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Image from page 609 of “The progress for the Empire State a-work dedicated to the historic, monetary, commercial, and literary development of New York” (1913)
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Identifier: progressofempire01cona_0
Title: The progress of the Empire State a-work dedicated to the historical, economic, professional, and literary improvement ny
Year: 1913 (1910s)
Authors: Conant, Charles A. (Charles Arthur), 1861-1915
Publisher: New York : The Progress associated with Empire State business
Adding Library: Columbia University Libraries
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rish guy from Dublin, whohad held it’s place in the fur trade. Mr. Hoguet became associatedwith the Wilmerdings; when he left them, he had been electedPresident of the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank, re-maining in that workplace toward period of their death. This bankbecame under their management much more prosperous than in the past. Christian William Wilmerding, ancestor of this auction-eers, came from Brunswick in 1783, and very first went into theglass business. He was a lot devoted to the GermanSociety which assists German immigrants, became presi-dent in 1816, and had been reelected for three consecutive years.His sons, William R. and Henry A. Wilmerding, were dis-tinguished because of the ability with which they was able the auctionbusiness. Lucius K., a grandson, nonetheless continues it, but thebusiness reduced. John Haggerty ended up being another old-time auctioneer. Thefirm first had been Haggerty & Austin, 169 Pearl Street. WhenGeneral Spicer, who had been Haggertys salesperson, failedin 1862, a sensational newspaper reported the failure of

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■^/t^ < HENRY WILLIAM EATON Insurance supervisor; horn in London, England; educated inprivate schools. Entered service of Liverpool and London andGlobe Insurance Co. in 1866, representing it at Bristol, 1876-1878; found new york in 1878 as assistant manager ofNew York branch; made resident supervisor, 1887; associatemember of Institute of Actuaries of The united kingdomt; president NationalBoard of Fire Underwriters of usa, 1897-1898. AuthorFifty many years of work with america of America (historyof Liverpool and London and Globe Fire Insurance Co. in theUnited States); in addition many documents burning insurance topics. We HE COMMERCIAL PROGRESS OF GOTHAM 339 We [aggerty. Haggerty sued for libel, obtained a verdict, andin revenge the paper called him OHaggerty, the Irishvender, which put into his appeal without injuryto their credit. Auctioneers could do no business withoutinfluence enough to have a license and cash sufficient togive bonds. They even needed means to discount product sales

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Image from web page 163 of “Brethren working, The (1880)” (1880)
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Identifier: brethrenatwo184150moor
Title: Brethren in the office, The (1880)
12 Months: 1880 (1880s)
Writers: Eshelman, M.M. Harrison, S.J. Stein, J.W. Moore, John H.
Subjects: Church of the Brethren–Periodicals
Publisher: Lanark, Ill.
Adding Library: Bridgewater College, Alexander Mack Memorial Library
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Cameron ili-plarcd Ik* would do wliiit18 appropriate. OArtFIKI-ll MOVPH.Ni-w York, might 81.- Un.lfir (heguiilniice of Q(>ii. QMrOeld HeveralButi-Qraiit nini hold n confureiicuand (ichifived tht-ir lint success. KiliiiuiidN wiihdrnwB and th(>Vermout mid Ma-iacIiuHcttH ilelp*gatJoiiH go with Sluri]irui,whoii[i])onrHto be guttling quickly and nenam to Ik>the aecood chosen nmiiy GruntmoQ, Thirty-flvo hnndrpd flrnnt nn>iihave arrived in Chirac from Cinci-nnati with n musical organization to boom for theirchief. Its clnimod that ny willgive Blaino twiuty votcfl and Penn-sylvania twenty-five. Upon the entire it in siiid thatGrant stock u lowor than whenever HJuce the gathprin^. D. T. WEEDS ( IIAMIION Fanning Mill AND GRAIN SEPARATOR WORKS This MILL in Best in usage. Ichallenge any Mill around tooompolo wilh il. I invito inspeotion,All instructions quickly dealt with. Kvory I-iirnior and (iriiiii HnyrHtioiild liEtvo ono. Alto will I Jron and wood-turning jRKrAiitiNfi:

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The Eclipse Farm System. In forma lion fi-uni numerous »eclions associated with nation report indications of an .ibnndiint harvest tliia season. Farmerswill Hoon be on llio look-out for more Farm devices, nothing which are of more nae tliaii thf steam-engine, Wenml perhaps not liore write of its energy, for this is well understoo by all intelligent, progreHsivo farmers. Tlie ECLIPSEIAU.M ENGINE, Thla lain all rfS|iects well adapted to farm work particularly Ihreshing. hulling, etc., in Summer andAuturnii. also to sawing, grinding, ti^to.. in Winter and Spiiiig, therefore tlint it nmy be used to great benefit at all seasonsof llicyoar. complete |.;ut!ciilars anil iiifortniition regarding the eiiffines rtiMifv.: X.ecl«So»10. FAZCR «( CO., W^aynesljoro^ Pa. Ct*Ili. until yon liavo ;itt-(l tlii- iniiil-^ .if tin- Efli|. The Days Of long credit jinii high in icct an- ihibI, today the iirudent housekeeper buys when. Khe licts Ihtlhst Iignii-s foi I.isli. The C. O. D.GROCERY! Sells Goods on their Merits.It give

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Image from web page 422 of “The Red Cross in comfort and war” (1899)
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Identifier: redcrossinpea00bart
Title: The Red Cross in serenity and war
Year: 1899 (1890s)
Writers: Barton, Clara, 1821-1912
Subjects: American National Red Cross Red Cross and Red Crescent
Publisher: [Washington, D.C.] American Historical Press
Adding Library: Yale University, Cushing/Whitney Healthcare Library
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. C. Smith, frail of human anatomy but stout of heart, wasstricken at their post of responsibility with typhoid September 12, but is(convalescent and rapidly getting power. Whenever Miss Cromlein and Hiss Maxwell retired a comparable time, they certainly were been successful byMiss Gladwin and Miss Lounslmry, who’ve ably managed the affairsof the Red Cross at Sternberg. Under my path skip Gladwinrecently went to Anniston, Ala., and found the service for the RedCross greatly needed at Camp Shipp. Skip Gladwin has actually establisheda Diet Kitchen at that camp and has now done much to better the con-dition regarding the soldiers into the camp hospitals. There are still 200 unwell at Sternberg and 50 at Leiter, but these willsoon i am hoping be furloughed and returned to their hoi:: All who possess represented the Red Cross at Chickamauga haveworked using the best self-denial and enthusiasm, with full apprecia-tion of this lofty goals associated with the culture and with individual pleasure. Whenthe roll of honor consists, i understand of no title that should beomitted.

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0. S. S. OREGON 414 THE RED CROSS. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. At Jacksonville, Fla., the task within camp ended up being in direc-tion of the Rev. Alexander Kent, of Washington, D. C, which hasbeen a part associated with the United states National Red Cross for quite some time.He started his duties towards middle of June and, assisted by his child,continued through to the purchase when it comes to abandonment associated with camp ended up being issued.The territory covered by this agency included additionally the camps at Miamiand Fernandina. The affairs for the Red Cross inside field were mostefficiently carried out sufficient reason for great credit to Dr. Kent along with his assist-ant. As well as the health and medical center supplies and delicacies,which were furnished in great volumes, over thirteen thousand dol-lars had been spent in increasing the conveniences associated with the unwell and convalescent.Dr. Kent makes the after interesting report: On Summer 16 I found its way to Jacksonville, in organization with MissClara Barton, then on the way to Key West and Santiago. We visitedCamp Cuba Libre into the afte

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