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Image from page 211 of “US houses and home gardens” (1905)
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Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: americanhomesga101913newy
Title: American houses and gardens
12 Months: 1905 (1900s)
Subjects: Architecture, Domestic Landscape gardening
Publisher: New York : Munn and Co
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library

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t to tenants under appropriate constraints with the objective ofobtaining its most readily useful attention and preservation. Some houses ofsurpassing interest which can be had because of the community willprobably often be available to people, and maintainedsolely as memorials. Fundamentally it’s going to be the Societys planto preserve smaller antiquities in a museum, sectional andnational in personality, conveniently put in a fireproofbuilding in Boston. Currently the community has actually accomplishedgood work as well as its future progress is supposed to be watched with interest. An article in American Homes and Gardens forMarch, web page 89, a property in Jamestown, N. Y., inad-vertedly referred to the architect, Mr. E. G. W. Dietrich ofNew York as builder. Mr. Dietrich wasn’t the builderbut the designer. Within exact same concern the article on page 80,A nation Residence at Montclair, nj, should havegiven credit to Henry W. Wilkinson, New York, as archi-tect of the residence, the country house of Mr. Edmund B.Osborne. XIV UNITED STATES HOMES AND GARDENS April, 1913

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WHITE ECONOMY Is real economic climate THHE small bore, long stroke White Engine launchedâ– * real motor economic climate in fuel and oil, into thiscountry nearly four years ago. Since the necessity for economic climate is starting to become abso-lutely essential, White supremacy in the efficiency of itssimple engine is acknowledged. And White economic climate goesfarther. It includes in its scope use, repair and tire price. Proportions of body weight, engine power, and wheel baseare very carefully balanced to meet up what’s needed for whicheach design is specifically built. Enhance this the wonder-fully couple of parts in White Cars, additionally the treatment with which everypiece of product is selected and finished, and White su-premacy is acknowledged and White economic climate may be the outcome. And White Owners Understand It Gasoline Motor Cars, Trucks and Taxicabs

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Image from page 177 of “E/MJ : manufacturing and mining diary” (1915)
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Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: emjengineeringmi99newy
Title: E/MJ : manufacturing and mining diary
12 Months: 1915 (1910s)
Topics: Mineral industries Engineering
Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill
Contributing Library: Engineering – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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d fixes. To have great results these twomen must work with balance. Within Steptoe plant, feed water for the waste-heatboilers is measured by a Wilcox liquid weigher and deliv-ered to a different hotwell from where the waste-heat feedpumps just take their suction. The feed-pump dischargepasses through two closed heating units and to the boil-ers. Pumps and feed lines have been in duplicate. The return-ing steam is measured by a broad Electrical recordingmeter. In my opinion that flow-meter record is the correct basisfor calculating the vapor credit, once the meter is accurateand these types of uncertainties as range condensation, boiler blow-off, safety-valve discharge, steam for oil heating andatomization, etc., tend to be eradicated. The meter should, of rse, be examined because of the water weigher and any discrep-ancies investigated. ?e& lPH@tt©Ea lK.airsj|s ifor Wood is recommended for the piston rings regarding the waterend of vacuum pressure pump, by C I. McGahey, composing inPower. When precisely place in it permits the pump to perform 2

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FIG.t. Pl.t i;i:i; Willi V< FIQ.E. 1111: Packing with little to no rubbing. The wood ought to be difficult and close-grained so as uot to split easily. The strategy of applyingsuch rings is shown by the example: they need to hemade to tit perfectly between dishes I and 2. The springused to make the obstructs resistant to the cylinder walls is bestmade of metal ribbon about No. 20 gage, that may notrusl out. A -et among these obstructs should last years ifproperlj made. 151 THE ENGINEERING & MINING JOURNAL Vol. 99, # 3 By Frederick Bradshaw* Tonopahs outpul regarding the precious metals fur 1914was almost just like fur L913. Through the year12 mines produced approximately 129,SS6 oz. of gold and1 1,776,531 oz. of gold from 547,979 tons of ore, while inL913 the production of 11 mines had been 120,189 oz. of goldand 11,973,540 oz. of gold from 551,710 tons. The value regarding the product, about ,015,000 in 1914 ascompared with ,725,000 in 1913, shows a decreaseof about 0,000 on a closely

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