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Image from web page 137 of “The progress of this Empire State a-work devoted to the historical, monetary, commercial, and literary growth of nyc” (1913)
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Identifier: progressofempire01cona_0
Title: The progress of this Empire State a work specialized in the historic, monetary, professional, and literary improvement New York
Year: 1913 (1910s)
Authors: Conant, Charles A. (Charles Arthur), 1861-1915
Publisher: New York : The development of the Empire State Company
Adding Library: Columbia University Libraries
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supply ofcommercial credit, as with regards to had a Federal charter, andthe fabulous profits which Biddle appeared to have withinhis grasp stimulated the creation of regional banks all throughthe cotton fiber buckle, which made advances to your planters andundertook to market cotton by themselves account in European countries.The rise associated with discount price in the Bank of The united kingdomt cutoff these profits and compelled the financial institution of the UnitedStates to go to the rescue associated with smaller banking institutions if you wish tomaintain the cost of cotton fiber. The job ended up being also great,even for Biddles resources. Reserve shares of cotton cameupon the marketplace, stocks in the possession of of manufacturers wereallowed to operate down, mills paid off their output, the houseof Hottinguer of Paris protested Biddles report, the Hopesof Amsterdam broke off relations with him, as well as the priceof cotton collapsed. All these situations, while they affected keenly the marketfor currency exchange which was indeed created in New York,still bore the impress of Philadelphia conjecture; although

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AUGUST BELMONT Financier; produced in Alzey, Hesse-Darmstadt, in [816; ended up being edu-cated in Frankfort and invested several years into the employ of theRothschilds indeed there plus in Naples. Came to nyc in 18^7 asthe Rothschild agent. Was Austria Consul-General toYork from ,H44 to 1850, but resigned because of dissatisfaction atthe treatment accorded by Austria to Hungary. Had been UnitedStates Charge- d Affaires at The Hague in ,853 and becameMinister in 1854. Resigning in ,858, he returned to the UnitedStates and engaged in banking. He took a working interest inpublic affairs, ended up being a delegate to your Democratic National Con-vention of i860, and from that 12 months until ,872 chairman of theDemocratic National Committee. He married a daughter ofCommodore Matthew C. Perry, for who his oldest son Perrywas called. He was instrumental in erecting a bronze statue ofCommodore Perry at Newport, and was an energetic patron of thearts and of American sports, being for twenty years president ofthe Amencan Jockey Club. Died

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Image from page 318 of “Municipal record” (1908)
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Identifier: municipalrecord141921sanf
Title: Municipal record
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Writers: San Francisco (Calif.). Board of Supervisors
Topics: Civic improvement City preparing Public works
Publisher: San Francisco, Cal. : Board of Supervisors of City and County of san francisco bay area
Contributing Library: San Francisco Public Library
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1915:Municipal Railway Depreciation Fund forAugust 1921, 18 per cent Gross Passenger Revenue ,481.J8 Municipal Railway Payment InsuranceFund for August, 1921, Uability Compen-sation ..-•-• ,348.85 ,732.00 0.001,593.00271.18110.50431.50548.75135.98908.89 2,511.81 ,993.79Interest on Outstanding Bonds (month-to-month price) recharged at amount of adjustment.- 17.927.7!> •Net Credit from running for August •Exclusive of— ,, „_„ „•! Increase for month of products on Hand ^l-LAH Increase tor month of Suspense Account . 3.570.15 ,348.18 ASSOCIATION URGES CLAY-STREET TUNNEL. Suggestions produced by the Polk and Larkin District Associa-tion that a tunnel be bored stiff under the Clay street slope betweenPolk and Kearny streets is known the Streets Com-mittee of the Board of Supervisors for consideration. The as-sociation members recite to your board your improvement isnecessary to relieve congested traffic between the residencedistricts therefore the city front.

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Complete quantities Distributed to Primary Accounts,.u«ust . . 69.283.56 8,295,63173.663.89 ,631,74 shops available August 31. 1921 ,088.10 Suspense Account August 31, 1921 •^^^•^^ fli.m.H San Franciscos ,000,000 ConventionBuilding COVERS CIVIC CENTER BLOCK BOUNDED with LARKIN, GROVE, POLK AND HAYES STREETS Contains Halls of various sizes, that may beengaged for Conventions. Fairs, Balls. Lectures.Concerts, etc. Main Hall accommoclates over 10,000 persons,and other halls from 500 to 1.500. for UrntM anJ daU; connect with controlling SapmrinfnJunt,Gr»v, and Larkin StrmmU, mr to CUrh of Board of Sap.r-vUor», City Hall. 316 MUNICIPAL RECORD DIRECTORYOFCITY OFFICIALS MAYOR. JAMES ROLPH, JR.Room 200, City Hall.EDWARD RAINKV, M»)or« Sfcreiary, Area 200.WILXIAM F. BENKUICT, AssihUnl SecroUry. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. Me«t> every Monday at 2 p. m.. City Hall.EI>W1N O. BAllI. -JOl Ihcloii UiiililiiiK.CORNELIUS J. DEASY. 601-502 Kohl Building.J. EMMtl IIAYDK.N, 162 lift.-iiith Avo.KK.

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