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Image from web page 417 of “Annual report for the Bureau of ethnology on secretary of this Smithsonian organization ..” (1881)
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Identifier: annualreportofbu0v1powe
Title: Annual report associated with the Bureau of ethnology to your secretary of the Smithsonian Institution ..
12 Months: 1881 (1880s)
Writers: Powell, John Wesley, 1834-1902
Publisher: Washington, D.C., G.P.O.
Adding Library: Brigham Teenage University Hawaii, Joseph F. Smith Library
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-matology, explanation by noises communicated through the ear; Sche-matology, by figures towards attention, and Haptology, by mutual contact, skinto skin. Schematology is it self split into Typology or Grammatology,and Oheirology or Dactylology. The latter embraces the transientmotions of the hands, which of most other ways of explanation comesnearest to that particular associated with tongue. As a phase in rehearse of motions instead of address must be men-tioned the signal associated with Cistercian monks, who have been vowed to silence ex-cept in religious exercises. Which they might actually observe their vowsthey had been obliged to create a method of interaction by signs, a listof which is provided by Leibnitz, but will not show much ingenuity. A curious information of speech associated with the very early residents of thewTorld, written by Swedenborg in his Arcana Ccelestia, posted 1749-1756, might be weighed against the present events of deaf-mutes in in-stitutions due to their training. He says it was maybe not articulate such as the

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O-o matxbrt.J HISTOKY OP GESTURE LANGUAGE. 289 vocal message of your time, but was tacit, becoming produced not by externalrespiration, but by interior. These were capable express their meaningby slight motions associated with lips and corresponding changes regarding the face. Austins extensive work, Ckironomia, or a Treatise on Rhetor-ical Delivery, London, 180G, is a repertory of data for several writerson gesture, who’ve not necessarily offered credit to it, as well as on allbranches of oratory. This lias already been easily utilized by the current writer, ashas additionally the volume because of the canon Andrea de Jorio, Los Angeles Mimica degliAntichi investigata ncl Oestire Napoletano, Napoli, 1832. The canonschief object was to interpret the motions associated with the ancients as shown intheir works of art and explained in their writings, because of the contemporary gestic-ulations associated with Neapolitans, in which he has actually proved the basic systemof motion when prevailing in old Italy is substantially the same asnow noticed. With an understanding associated with ex

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Image from web page 40 of “yearly report of the Police Commissioner when it comes to City of Boston” (1906)
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Identifier: annualreportofpo2000bost
Title: Annual report of the Police Commissioner the City of Boston
12 Months: 1906 (1900s)
Writers: Boston (Size.). Workplace associated with the Police Commissioner
Subjects: Boston (Mass.). Workplace of this Police Commissioner
Publisher: Boston : The Office
Adding Library: Boston Public Library
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m supported byJohn Hancock Financial Services Company. Other efforts feature: visits with theYouth providers Networks social employee, the annual Junior Police Academy,run by Youth Service Officer John Ridge, the Kids at an increased risk plan, in addition to Youthand beginner Athlete Collaborative. MaiCing Positive Ciianges – Over the past 5 years (1996-2000)District D-4 has actually posted a remarkable 25per cent decrease in really serious criminal activity (homicide,rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, and car theft). To some extent,these successes are paid to partnerships with regional colleges and universitiesas well as numerous other neighborhood-based businesses. D-4 employees haveworked with these lovers to develop and apply custom-made neighbor-hood-policing programs handling an easy selection of total well being issues, such as for example publicdrinking on a neighborhood by neighborhood foundation. ^^ ^^ Captain William B. Evans301 Washington StreetBrighton, MA 02135-3357(617) 343-4260 Oak Square,Brighton

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District D-14 employees proceeded to make use of avariety of innovative actions to promotethe principles of neighbor hood policingthroughout Allston and Brighton including: Alcohol Enforcement EffOI^S – The large student populationin D-14 has actually sometimes proven problematicfor long-term area residents in thepast. Nonetheless District D-14s ongoing effortsare going a long way to make certain that thoseproblems will be a fading memory. Now in its third year, process Keg success-fully prosecuted over 250 liquor arrests in 2000, even though the relevant Cops in Shopsprogram, in partnership with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission – netted anadditional 75 arrests. Both of these programs have actually substantially increased theatmosphere of tranquillity, and provided a noticeably enhanced well being for manyvery appreciative regional residents. Building On University Partnerships – doing work right with leadersat both Boston university and Boston University has grown to become an everyday reality of life forDistrict

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Image from web page 275 of “Biennial Report regarding the State Highway Commission of vermont” (1922)
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Identifier: biennialreporto1922nort
Title: Biennial Report of this State Highway Commission of vermont
12 Months: 1922 (1920s)
Writers: North Carolina State Highway Commission North Carolina State Highway and Public Works Commission
Subjects: Roads
Publisher: Raleigh, N.C. : The Commission
Contributing Library: State Library of New York, Government & Heritage Library
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69- Advances: For Construction works:—To different tasks from State Funds over shows allotments, to continue building until Federal and regional resources tend to be obtained 599,323.18 To Contractors on Road Works for Cement. Deductions are made from technicians estimation to reimburse..- ._ 78,404.20 To staff members for temporary performing Fund (Surety Bonds secur- 11,685.73 689,413 11 to ,518,586.61 Liabilities Construction Projects— (display H) web Credit Balance due projects under construction after placing toeach, State Highways Fund allotments to extent of participation,also advances from exact same Fund also crediting all Federal andCounty money however obtained: and recharging the abov<amounts spent for building.*Fund Income Account Balances:State Highway Fund—Revenue obtained and obtained in excess of expenditures and allotments—(ExhibitB) management Fund—Excess of Income over Expenditures-exhibit C) Federal Aid study Fund—(Due Counties) __

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,518,586.61 •These funds include earlier many years balances. State Highway Commission 119 DISPLAY B STATE HIGHWAY FUND RUNNING ACCOUNT (1919 LAW)For 12 months ending June 30, 1921 Expenditures and Charges Allotments to Construction Projects: Credits passed away to Construction works the amount of States involvement in sundry task contracts, is expended as work advances -. .. repair:Expenditures in conformity with appropriate requirements for States pro-portion Preliminary Surveys—(In addition see Administration Fund) General Inspection T. N. T. Powder (contributed by U. S. Government): Cartridging –. Freight and Express work – Storing Miscellan eous Cost of Transfer from Government Warehouses: Note:—The Inventory at 6-30-21 was not taken. See information otherside of ,167.42. Automobiles and Trucks: Pay Roll materials and Repairs petrol and Oil Freight and Express lease Truck Field structures at Truck Field Miscellaneous Total expenditures for expenses event to Car and Trucks ._ Note:—

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