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Image from page 79 of “Our university days” (1917)
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Identifier: ourcollegetimes1519171918
Name: Our College Times
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Writers: Elizabethtown College
Topics: Elizabethtown University book
Publisher: Elizabethtown College
Adding Library: Elizabethtown College, The Tall Library
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Supreme War Council consistsof the Prime Minister and anothermember associated with federal government of every ofthe great powers whose armies arerepresented from the western front side; butit may later on be extended to many other warzones as well as other belligerent countries. The goal of the Supreme WarCouncil would be to superintend the militaryonerations regarding western front. It ish«:tvever only advisory. The War Council may be a perman-ent bodv with seminars at leastonce per month, and it surely will often meetat Versailles; maybe not not even close to Paris.Lord Northcliflfe credited the idea ofthe War Council to Secretary McAdooof the Treasury Deoartment. LordKitchener of The united kingdomt ended up being howeverone of first to understand need of apermanent War Council but their deathprevented him from generating moresentiment in favor of one. But as theneed became plainer, others also be-gan to se it. The end result was that theallies decided that an Inter-AlliedWar Council was positively neces-sary to carry this great war to a suc-c??sful end. the UNIVERSITY OCCASIONS

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^.-^ EDITORIAL BOARD HELEN GRACE OELLIG 17, Editor-in-ChiefASSOCIATE EDITORS School Notes Ray M. Kline 19 i Ruth S. Bucher 16. .. John F. Graham 17 Alunani Notes John R. Sherman 20 K. L. S. Notes Orlean Wolgemuth Homerain Notes A. C. Baugher 17 Exchanges Bard E. Kre^der 18 Atliletics Ephriam M. Hertzler 16. .. .Business Mgr. Ezra Wenger 18 Asst Mgr. Ruth Kilhefner 17 Art the university instances Is published month-to-month through the educational year because of the Homer-ian and Keystone Literary Societies of Eiizabethtown College. This report will soon be sent continually to old readers, whilst never to break theirfiles, and arrears recharged, unless notice to cease has-been obtained at expira-tion. Report any change of target into company Manager. Subscription rates: Fifty cents per year; ten cents per copy; 5 years for .00. Entered as second-class matter April 19, 1909, at Eiizabethtown Postoffice. We wish for our readers every-where a happy and successful NewYear. These are the gifts we

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Image from web page 271 of “Pennsylvania, colonial and federal; a brief history, 1608-1903. Publisher: Howard M. Jenkins” (1903)
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Identifier: pennsylvaniacol02jenk
Title: Pennsylvania, colonial and national; a brief history, 1608-1903. Publisher: Howard M. Jenkins
Year: 1903 (1900s)
Authors: Jenkins, Howard Malcolm, 1842-1902
Publisher: Philadelphia Pennsylvania Historical Pub. Association
Adding Library: Robarts – University of Toronto
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now-one hundred and seventy-seven miles of channel in real opera-tion. Whenever we remember that the managers on most of thesebanks had pcquired business presence for the true purpose of lendingtheir credit into State, which had been developed by their state, ata good rate of interest, it is hard to perceive wherein any publicobligation had been incurred by their particular action. The finance companies hadindeed flourished in consequence of the general public needs, although creditof their state at all times ended up being quite just like compared to these institu-tions, plus it could because easily have lent the funds in other places.Governor Shulzes confidence in these companies hadn’t inthe minimum been destroyed by what had happened. He admittedthat it must be apparent to any or all that economv has rarely entered 239 Pennsylvania Colonial and Federal into the system of expenditure, luit that prodigality and profusionliad, on tlie contrary, been its identifying characteristics.Xotwitlistandinsr these problems there was clearly everv reason to be-

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Charles Thomson Schoolmaster; writer; secretary ContinentalCongress, 1774-17S9. Reproduced for thiswork from a classic engraving Heve tliat by completing the task the wealth and prosperityof hawaii and of its residents would sooner or later be significantly in-creased, plus the people in the legislature believed the sameway. Just go on with the improvements plus the conclusion they 240 Slnilzcs ;iiui ^^l)Ils Aiiiiilnistrations wnulil i);iy. Jlicro luul already been no ;icciiuntal)ility mi tlic component oflliiise (.MitnislLMl with tlic (lislnirscmcni dl tin- ])nl)lii.- resources (.■nsurinj;a faitlitul a|)i)licati(in o tlioin into ])ro))cr ohjects, aiul the(iocnior recominended llie adoption of some effective measuresfor gfiiarding the treasury. Jlie building of canals and railroads had overshadowedthe much more small building of highways. Multiple was indeed built,as we’ve seen, with all the cash added by people andthe State. However the resources oftentimes had proved inadeciuateand debts have been created. Though

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