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Image from web page 207 of “The American annual of photography” (1919)
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Identifier: americanannualof3334newy
Title: The Us annual of photography
Year: 1919 (1910s)
Subjects: Photography
Publisher: New York : Tennant and Ward
Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Younger University

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ment can lead to an area stain which isyellow by transmitted light and iridescent by representation. Thisstain is very easily removed as soon as the plate is fixed by placingit in a weak solution of potassium ferricyanide which maycontain some hypo. The solution should need 30 secondsto remove the stain; if it functions faster it could attack the picture. The developer has been in daily use for many months andhas given great satisfaction. In the event that personality associated with content is«such that enough contrast cannot be obtained after properexposure and development, the plate, after thorough rectifying andwashing and (for insurance against frilling) drying out, can beintensified by simple mercuric chloride option, cleansing welland blackening with sodium sulphite solution. This methodkeeps the lines quite obvious. Incidentally this designer will befound beneficial to get a handle on known over-exposure in ordinaryphotographic work. The perfect solution is possesses great keeping qual-ities, especially in containers filled towards throat. 160

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THE DAGUERREOTYPE By J. ERNEST ZIMMERMAN T could be of interest, on readers of theAnnual, to understand for the accidental advancement ofthe very first permanent and best picture, theDaguerreotype. It absolutely was not the only one the inventive wizard ofL. J. M. Daguerre, that is credited with all the finding of thisprocess, which produced these very magnificent and elabo-rate pictures, but is in addition due to the a few ideas and attempts ofJoseph Nicephore Niepce, a lithographer, modern andpartner with this great Parisian scene-painter. Little credit,however, is directed at Niepce for their contribution for this greatprocess, which includes helped to revolutionize the world. Niepce intended to save work in drawing, because of the substitu-tion of metal plates the lithographers stone, and coateda copper plate with asphaltum,* put it within the camera ob-scura making an exceptionally long publicity of a sunlit object.The activity associated with the high lights hardened the asphaltum, while theshadows left the asphaltum soft, that could t

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Image from page 732 of “Hardware merchandising January-June 1898” (1898)
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Identifier: hardwaremerjanjun1898toro
Title: Equipment merchandising January-June 1898
Year: 1898 (1890s)
Topics: Hardware business Hardware Implements, utensils, etc Building
Publisher: Toronto :
Adding Collection: Fisher – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: Algoma University, Trent University, Lakehead University, Laurentian University, Nipissing University, Ryerson University and University of Toronto Libraries

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letter Board ofTrade, with credit to himself and profit tothe town. He had been additionally president of theLondon Club for a-year, and ended up being a directorof the London and south-eastern and Lon-don and Port Stanley railways. In 1880 Mr. Bland married Miss AlicePatterson, of Montreal, which, with a familyof four kids and five girls, endures him.The deceaseds mama and four brothers,Thomas, Richard R., and William, of thiscity, and Joseph E., of Detroit, and onesister in addition survive. The keeps had been interred at Woodlandon Thursday.—London exchange. WOODSTOCK, N.B., BOARD OFTRADE. On yearly conference of this Woodstock,N.B., Board of Trade these officerswere chosen :• President—Geo. Balmain.Vice-President—A. Henderson.Secretary-Treasurer—T. C. L. Ketchum. The Board has forty members*. Thefollowing resolution was passed: Thatthe Dominion national be memorializedto see that freight prices be regulated accord-ing to mileage, by the visit of acommission. HARDWARE AND METAL 31 Puritan

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Wickless Blue FlameOil Stoves This kitchen stove willsurprise you.Guaranteed inevery admire. Every disagreeable feature heretofore common to oil stoves absolutely overcome inside stove. Have removable tanks; are really easy to run; and econom-ical in. oil. An examination will persuade you there’s none so good.Easy to offer. Apply for agency and catalogue to R. BIGLEY, 96 and 98 Queen St. East TORONTO CanadianAgent Established 1860. Included 1895. CRESCENT Metal Agate Ware GENUINEMOTTLEDGREY EACH ARTICLE WITH OUR LABELCRESCENT ON IS GUARAN-TEED NEVER TO CHIPOR BREAK.

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