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Image from web page 215 of “Annual report regarding the Board of Education of School District first into the City and County of Denver, Colorado” (1904)
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Identifier: annualreportofb1819scho
Title: Yearly report of this Board of Education of School District first in the City and County of Denver, Colorado
12 Months: 1904 (1900s)
Authors: School District Number One in the City and County of Denver, Colorado. Board of knowledge
Topics: Public schools Public schools
Publisher: Denver, Colo. : Merchants Pub.
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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, beginning, early ill-ness, and soon after development. The children come from all chapters of the city towards the centralstreet railroad loop, from where point these are generally combined with ateacher, just who comes back together with them at the conclusion of the day and sees thatthe much more helpless people tend to be safe to their vehicles. Within college they are taught to bathe, care for their particular teeth,and cleanse the tub after utilizing it. They are taught to makea bed; to sweep and dust; to launder the towels and doilies; towash dishes and take care of your kitchen sink; setting and provide the table;to behave well during the dining table and also to be polite generally; to make use of thesewing device and carpenter resources; to weave rugs, baskets, andbobbin lace; in order to make tiny hammocks; and do some seat caning.Much time is invested on view where they learn to look after thelawn; in order to make and develop the kitchen yard; to gather and pre-pare the vegetables; to take pleasure from and protect the plants; and to lookafter the poultry and rabbits. 214 Sixteenth Annual Report

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Learning Typewriting, Meeker School These are typically taught to cause and read through the employment of the type-writer at which they spend hours, working alone and spelling aloudthe listings of rhymed words where their primer is constructed.They learn to compose by tracing script letters slashed from emery cloth.the building blocks of the number tasks are games with domino anddice, the clock, the schedule, numerous automobile figures, street addresses,and the income compensated in their mind for the work concerning the school. This college has been in presence for 10 years, the first eightyears becoming invested in the shelter of the Corona School, where it wasknown as the Corona class for excellent Children. Its aimhas gone to develop mentally along with to teach actually and thusto fit the little one for a life of effectiveness. It’s fulfilled with such markedsuccess that numerous of the previous pupils are now self-supporting anda credit toward community that offered them their possibility. Lydia G. Meeker, Principal. Denver Public Schools 215 {OOt{Dg 3UIU

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