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Image from web page 36 of “United states engineer and railroad log” (1893)
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Identifier: americanengineer81newy
Title: US engineer and railway journal
12 Months: 1893 (1890s)
Subjects: Railroad manufacturing Engineering Railroads Railroad cars
Publisher: New York : M.N. Forney
Contributing Library: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Digitizing Sponsor: Lyrasis Users and Sloan Foundation

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f fix would ren-der it better to scrap it. The cost of steel vehicle fixes is, overall, really small bycomparison, when it’s taken into consideration that compara-tive costs of repairs of the two sorts as written by railways are,as a rule, manifestly unfair. The upkeep reportsfor publication are usually taken only for vehicles that havebeen repaired. Winn it really is a wood automobile this implies, on anaverage, minor repairs. Exactly what associated with the timber automobiles destroyed?you can find large number of such each month. Should not thecost of renewals, less a scrap credit, be included with the woodcar upkeep sheet to arrive at an equitable basis for com-parison aided by the steel cars? This might toss a great bal-ance on the metal automobile side of the debate, and would bringforth the argument that lots of of lumber vehicles therefore destroyedwere old and of an obsolete type. Although this does work, however theold car features a money worth; an automobile is an automobile in the records, andthe failure for the old timber automobiles acts simply to improve the

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ILLUSTRATION OF BADLY WRECKED STEEL FRE1I III CAB. to cars. Regarding the normal roadway there isn’t enough demand for worth of the current steel car that will not disintegrate,repair components to warrant the cost of setting up a unique the typical cost of fixing steel vehicles differs dramatically shop; this problem makes it required to look to the vehicle using the kind, and as a bigger amount of 100,000 pounds. ability builder for material, may it be of architectural or pressed metal hoppers have now been built than any various other class, prices of forms. their fix is more interesting. The following is accurate documentation pushed and architectural people, or eg end and cor- of normal costs of certain types of fix to the type: ncr posts, stakes, flange angles and plates, can be cut off by price of repairing 100,000 lbs. capacity metallic hoppers. hand and heated in a gas or Oil fire, and Straightened on a single end having part and end sills, draft sills and place braces huge flat work surface dish or anvil with ordin

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Image from page 227 of “A narrative of voyages and commercial businesses” (1850)
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Identifier: narrativeofvoyag00clev
Title: A narrative of voyages and commercial enterprises
Year: 1850 (1850s)
Authors: Cleveland, Richard J. (Richard Jeffry), 1773-1860
Topics: Voyages and travels Commerce
Publisher: Boston, C. H. Peirce
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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t at north park, hence his solutions wereduly appreciated. Their practices were costly, and, notwithstanding DEATH Ot GEOEGE. 223 many years he had been on constant pay and high earnings with me, Inever could convince him to lay by any thing. He accompanied mefrom China to Boston in alarm,, stayed with me as a domesticabout a-year after, and died at Roxbury, and it is buried in theRoxbury cemetery. CHAPTER XVIII. Reason for again Voyaging —Destination—Suspicion for the Quakers —Sail fromNew York—A Gale — Disnaasted — reach Kio Janeiro — The browse — AUowedForty-five times to correct —Eig the Vessel as a Brig — Obstacles to Changing theVoyage—Obviated—Dispose regarding the Cargo—Buy a Ship and Cargo of Beef—Despatch the Aspasia because of the Mate— visit St. Catharines into the Ship — Descrip-tion—Sail for Havana — Boarded twice—Cochranes Fleet—Boarding Officer•—A Contrast to their Commander — Ordered for Tortola—done ownership of bythe Cerbenis Frigate.

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^^f^1BM^(3, in my own enterprises, a character ofadventure united thereupon of purchase, hadbeen the motive of action ; but henceforth thelatter would be to work alone. The voyage within the Lelia Byrd, underneath the exclu-sive course of Mr. Shaler, proved an extremely unfor-tunate one. Owing to some informality in theprotest, we did not recuperate any thing from theunderwriters. The attempt made in directionof Mr. Hudson to access our affairs, by a return tothe coastline of California thereupon the main cargowhich stayed unsold, in slightly vessel which hadbeen built in the area, along with already been consumed change forthe Lelia Byrd, was unsuccessful. The large quantity cred-ited to the missionaries of Ca, to their quick notes,was a total reduction. Just four for the twenty priests regarding the variousmissions scattered over the shore, to whom we’d provided credit,were adequately honest to get their records. The quantity whichwe had put into cost of your buddy Rouissillon, is accountedfor by him

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Image from page 468 of “Report regarding the Auditor General to the House of Commons, reports the, C to J, L, M, N (for the financial year ended 31 March 1909)” (1910)
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Identifier: actjlmnreportofau0809cana
Title: Report associated with the auditor-general towards the House of Commons, states A, C to J, L, M, N (the financial year ended 31 March 1909)
Year: 1910 (1910s)
Authors: Canada. Workplace for the Auditor General
Contributing Library: Robarts – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Guelph, University of Windsor, York University and University of Toronto Libraries

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ds at credit Bacon, 500 pound. at 13ic . Balance, March 31, 1909 $ cts. 1,983 60 2,350 009,836 085,956 14 20,125 82 5 33 9 8467 5095 43 178 10 $ cts. 9 8420,115 98 20,125 82 89 3088 80 178 10 188.—Kakawishtahaws Band, Sask. Capital. 11 971 98 control Fund, portion on selections, 10 p.c. on ,971.98 1,197 209,900 00 874 78 Balance March 31, 1909 11,971 98 11,971 98 Interest.Balance April 1, 1908, .13; interest, 3 p.c. on .13, .11 38 24 Camp permit ; portion on selections, 6 p.c. on 0 60 7 30 40 34 10 00 Balance March 31, 1909 48 24 48 24 189.—Lac la Ronge Band, Sask. Balance, April 1, 1908, 9.85; interest, 3 p.c. on 9.85, .10 Covers, 20 pr., ; cod outlines. 30, .70; resources and hardware, .85. .Gilling twine, 50 lb., .50; holland twine, 490 hanks, 9.12, freighting .72 Balance, March 31, 1909 108 55 254 34 18 06 380 95 380 95 380 95 192.—Bird Tail Sioux, Man. Debit stability, April 1, 1908 Refunded from appropriation, to shut account.

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0 16 1—138 AUDITOR GENERALS REPORT, 1908-1909 9-10 EDWARD VII.. A. 1910 199.—Sackemays Band. Sask. Dr. Cr. Capital. Balance, April 1, 1908 Transfer of number of credit of Little Bones Band, account 140..Transfer to interest account of great interest moneys in above account.Balance, March 31, 1909 Interest. Interest 3 p.c. on .93 Interest transferred from minimal Bones Band, account 140.. Hay licenses, ; lease of camp grounds, Transfer of great interest moneys at credit of money control Fund, percentage on selections, 6 p.c. on Cleaner and bagger, ; fixes to implements, .20 Balance, March 31, 1909 $ cts. 296 409 22 305 62 4 26 50 20 322 11 376 57 $ cts. 82 93222 69 305 62 2 49 6 68 71 00 296 40 376 57 200.—Bella Coola Band, B.C. Balance, April 1, 1908, 7.33; interest, 3 p.c. on 7.33, .42. P. Jacobsen, lease of floor, 12 m. to Feb. 1, 1909 Management Fund, percentage on selections, 6|p.c. on Balance, March 31, 1909 3 00816 75 819 75 769 7550 00 819 75 20

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