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Image from web page 188 of “Tammany’s treason, impeachment of Governor William Sulzer; the entire story written from behind-the-scenes, showing exactly how Tammany plays the video game, exactly how men are purchased, offered and delivered” (1913)
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Identifier: tammanystreasoni00forre
Title: Tammany’s treason, impeachment of Governor William Sulzer; the complete story written from behind the scenes, showing how Tammany plays the game, how guys are bought, sold and delivered
12 Months: 1913 (1910s)
Authors: Forrest, Jay W Malcolm, James, of Albany, N. Y., shared writer
Topics: Sulzer, William, 1863-1941 Tammany Hall
Publisher: Albany, N.Y. [The Fort Orange Press]
Adding Library: The Library of Congress
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s a character of levity among thesemembers of senate visually noticeable to all beholders. To Patrick E. McCabe, clerk for the senate, paid withfiring the first broadside from the governor in June leadingto his impeachment, fell the uncommon satisfaction of writing out, byhis own hand, the formal notice of removal to be supported onGovernor Sulzer. It absolutely was brief and was below: The assembly regarding the condition of New York, having hereto-fore, to wit, on 13th day of August, nineteen hundred andthirteen, provided to the senate of said condition articles of im- Impeachment of Governor Sulzer 179 peachment against William Sulzer, governor of said condition, andthe president of senate having in accordance with lawsummoned the senators as well as the judges for the courtroom of appealsof stated condition to fulfill as a court for test of impeachmentson the eighteenth day of September, nineteen hundred andthirteen, therefore the stated judge having convened in stated day andthe said William Sulzer, governor of said state, having ap-

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Patrick Edgar McCabe Using The order regarding the tall legal of Im-peachment eliminating WilHam Sulzerfrom office peared thereat by counsel and having filed their answer to saidarticles of impeachment, therefore the impeachment having beentried, additionally the courtroom having by the vote of a majority of morethan two-thirds in quantity, convicted the said respondent ofthe fees within the very first, 2nd and 4th articlesof impeachment, plus the judge having solved that for theoffenses of which he’d already been found guilty the said WilliamSulzer be taken out of their company as governor;// is hereby announced and adjudged your said William 180 Tammanys Treason Sulzer be and hereby is removed through the company of governor of thestate of New York. The scene of vindictiveness ended up being further heightened by thespectacle of Senator James J. Frawley standing by Mr. McCabeand asking with victory inside the sound the pen with whichthe document had been written as a souvenir. Thus finished an impeachment test that will go-down i

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Image from web page 228 of “Utah: her urban centers, towns and resources. Along with a condensed but comprehensive account of the woman economic, commercial, manufacturing, mining and farming companies, the woman educational, spiritual and social benefits, the girl prog
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Identifier: utahhercitiestown1892eng
Title: Utah: her cities, towns and resources. Together with a condensed but comprehensive account of the woman financial, commercial, production, mining and agricultural businesses, the woman educational, spiritual and personal benefits, the woman progress and population in past times, and options money for hard times /edited and published by Manly
Year: 1891 (1890s)
Writers: Manly
Subjects: Utah Description and vacation Utah Information and travel Utah Information and travel
Publisher: Chicago: W.B. Conkey Co., Printers, 1891-1892
Adding Library: Church History Library, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Digitizing Sponsor: Corporation of the Presiding Bishop, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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HON, H. C. C. RICHJ a number of people in the legal fraternity who are not only wide-awake on best interests regarding the town, but are olassed amongthe leading lawyers of the Territory. The well-known lawfirm of Rich, Rich & Warrum isn’t just regarded as theforemost firm practicing legislation in Cook County to-day, but itsindividual people can afford and very qualified men

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GEO. Q. DEEP, Atty. well-versed in all the details of these career. The co-partner-ship was first founded some two years ago underneath the firmname of deep & deep, and in June, 1891, ended up being re-organized anderits present title wealthy, Rich & Warrum, since which time theyhave met with uniform success, and developed a big and grow-ing legislation practice. These are typically now solicitors for soma of this lead-in? corporations with this town, among whioh we miy point out here, Thatcher Bros. Banking Co., Logan department Consoli-dated Implement Co., Logan Brauch.Studabaker Bros.establish-ment as well as Sidney Stevens Carriage and apply household.They are retained as advice in a lot of important cases inall of which obtained acquitted themselves with great credit,and built up a well-deserved reputation fgr painstaking effortsand a conscientious subservance of these customers passions. Asidefrom their particular considerable legislation training an over-all real estate and loanbusiness is carried out, therefore the firm is prepa

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Image from web page 860 of “Gleanings in bee tradition” (1874)
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Identifier: gleaningsinbeecu39medi
Title: Gleanings in bee tradition
12 Months: 1874 (1870s)
Subjects: Bees Bee tradition
Publisher: [Medina, Ohio, A. I. Root Co.]
Contributing Library: UMass Amherst Libraries
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talog of B-sup-plies, and we will send you one smoker for evendollar. We wish THE assist in attempting to sell Bee-wareat factory rates. Cigarette smoker by mail, 81.25; with Gleanings annually bymail, 81.50 for method; 81.75 for large-size, duringJanuary. F. DANZENBAKER. NORFOLK, VA. ROOTS PRODUCTS For WEST PENNNSYLVANIA Liberal early-order discounts. Gleaningsand choice queens DISTRIBUTED. Writeat when for circular. . . Time is restricted. GEO. H. REA, • Reynoldsville, Penn. Successor to Rea Bee the Honey Co. BEE-KEEPERS We look here to inform you that ourNew Catalog on Bee Supplies is yoursfor asking. . It really is no-cost. . Get one. August Lotz & Co., Boyd, Wisconsin P ATENTS 25 YEARS APPLICATION CHAS. J. WILLI.-iMSON, Spaces 304 to 307, SavingsBank Bldg., seventh and E. Sts., Washington, D. C. Patent training In Patent Patent Counsel of Office and Courts. The A. I. Root Co. 12 GLEANINGS IN BEE COMMUNITY Feb. 1 Cornish Instruments foT^real quality, tend to be unex-celled S>y any utiier,whatever»lie price^or title or reptation.

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One Ym*$free trial this will be our offerto you—select anyCornish piano ororgan, from theleast high priced tothe finest everbuilt and now we,without OJj bitof responsibility onyour part, willsend the Instru-ment for you di-rect from ourfactory withthe distinct un-derstanding thatIf the Instrumentdoes maybe not come upto your fullestexpectations yuuare not to ensure that it it is,and that the Trial can cost you Absolutely Nothing In the event that Instru- couple of years Credit if required ment does notiprove »bettervalue for themoney than youcan have any-whereelse—If ItIs less good anInstrument a syou can buy forone-third morethan we ask—ifat any timewithin a yearyou feel thatyou have not agood discount,send it back; wewont find oneword of faultwiih your de-cision, and youwill not be one cent out of pocket for freight or foruse regarding the Instrument. The Cornish relationship shields both you and holds united states purely tothis provide. You may be to havethe privilege of every termsof payment that you maychoose. Vou threat nothing.We assume all re-sponsibility,

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