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Image from page 54 of “yearly year-book” (1914)
credit history
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Identifier: annualyearbook1917stbe
Title: Yearly year-book
12 Months: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: St. Benedict’s University and Academy
Topics: St. Benedict’s University and Academy St. Benedict’s Boarding Class for Minimal Boys
Publisher: [St. Joseph, Minn.] : The School
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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ates. Loci of second order. Higher jet curves. Thepoint. The plane. The straight line in area. Areas of revolu-tion. Quadric areas. Course VI. Differential Calculus: Differentiation of algebraic and transcen-dental features. Improvement functions. Indeterminate kinds.Maxima and minima. Tangents, subtangents, subnormals, asymptotes.Direction and rate of curvature, evolutes, envelopes, and singularpoints. Program VII. Built-in Calculus: Integration of the various kinds. Integra-tion as a summation. Rectification of curves. Quadrature of planeand curved surfaces. Cubature of volumes. Equations of loci.Successive integration with applications into moment of inertia,areas and volumes. Program VIII. Concept of Equations: Algebraic solutions of cubic and quarticequations. Properties of origins of an equation. Isolation of realroots. Symmetric features. Solution of numerical equations. Com-plex numbers. Fundamental theorem of algebra determinants, dis-criminants, resultants. 36

Text Appearing After-image:
CLASS ROOM Program IX. Differential Equations:differential equations. Simpler forms of ordinary and limited POLITICAL AND PERSONAL SCIENCE demands associated with the division:For a, twelve credits.For a Major, twenty-four credits. Courses No. Credit 6 Elements of Sociology 6 contemporary personal Problems 6 Economics 6 reputation for Economics 6 Economic reputation for the United Title Semester agreed to 1,21,21,21,2 AllSoph., Jr., Sr.Jr., Sr. Pre-requisiteCourseNone 2345 Sr. 23 States 1.2 Sr. 4 Program L Elements of Sociology: Nature of Society. Functions andOrgans of Society. Personal Development. Program II. Modern Social Issues: Catholic Social Reform Movement.The Church. Their State. Personal Work and Charities. Course III. Economics: Introduction. Concepts fundamental the Produc-tion of riches. Money and work Troubles, i. e. Wages. Inter-national investments. Tariff. Unions. Trusts. Course IV. History of Economics: Economics in old, mediaeval andmodern times. Economic Organizations. Growth of nationwide

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Image from web page 122 of “The oist” (1886)
credit score
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: oist15albi
Title: The oist
Year: 1886 (1880s)
Topics: Birds
Publisher: Albion, N.Y. : Frank H. Lattin
Adding Library: American Museum of All-natural Background Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
ntseach. Glaucous Gull, Mana Shearwater, Canvas-back, Barrows Goldeneye. Harlequin Duck,Wood Ibis. Merlin, Short-eared Owl, White-necked Raven and others. 25 cents each. Black-throated Loon, Iceland Gull, BoobyiCanada Goose, European Swan, Turnstone-Broad-winged Hawk, Caracara, Raven. 50cents each. Loon, Yellow-billed Tropic Bird, Greenshank,Duck-hawk. Gray sea-eagle, Mississippi Kite.Bohemian Waxwing, alongside unusual eggs at.00 each. Least Auklet, Ancient Murrelet, Ebony Oy-stercatcher novelty helmet yet others, .50each. Also units associated with the overhead with exclusive data.Largest stock of Biids Eggs in united states,and testimonials from many welVknown Amer-ican Ornithologists speaking inside highestterms of my specimens and dependability andmanner of working my customers. Walter Raine, Bleaker St., Toronto, Ca. IDENTIFY THE EGGS.For 3 lays We offer Maynards Eggsof North Vmericaii BiKh, final editionwith col free plates at ..70, inepaid,cloth bou id and new. Adiress,ERNEST H. BRIEF. Albion, N. Y.

Text Appearing After Image:
VOL. XV. NO. 3. ALBION, N. Y., MARCH, 1898. Whole No. 142 Desires, Exchanges, as well as Product Sales. Brief unique notices, wishes, Exchanges For Sales, Inserted m this departmenttor 2.V; per 2.t words. Sees over 2,t terms, charged on rate of one-halt penny per each additionalword. No notice Inserted for less than 25c. Terms, money with order. Purely First-class specimens are accepted In payment at one-third record prices. Whats Your Number? Examine the amount following your nameOn the wrapper for this months Oologist. Itdenotes as soon as your membership expired orwill expire. No. 141 your membership expires with this specific Issue145 • Summer, 150 Nov., Intermediate numbers could easily be deter-mined. When we have you credited wrong weWish to rectify. Xhis months OOL,OGISX -wasmailed subscribers 9Iarcli 12. AVAILABLE:—Auk vols. 10, 11, 12, 13, 0each; 0. and 0. vols. 6 to 18 inclusive. MakeCash offer the set. Many others. BENJA-MIN HOAG, Stephentovra, Nyc. AVAILABLE:—Live Diamond

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