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Identifier: railwaymechanica92newy
Title: Railway technical engineer
Year: 1916 (1910s)
Topics: Railroad manufacturing Engineering Railroads Railroad cars
Publisher: New York, N.Y. : Simmons-Boardman Pub. Co
Contributing Library: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
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m the lumber found in bulkheading has some com-mercial worth and therefore the shippers shoukl have the ability to sellit toward consignee. The shipfjers having said that con-tend your lumber used for securing lots does not have any marketvalue if extra dunnage is required the allowanceprovided inside tariffs ought to be increased. The shippers plus the railroads would bencfjl liy bulk-heading open vehicles laden up with lumber. of government and 19,S in support of the providers. Theremaining 121 counts are pending choice. Cases in-volving 878 counts had been dismis.sed, 841 which had been basedupon the companies failure to report all instances of excessservice, as retjuired by an order of percentage. Twocases were de( ided because of the Supreme (.ourt, one against andone and only the federal government. When you look at the circuit process of law of ap-l)eal 8 instances had been determined and only the government, and3 instances were decided in support of the carriers. Other casesare however pending. / Mechanical Department/Qverlooking

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Why don’t you Simply Take AdvaLntage of University andUniversity Facilities? EĀ»gincering Building, Pennsylvania State University. MAINTAIN INDUSTRIAL FELLOWSHIPS! with C. H. BENJAMIN class of Engineering, Purdue Uni* iity, Lafayette, Ind. RAILWAY problems are peculiarly appealing to the scien-tific investigator as they are therefore definite and thus welldeveloped. The railroad guy generally knows just whathe wishes and just why he wishes it. Furthermore, the investigator knows that immediate practicaluse is likely to be made of the datawhich he accumulates or theprinciples which he proves. Purdue University was oneof the very first technical schools totake up railway work, and ithas regularly completed thepolicies therefore inaugurated. Theprincipal credit when it comes to devel-opment of railroad evaluation andinvestigation may properly begiven to W. F. M. Goss, andit was through his efforts thatPurdue University found berecognized due to the fact leadingauthority on railway mechan-ical issues. You start with the installa-tion of Purdue loc

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