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Image from web page 486 of “Smith Alumnae Quarterly” (1920)
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Identifier: smithalumn2021alum
Title: Smith Alumnae Quarterly
12 Months: 1920 (1920s)
Writers: Alumnae Association of Smith College
Topics: News by/about College alumnae
Publisher: Alumnae Association of Smith College
Contributing Library: Smith University Libraries, University Archives
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS People and Sloan Foundation

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ne 28, 1919. Zada Morgan to H. L. Bingham, Aug. 2,1919^ Adah Nicolet to Ralph Robinson Parker,Mar. 28, 1916. Produced.—To Fanny (Aldrich) Beard a son,.Edward Leonard III, Jan. 31, 1918. To Anita (Yereance) Girdwood a son,James Girdwood IV, Nov. 12, 1919. Died.—Ruth (Fisk) Walter in April. Various Other Information.—Harriette Bell features beealibrarian at the McLean Hospital in Waverley,Mass., this cold temperatures. Margaret Evens are at present secretary to-the librarian, Williams university.1918 Class secretary—Mrs. Sidney A. Cook,,care Paul Cook, Troy, N. Y. Our Third Reunion was an excellent success,according to all people who had been fortunateenough for straight back, and there were a hundredand fifty of them. Heppie and Mary Menseldid every little thing in the world to produce 1918 feelthat everything have been given to abeautiful time. It had been a sad misfortune thatour course child, Edith Holmes, cannot bewith us in the end, but we shall desire to have herat our Fifth. See web page 336 for thef ull report. THE SMITH ALUMNAE QUARTERLY 371

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MRS. BELDEN 82 Harrison Ave., Northampton, Mass. TELEPHONE 25-W property of every information, intown and away. Big contemporary house, exceptional condi-tion, near College, admirably adaptedfor university or Faculty Club, or GuestHouse. On the market only. THE MODERN Always IN FOOTWEARAND HOSIERY Of Quality and Fashion Mail sales Solicited {Merely send united states the lining numberon your best-fitting set of footwear) CREDIT EXTENDEDTO SMITH COLLEGE ALUMNAE THOMAS S. CHILDS, Incorporated 273-279 TRADITIONAL HOLYOKE, MASS. IGOO SOAP {Intelligent Gentlewomens Olive-oil Soap) A Genuine, 100rc-pure Castile! Inviting wholesale prices to personswishing to earn money for CollegeFunds, women groups, ChurchSocieties, Hospitals, etc.; orthemselves! Sold to Smith Fund Agents atold wholesale price! Very same steal at retail: 9 desserts for .00; 12 desserts for .30In situations of 10, 20. 36, 60 or 100 lbs.(cakes averaging 4 towards pound.) at 40c a lb.Please include parcel-post price under control.) Forward instructions or compose for prices to M

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Image from web page 284 of “Te Karere” (1907)
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Identifier: tekarere5100chur
Title: Te Karere
12 Months: 1907 (1900s)
Writers: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Brand New Zealand Mission
Topics: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Brand new Zealand Mission Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Publisher: Auckland, N.Z. : New Zealand Mission
Adding Library: Brigham Younger University Hawaii, Joseph F. Smith Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Consortium of Church Libraries and Archives

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me personally andaddress somewhere on little blank. This isvery crucial to make certain that appropriate credit can begiven off to the right people. A CONCEALED GEM A diamond put cucritslcd oer And hidden from community view,It waited very long while friendly fingers Its neighbours from its existence dn .For these people were shining, brilliant and strong. And caught the eye of those whom passed.But diamonds which are crusted oer May be discovered nevertheless eventually. One day an expert passed like that And gazed with wistful eye;lie saw complete numerous brilliant (/ems. However these were kept while he passed by.He looked properly tested really; . it last he discovered just what satisfied him best—// had been the diamond crusted oer. For the :eas chosen mong the rest. Ye souls, whom believe your light is hid And rest unnoticed time by day.The piercing eye of Jesus shall get a hold of Your worth, though clad m miry clay.Well polished, brilliant and beautified. And fitted because of the Masters hand.Your locations in the top youll find To be probably the most sublimely (/rand! —C.W.S. MERRY CHRISTMAS TIME

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1951 MONTHLY MAG ASSOCIATED WITH THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST)F LATTER-DAY SAINTS MISSION IN NEW ZEALAND The Story (II* Our Cover Picture w h i c h youngster. ; and his name shall TE KARERE Established 1907 Wahanga 45 Nama 12 Tihema, 1951 Sidney J. Ottley Tumuaki Mihana Grover D. Jensen Hekeretari o te Mihana Stanley E. Richards Etita George R. Hall (Hori Hooro) .. .. KaiwhakamaoriJohn A. Osburn Mission Recorder Address Correspondence:514 REMUERA PATH, AUCKLAND, S.E.2 TE KARERE is posted month-to-month by the New Zealand Mission for the Church ofJesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and it is imprinted because of the COMPANY PRINTINGWORKS, LTD., 55 Albert Street, Auckland, C.l, brand new Zealand.Subscription prices: 6/- per 6 months; 10/- annually; £2 for 5 years- (Printed for transmission in New Zealand as a registered magazine.) ARTICLES Editorial: My Happiness Special properties: Evidence for BeliefAt This SeasonThe Door is OpenedChristmas from HomeNew Zealand Sets the PaceMy private Prophet . . An account of Chris

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Image from page 187 of “Journal of electricity, energy, and gasoline” (1899)
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Identifier: journalofele323271914paci
Title: Journal of electricity, power, and gas
Year: 1899 (1890s)
Authors: Pacific Coast Electric Transmission Association
Subjects: Electrical engineering Electricity Gas make and works
Publisher: San Francisco : Technical Pub. Co.
Adding Library: San Francisco Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: California State Library Califa/LSTA Give

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nt to consider it is one which the engineersclient alone must deal with. The well-being of latteris the success for the former. Nor can he affordto be oblivious to the forbidding proven fact that the opera-tive force, these piping days of governmental nostrums, is,too frequently, in public areas, semi-public or political idea,middle-class viewpoint. The haste with which economicquestions that pertain to anything which is why thepublic should be taxed could be the result generally for this mid-dle-class opinion. Frequently, all too often, such questionsare maybe not corrected or examined by the most useful intelligenceThis middle-class opinion is a slave to words andcatchy phrases, to specious argument, and is an in-strument of utility in the possession of associated with the self-seeking—the follower of this fatal short-cut, and is stampedwith the hall-mark of governmental caprice. It is the mil-dew from the heart of development; because of it happens to be knownto contradict the essential primary details of economicconditions and grandiloquently to oppose all humanexperience.

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Penstocks, Energy Home, Tail-race and Transmission Lines. February 21, 1914.] JOURNAL OF ELECTRICITY, POWER AND GAS 159 P. P. I. E. EXHIBIT AREA TOTALLY FREE. Intending- exhibitors at the Panama-Pacific Inter-national Exposition are going to be a great deal contemplating the an-nouncement made February 20, by President CharlesC. Moore that the installation of exhibits may beginas early as July 1 of this 12 months. This will enable theexhibitors to devote nine months to the preparationof their particular shows and certainly will eliminate the annoyance andexpense brought on by the requirement of haste in prepara-tion and installation. The exposition is making no charge for area toexhibitors. Every energy will be made to help theexhibitor also to decrease the expenditure incidental to ex-hibition. Arrangements were made wherebymanufacturers who require send less than carload lotsmay combine with other exhibitors through an ac-credited exposition agent and obtain the carload lotfreight rate. The exhibit can be sent to a represent-ative of

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