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Image from page 237 of “Newfoundland Quarterly 1909-11” (1909)
credit score
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Identifier: nfldquart190911uoft
Title: Newfoundland Quarterly 1909-11
Year: 1909 (1900s)
Authors: Evans, John J.
Subjects: Newfoundland and Labrador Studies and Periodicals
Adding Library: Memorial – University of Newfoundland

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/V Tlicc. A. Ill tun p SLIDING ROCK POOL, RENNJEs RIVER. NETAGAMYUE FALLS, LABRADOR. THE NEWFOUNDLAND QUARTERLY.-25. St. Johns Municipal Council In accordance with the regards to Section 143 associated with the St. Johns Municipal Act,1902, here Statements of Estimated spending and Revenuefor the year 19 U are published:— # # # # # 400 determined Revenue, St. Johns Municipal Council, 1911 Interest on Credit Balance at Bank $ Watering Vessels Theatrical Tax I)5oo Street Railway Annual taxation 1,200 Roads East 2^820 Roads West 2,1:12 Blackhead Road r0 South Side path . 43°25050,000 South-side Lighting Liquid Prices Sewerage Prices 12,500 Arrears . 24,000 Vacant Lands liquid Department 1,000 Crown Rents Customs Water Rates 3,000 Customs Coal Duties 56,500 – Bank taxation 4,250 life insurance coverage business Annual Tax goo, Horse taxation 1,300. Cart Tax 600 Carriage Tax i Licenses 200 agents on Margins Annual Tax 250 Marine Insurance Company Annual taxation 200 Accident and Guarantee business Annual Tax . . . 300 Motor

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Image from web page 852 of “Baltimore and Ohio employees mag” (1912)
credit rating
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Identifier: baltimoreohioemp07balt
Title: Baltimore and Ohio employees mag
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Authors: Baltimore and Ohio workers mag Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company
Subjects: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Business
Publisher: [Baltimore, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad]
Contributing Library: University of Maryland, College Park
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS People and Sloan Foundation

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33J.73 36- 84 .

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75- Do Your Christmas time Shopping Early pick your Diamond and Jewelry presents from our Catalog 69 F. Sendyour order to united states for prompt cargo. Your credit is great. We trust youfor all of the products you prefer on the LYON CHARGE-ACCOUNT-PLAN You pay nothing in advanceânot one cent. Deliveries are available at ourexpense and risk. You study first and only after happy you send out 20per cent asfirst repayment. Then, deliver just 10per cent month-to-month in the price of a few cents every day.you receive full security under our 8 % YEARLY DIVIDEND OFFER Every Lyon Diamond is backed by our binding guarantee, covering thequality and value. A lot more than that. From the trade of anv Lvon Dia-mond for a bigger one. you get Sper cent YEARLY INCREASE IX VALUEâ8%per annum over what you paid. your 75 YEARS CHARACTER Srfpl^^oT^r.-?r^, T^??,?®*^ products at lowest.prices. If our goods dont representaurisKiUR ALUE, return at our expense. Xo obHgation, irritation, or red-c dont pay a cent until such time you are pleased bevond your expectations. D^?AÂ

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Image from page 317 of “… Debris” (1890)
credit history
Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: debris__1903purd
Title: … Debris
12 Months: 1890 (1890s)
Writers: Purdue University
Subjects: Purdue University College yearbooks Universitites and colleges
Publisher: Indianapolis, Ind. : Press of Baker & Randolph
Adding Library: Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
Digitizing Sponsor: Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center

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C. The figure E shows a metal disc that will act as an anti-friction bearing for headsof compass legs X and Y FOR MANY PUBLICATIONS AND SUPPLIES R. L. Jaques Book Store Louisville Medical university and Infirmary the essential perfectly appointedMEDICAL INSTITUTEin the Southwest :: Thoroughlyequipped laboratories, unequaledclinical benefits :: :: :: :: THE Twenty-Fourth Annual Session associated with the LOUISVILLEMEDICAL UNIVERSITY will start the past of September,1903, and terminate the very last of March, 1904. This popular institution comes with every facility for modern-day medicaltraining, and its oppotunities for clinical guidelines are unsurpassed.Graduates from Indiana University are allowed credit torone many years work with our regular four years graded course, thusallowing all of them to try to get rinal examination after theirthird vear. UNIQUE PRICES TO SONS AND BROTHERSOF PHYSICIANS THEREFORE THE CLERGY For Additional Infortnation^ Address GEORGE W. WARNER, M. D. 814 Third Avfnue :: :: :: Louisville, K^^TUCKV

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Milletts PatentCORE OVEN No one just who makci inidll coracan manage to he without it INCREASE DOORS One closing the ovezvhen one other is ope SAVES FUELSAVES TIME Send for Circular MILLETT CORE OVEN CO., Brightwood, Mass. THE SWAN 2.;o ■3-5° SELF-FILLINGFOUNTAIN PEN PRINCIPLES, COMBUSTION Patented July q. iSqj; .Vug. (j. 1901. The Perffction of a Flow MABIE, TODD & BARD XeiL York Chicago London SOLD BV SNODDY & HAYWOOD staTiT^neTs western LaFayette, Ind.

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