, ^Nljh.Vi{ Fruit Trade Matters; Diseases of^ . Woods and flowers and Treatment of iSC

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Image from web page 167 of “Railway mechanical engineer” (1916)
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Identifier: railwaymechanica96newy
Title: Railway mechanical engineer
Year: 1916 (1910s)
Topics: Railroad manufacturing Engineering Railroads Railroad vehicles
Publisher: New York, N.Y. : Simmons-Boardman Pub. Co
Contributing Library: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Digitizing Sponsor: Lyrasis Users and Sloan Foundation

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gth, threaded, 14 in-. 12 dollars. Item 180 reads: Pipe, black or galvanized, V4 inch, per fcot, 18 dollars, credit one cent. a pipeline with threads on both stops is 12 cents and a footof ]Mpe is really worth eighteen cents, while in Rule 111, Item 28,says as possible charge 18 cents for Ijrazing a nipple.There tend to be three various costs thereon nipple. Just what isthe correct charge? Mr. Morrison: Nipples are a manufactured article andthey may I.e furnished for you at significantly less than the cost given you,while it really is expected when a pipe is finished 12 in. very long, per-haps it will have is threaded on a lawn so that as aresult a greater fee is permitted on a lengthier piece. Allthese small nip[>les are supposed to he bought thrcadecl,the threading l»eing done on a device, and therefore itis a good deal less expensive than the hand process that is employeduiie-c the task is completed on the ground. [The remainder associated with the procedures, a discussion of pricesin Rule 107, will be in the next concern.—Editoh.] 1S3

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Electrically secure Ending Boiler Tubes Summary of causes Safe Ending Boiler Tubes and Flueswith the Thomson Electric Butt Welder at Nashville. Tenn. Superintendent of Machir By J. J. Sullivan ., Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis, iVashville. Tenn. THE current revival of great interest in application of safeends to boiler pipes and flues because of the electric buttwelding process is indicated because of the published report ofthe Master Boiler Makers Association Committee on Weld-ing secured Ends. In accordance with that report the Xorfolk & machine and flue roller and Fig. 2 becoming an agenda associated with the flueshop using the moveinent of pipes and flues through shop_The procedure of electricp.lly butt welding safe finishes to allsizes of boiler pipes and flues has been used at Nashvillesince August, IM6, so your results provided were guaranteed. West now has operating about 280,960 tubes welded by over an extended test jieriod during which the electricalh

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Image from page 119 of “the storyline of this marches, battles, and situations for the Third usa Colored Cavalry; a battling regiment into the War regarding the Rebellion, 1861-5” (1908)
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Identifier: storyofmarchesba01main
Title: The tale regarding the marches, battles, and incidents of the 3rd usa coloured Cavalry; a fighting regiment in the War associated with Rebellion, 1861-5
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Authors: Main, Edwin M., 1837-
Topics: United States. Army. 3d Cavalry (Colored) United States — background Civil War, 1861-1865 Regimental records US 3d Cavalry (Colored)
Publisher: Louisville, Ky., World Print. Co.
Adding Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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dended inside entire discomfiture associated with rebels. Intense darkness prevented goal, and when daylight cameit had been found the rebels, after iregaining their particular horses, had dis-persed through the forests, each man running on his own account.Ten dead of enemy had been found,, and numbers had been seenhelped upon horses, and so caught up. The opponent having dispersed, no pursuit could be made, andthe number of wounded necessitated the come back to camp, whichwas achieved at 10 a. m. to-day. Two men too severely injured to travel were left various milesfrom right here with surgeon until adequately recovered to allow their particular removal. Horses and mules had been grabbed, enough to protect our lossof stock, although the high quality isn’t as good as onr own. A lot of credit can not be because of the Fourth IlHnois Cavalry,who did all of that guys could do beneath the situations. Sur-prised, they fought hand to hand, and the ones who had been takenprisoners wene bodily overly enthusiastic. The conduct associated with the First iMississippi Cavalry, A. D. could

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VAPT. RICHARDlTAYUOk,Third U. S. C. C. Third U. S. Colored Cavalry. 91 not need been excelled by veterans, WOunded males refusing togo into the backside. It was the first figiht for the majority of of them, but, into the languageof significant Cook, their particular commanding officer, i possibly could have heldthem till the last guy ended up being shot. I inclose a rough design of nation, also variety of ourlosses, which, owing to our males being because of the side of camp-fires, had been mecessarily extreme. I am, Colonel, respectfully, Your obedient servant, E. D. OSBAND, Col. very first Mississippi Cavalry, A. D.Commandin2: article. LIEUTENANT-COLONEL WILLIAM T. CLARK, ASST. ADJUTANT-GENERAL, 17th ARMY CORPS. While Colonel Osbands report is proper in the main, he errsin some of the details, viz.: He places the effectiveness of the adversary at 140, when it shouldbe 500, this fact becoming subsequiently ascertained. These are the enemys loss the report claims, Numbers wereseen assisted or thrown upon horses, and so caught up,once the fact is the rebels had no ponies

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