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Image from page 313 of “reputation for the twenty-third Pennsylvania volunteer infantry, Birney’s Zouaves; 90 days & 36 months solution, Civil War” (1904)
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Title: History of the twenty third Pennsylvania volunteer infantry, Birney’s Zouaves; 90 days & three years solution, Civil War
12 Months: 1904 (1900s)
Authors: Pennsylvania infantry. 23d regt., (1861-1864)
Subjects: United States. Army Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, 23rd (1861-1865)
Publisher: [n.p : s.l.
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ds, 2 yrs ago, regarding the event associated with unveiling associated with the monu-ment of Twenty-third Pennsylvania regiment, I took event torefer to an injustice which had been inadvertently done united states, in the reportof the struggle by the Army Commander. As the remarks then i made 808 REPUTATION FOR THE TWENTY-THIRD REGIMENT in reference to the Twenty-third Regiment tend to be appHcable to every and allthe regiments of our Brigade, I quote all of them verbatim. After speakinga word of praise in behalf of General Doubleday, regarding the First Corps,and General Sickles, associated with Third Corps, for the services they renderedon the first and 2nd days correspondingly, I state, although claimingthis unique recognition for them, i’ve a less pleasing, but to you amore crucial responsibility to do, and that is, to demand an officialrecognition regarding the services, inside battle, of the Brigade that youwere attached. The pupil who in the future years peruses the officialreports and documents inside War division, will there find taped.

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Gulps Hill. It was the next position of Shalers Brigade. On its arrival hereGeneral Geary associated with the twelfth Corps put it in the ravine immediately inrear of the position. During the morning the regiments of brigadewere engaged in the breastworks, that will be observed runningalong just underneath the brow of the hill towards a sizable boulder in theworks. It remained here as relieving regiments, until ordered to leftcentre, meant for ist Corps during repulse of Picketts cost. within the signature associated with the commander of this Army of this Potomac,that inside fight of Gettysburg, Wheatons Brigade ended up being bought tothe appropriate, to aid in operating right back the enemy plus retaking the works.To put it differently the troops of Wheatons Brigade had been credited, inthe formal report of this battle, utilizing the solution performed by yourBrigade. Upon understanding of this error, we spoke to General Meadeabout it, at an ^rmy reunion, held in Boston nine years after the struggle,and he guaranteed having their report corrected. I

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Image from web page 13 of “reputation for initial Presbyterian Church of Bellefontaine, Ohio, and addresses delivered within special event of thirty-fifth anniversary of the pastorate associated with the Reverend George L. Kalb, D.D” (1900)
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Identifier: historyoffirstpr00firs
Title: reputation for the very first Presbyterian Church of Bellefontaine, Ohio, and details delivered within special event of thirty-fifth anniversary of the pastorate regarding the Reverend George L. Kalb, D.D
12 Months: 1900 (1900s)
Authors: First Presbyterian Church (Bellefontaine, Ohio)
Subjects: First Presbyterian Church (Bellefontaine, Ohio)
Publisher: Bellefontaine : Press associated with Index Printing and Pub. Co.
Adding Library: Princeton Theological Seminary Library
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the congregation at meetings held within the lecture roomof the chapel, September 5 and 12, 1898. This doesn’t imagine is a perfect book. No record everwas written without errors and this by reason of the mode ofcompilation most likely has its own above is important. Whatever mistakes or significant omissions tend to be found should bereported plus due time they shall be corrected or provided. Various persons have actually furnished valuable material and helpand it could be extremely difficult to offer each and every oneproper credit. So only those tend to be discussed which contributedspecial documents. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH HISTORY.

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ARTICLES. VI ITEMS .*«»*»/S/»<V4«k GENERAL. Webpage Synods and Presbyteries 1 Pastors 2 Elders 3 Officers, Deacons, Trustees, Clerks, Auditors, Deaconesses, 4 Early Missionaries 8 First Presbyterian Church ot Bellefontaine 14 Abstract of Annually Reports 24 I^ist associated with the Books of Record 26 Seating of Church—18:^9-1836 . 27 Contributors for this Church—1825-1842 28 BIOGRAPHICAL Our Pastors—Reverends Joseph Stevenson, 33; Robert H. Hollyday, D. D. 35;Geo. A. Gregg, 37: Edwin B. RafFensperger, D. D., 38; Geo. P. Bergen, 41;Geo. Iv. Kalb, D. D., 41; Geo. E Davies, 49. The Elders—Joshua Robb, 50; J. W. Marquis, 51; Robt Patterson, 51; Thos.Marquis. 52; John McCracken, 52; James Kerr, 53; David Patterson, 53;Abraham Boyd, 54; John Paris, 55; James D. Campbell, 55; Ezra Bennett,56; Thos. M. Stevenson, 57: Robt Henderson, 58; Wm. G. Kennedy, 58; Dr.S. W. Fuller, 59; Wm. McCulloch, 61; Josiah Moore, 61; J A. Mcllvaine, 62;Geo. A Henry, 63; J. Q. A. Campbell, 63; Dr. J. P. Walla

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