Identity Theft Protection

The Sad Facts About Mere Mortals Fighting Identity Thieves:

Identity theft is considered one of the fastest-growing crimes across the world. On a case-by-case basis, an estimated 7 percent of all adults have experienced some form of identity theft; generally in the form of misused bank and credit cards. It’s estimated that over 15 million Americans are affected by fraudulent charges, each year. Average losses per individual depends on which statics you go by, but it runs in the neighborhood of $5000+ per. It takes alot of due diligence, not to mention the time & effort it takes to restore your credit & good name once you’ve become a victim of identity theft. Obtaining your free annual credit report gov is a must. But it’s recommended that you check your credit files 2 to 3 times per year. Why? For all you know, you may have been a victim of id theft for months without you knowing. Bank accts, credit card accts, etc, that were opened in your name months ago. Bank loans taken out using your stolen identity months ago that you didn’t know. But you only learn about this months later when or if you see your credit reports. And here’s the sadder truth: Even though checking your credit files periodically will at least let you know if you’ve become a victim of identity theft, it doesn’t exactly prevent you from becoming a victim in the first place. Nor does it catch things very fast – only months later after the damage was done to your credit. The Solution?…

Identity Girl Will Fight This Problem Head On For You!

Level 1 – Subscribe to a credit monitoring service’s basic plan that helps you monitor your credit. This way you’ll receive alerts to any unusual activity in your credit files. Not bad…It’s a good start..For a jedi padawan (youngling). But you’re still reacting to a problem that might show up. You’re not really stopping the problem from occurring in the first place in a proactive manner. Never-the-less, studies have shown how subscribing to a credit monitoring service can significantly limit the amount of the financial losses you’d incur if you ever become a victim of identity theft. As mentioned earlier, without the use of credit monitoring and only relying on monitoring paper statements, id theft victims on average incur $5000+ in theft/losses. Yet those who utilize credit monitoring services get alerted much quicker to fraudulent activity and keep those numbers around 1/10th of non-users. Couple this with the fact that almost all credit monitoring services have some sort of identity theft insurance (up to $1,000,000 in some cases) to help you recover your limited losses. 😉

Level Ultimate – Like A Home Security System. But For Your Finances: – Just like you have a security system to protect your home from being broken in, I’d also wish for something that does the same for my finances, credit rating, and my good name. If you have something worth protecting, then you’d want something capable of protecting it. A system that immediately notifies you of any breaches to your financial security system so you can squash the problem right away. Not months later when lot’s of damage has taken place. In that case what you really want is a service which specializes in identity theft protection. In addition to monitoring your credit files, you’re immediately alerted to any major financial events that occur such as any new bank accts, credit cards, etc, that were opened in your name. It’s about getting alerted to any potential activity I mentioned earlier that identity thieves would implement if they ever steal your identity. If you can spot those type of things quickly, then you’re basically stopping the problem before it ever hits the fan. Not just reacting to things months later after so much damage has taken place and then having to crawl your way out of the wretched mess. In essence you’ve stopped identity thieves in their tracks in a proactive way. This type of protection is usually offered thru their top-of-the-line membership plan. But usually these type of fullblown identity theft protection services will charge you a subscription fee upfront. No ‘free trial’ offers…Till Now!

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