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Image from page 245 of “yearly report for the Bureau of Statistics and Suggestions of Maryland” (1909)
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Identifier: annualreportof1909mary
Title: Yearly report regarding the Bureau of Statistics and Suggestions of Maryland
Year: 1909 (1900s)
Writers: Maryland. Bureau of Statistics and Information
Publisher: Bureau of Statistics and Information of Maryland
Contributing Library: University of Maryland, University Park
Digitizing Sponsor: Lyrasis Users and Sloan Foundation

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H 0 00*0 05 «© lO i-H 05 00 (N I—we CO oooooooooooooooooooooooooo222220OC)Ooooooooiooooooooooo__o o_^o_^o__o_^c__o_^o^o_^o_^o_^o o_^o o-o o-o o_^o__o 0_0__0_^i0_^ IC rfTo Ooioo~o~croiooo~oo0 t>~irf iO~o~i–rocO~oo~oc<r(Mr-iiOOO(MiOT—( 1—lOarHioiOO 1—I O i-H iO(MiO«^ O (N I-H CO (M lO I-H OOOt^0_^C5_ coo 05C0CO CD ^ H DCCO <) c fl a o3 cj o3

Text Appearing After-image:
aj.tJ ^ o3 «-i >-J> r= T3 r-i = ^ 2 9 Q,^ S•Id » a -a o 43 • ^ ^ o a t—I-t-> v-t-> o H STATISTICS AND INFORMATION. THE COUNTIES 231 regarding the 193 new incorporations when you look at the counties, with atotal capitalization of ,098,170, including 2 banking institutions and3 building and loan organizations, Baltimore County leadsin point of quantity, with 45 to its credit, and a totalcapitalization of ,465,000, while Anne Arundel Countyleads in capital stock, with ,611,000 for 7 new incor-porations, and Allegany comes 3rd, with 26 brand-new incor-porations and 4,300 money stock, with Frederick,Prince George, Washington, Carroll, Wicomico and Mont-gomery next inside purchase called. Here recapitulation by counties provides thenumber of the latest incorporations in each, utilizing the amountof money stock. RECAPITULATION with COUNTIES. NAME Date of Capital [Incorporations inventory 26 $ 984,300 00 7 1,611,000 00 45 1,465,000 00 3 74,000 00 10 52,000 00 4

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