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Image from web page 458 of “History of the Army associated with Cumberland : its company, promotions, and battles, written at the request of Major-General George H. Thomas mainly from their exclusive military record and authoritative along with other documents furnished by him”
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Identifier: historyofarmyofc02vanh
Title: reputation for the Army for the Cumberland : its company, campaigns, and battles, written on demand of Major-General George H. Thomas mainly from his private military record and official as well as other documents furnished by him
Year: 1875 (1870s)
Authors: Van Horne, Thomas B. (Thomas Budd), d. 1895 Ruger, Edward
Subjects: United Says. Army associated with Cumberland United States — background Civil War, 1861-1865 Regimental records
Publisher: Cincinnati : R. Clarke & Co.
Contributing Library: New York Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: MSN

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lock-house. a top story (maybe not shown in the .figure), resting diagonally onthe sides associated with the inner square, had been put into the western block-house as quarters for the garrison. To avoid an excess ofweight, this tale was only made musketry-proof. Over the top ofall ended up being a tiny search. The construction of these block-houses reflected great credit upon the Michigan Engineers bywhom these people were built. An artillery block-house ended up being alsocommenced in 1865, at Larkinsville, Alabama, nonetheless it was nevercompleted. It was meant to answer as a fort for gar-rison at this crucial point, that was a lot subjected toattack from the south side regarding the Tennessee. It’s correct toadd that my very first concept of creating a block-house for artillerycame from seeing a rude, half-finished work of the sort,which had been started by the Confederates in 1863, at StrawberryPlains, above Knoxville. An artillery block-house is hard and high priced to construct, andis just justifiable in extremely exceptionable localities. I believe APPENDIX. 447

Text Appearing After-image:
Fig. 7. Arrange of Artillery Block-house. that Bridgeport had been these types of a locality, as the essential importanceto the military regarding the two long hridges on the Tennessee calledfor defense by artillery, too regarding area as regarding the mainland, and the latter so thoroughly commanded the island thatartillery could just stick to it while thoroughly under cover.It could be well to say that an artillery block-house aftermy designs ended up being built-in 1864, near Alexandria, Virginia, toprotect from cavalry raids down the area of searching creek.The opponent shortly unearthed that our block-houses had been proofagainst any Ordinary attack, and little bodies never molestedthem. Problems for the monitoring of the railroad ended up being repaired almostas shortly as made, and after a few years such annoyances ceased.The just severe assaults obtained by our block-houses wereas employs; 448 APPENDIX. In August, 1864, General Wheeler, with a division ofcavalry, left Atlanta, traveled north to near Knoxville,thence west to near Nashville, thence southwest t

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Image from web page 474 of “The Oölogist the pupil of birds, their particular nests and eggs” (1886)
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Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: ologistfors1214189597latt
Title: The Oölogist for student of wild birds, their particular nests and eggs
12 Months: 1886 (1880s)
Authors: Lattin, Frank H
Subjects: Birds Birds
Publisher: Albion, N.Y. : Frank H. Lattin
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library

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s when you look at the tiny semi-precious-stone points of Oregon,N. Mexico,and Arizona. Send stamp for cost list—Our Additional. Separate catalog of 100,000 specimens of good- Minerals and Fossils. Hundreds of Relics of Western Indians, Alas-kans and Southern water Islanders. L. W. STIL^VELL, DEADWOOD, (Ebony Hills), S. DAK. THE ODELL Kind Writer. tP ^^ IJVR.ITER. with 78 characters,war-ranted to complete nearly as good act as any machine-made. It combines user friendliness with DTJRABrLiTT,.SPEED, EASY OPERATION, wears longer with-out price of repair works than any various other device.Has no ink ribbon to bother the operator. It-is CLEAN, SUBSTANTIAL, nlckel-plated, perfect,and adapted to any or all forms of type writing. Like-a printing press, it produces sharp, clean, legi-ble manuscripts. Two or ten copies can be^made at one writing. Any intelligent individual,can come to be an operator in 2 times. Reliable Agents and Salesmen desired. For Pamphlet providing Indorsements, etc.„address 139 ODELL TYPE WRITER CO.,358-364 Dearborn St., CHICAGO, ILL.

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VOL. XIV. NUMBER 9. ALBION, N. Y., SEPTEMBER, 1897. Entire No. 136 Wishes, Exchanges, and Sales. Brief unique announcements, Wants, Exclianges For product sales, Inserted In tWs departmentiter 25c per 2.> words. Notices over 25 words, charged at the rate of one-half cent per each additionalword. No notice Inserted for less than 25c. Terms, money with order. Strictly First-class specimens is accepted In repayment at one-third record rates. Whats Your Number? Examine the num^ber following your nameon the wrapper of this months Oologist. It•denotes whenever your subscription expired orwill expire. No. 135 your membership expires with this issue140 • ■ •• Jan., 1898. 145 ■ June, • 150 Nov, ■ Intermediate numbers could easily be deter-mined. When we perhaps you have paid wrong wewish to fix. WANTED.—Everyone that is needing first-■class Taxidermists or Egg resources to send 4 centstamp for my latest catalogue. Complete line of A1 materials. CHAS. K. REED. Worcester,Mass. f6t MOUNTED Bir

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Image from page 556 of “Operation of trains and place work and telegraphy” (1916)
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Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: operationoftrain02prio
Title: Operation of trains and station work and telegraphy
Year: 1916 (1910s)
Writers: Prior, Frederick John, 1858- [from old catalog] comp
Topics: Railroad trains Railroads
Publisher: Chicago, F. J. Drake & co
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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ind and weight of product had been used. Grayiron, M. C. B. requirements, might substituted in place ofmalleable, M. C. B. requirements, but in these types of situations thedebits and credits must be for just what is truly appliedand eliminated. Fix cards and stubs must state sort ofmaterial applied and removed. RAILWAY YARDS HANDLING VEHICLES 5oo Rule 59. In fixing wrecked vehicles M. C. B. stand-ards works extremely well whenever of dimensions which do not impairthe strength regarding the vehicles, instead of the components developing itsoriginal construction. When working with products for repairsto international automobiles that the Master automobile Builders Asso-ciation has actually adopted specifications as a typical, the ma-terials must conform to what’s needed among these speci-fications. Rule 60. To make repairs for which proprietors areresponsible, rims except that 33-inch are replacedwith 33-inch tires, if practicable. If changes are neces-sary in order to bring the automobile to your proper level, thecost of therefore performing shall also be chargeable to your new driver.

Text Appearing After-image:
Fig. 7. Rule 61. Couplers associated with the straight airplane kind otherthan M. C. B. replaced with M. C. B. standard, the ex-pense of alteration hence necessitated will be chargeable tocar owners. Couplers that exceed the length of 5^inches between point of knuckle and shield arm measured 534 SECTION WORK AND TELEGRAPHY perpendicularly to shield arm must certanly be fixed. (Seedrawing.) Rule 62. When M. C. B. couplers of some other makeare placed upon a car, the uncoupling plans shallbe made operative at the cost of the organization makingthe fixes. Rule 63. Whenever M. C. B. couplers, knuckles, metalbrake beams, wheels or axles are replaced under condi-tions which can make them chargeable towards owner, it mustbe clearly claimed from the fix card and stub whether thematerial is new or second hand. Rule 64. Any business finding cars maybe not within thelimits of standard height for couplers could make repairsand charge to proprietors. Automobiles ought to be modified in heightwhen bare, as far as possible, plus in purchase to justify

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