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Image from web page 268 of “modern-day financial practices and useful lender bookkeeping; illustrated with over 2 hundred kinds of bank publications, files and blanks” (1903)
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Identifier: modernbankingmet00barr
Title: Contemporary banking methods and useful lender accounting; illustrated with over two hundred kinds of bank publications, documents and blanks
Year: 1903 (1900s)
Authors: Barrett, Albert R
Topics: Banks and financial
Publisher: New York, Bankers Pub. Co.
Contributing Library: Robarts – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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rom the clearing-house the balances because of them, forwhich they provide their receipts in a book for the purpose. To enforce the required control among the list of lender clerks in theclearing-house the device of fines pointed out is really as uses: TUB CLEARING-HOUSE. 257 Errors on credit part of settling clerks sheet Errors on debit part of settling clerks sheet 3 mistakes in tickets 2 mistakes in ground amount got 1 Disorderly conduct 3 wish of punctuality 3 Debtor banks failing continually to spend balances by 1.30 p. m 3 Errors in distribution on bill of exchanges 1 The fines are charged every day on respective financial institutions, and at theclose of per month a statement of those is delivered to the financial institutions. Fig. 170shows the form of this declaration. No 2:^ ]Sfew Yoi^k Cleki^irig Bou^e, 77-83 CEDAR STNew York, C^-t^^^^c-^ *^/ i^oft. Sir:As needed by the Circularof the Clearing home Committee dated Aug. 8th, 1854,1 report the following fines against your lender for themonth of_..ii!^^^^?-^<^r<rr<*?^^^Zras employs, viz.: 6

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Fines the thirty days total- «__- Financial institutions fined. Fig. 170. Respectfully yours, WILLIAM SHERER. Manager. -Clearing-House Report of Fines. The establishment regarding the clearing-house features proved an importantfactor in the marketing of sound financial. Besides the requirementof the everyday settlement of balances, the weekly statement of theassociated banking institutions is obligatory. This statement is madeupon a blank prepared for the purpose. These blanks tend to be printedupon white paper for connected banking institutions and on red report forbanks being non-members. Fig. 171 shows one of these simple blanks.From these once a week statements the Manager of clearing-house 17 26S CONTEMPORARY BANKING METHODS. compiles two statements of all of the banking institutions, one representing the asso-ciated finance companies additionally the other the non-member finance companies. These state-ments are imprinted and furnished every single member and non-member,and posted in the documents, and this promotion is a safeguard.Figs. 172, 173 and 174 show these reports for August 11, 1900.

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Image from page 243 of “Our country in story” (1917)
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Identifier: ourcountryinstor00fran
Subject: Our nation in tale
12 Months: 1917 (1910s)
Writers: Franciscan Sisters for the Perpetual Adoration (La Crosse, Wis.)
Topics: United Says — History America — Discovery and research
Publisher: Chicago, Nyc, Scott, Foresman and organization
Adding Library: New York Public Library
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CAPTURE OF ENGLISH COMMANDER nobody thought of resisting, neither performed any one thinkof continuing the dance, but all fled to full cover up away in thedarkness of their homes dreading just what the morningmight bring. When it comes to English had taught their Frenchand Indian topics to phone the Americans Big Knives andto fear all of them rather just as much as the worst of savages. To strengthen the Kaskaskians within idea and therebyto frighten all of them into submitting, as it had been, Clarkstroops, in the signal of three rifle reports, began up suchhideous whooping and scalp-hallooing as may have 238 your COUNTRY IN STORY

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provided credit into many savage redmen. Once the blood-curdling records echoed and re-echoed from the bluffs be-yond, the poor individuals shrieked and trembled. The Amer-icans are Big Knives indeed, said they, and then we havenothing a lot better than captivity, torture, and death to ex-pect from their website. Meanwhile athletes had been speeding through streetsof the town purchasing individuals under discomfort of demise to help keep close within doorways. At length the crowing of cocks revealed thedawn for the new day. The hot Julysun shortly overcome straight down upon Kaskaskia.nevertheless charming small houses with theirsloping roofs and wide porches re-mained darkened, the doorways sealed,and the garden walks deserted. Thechurch bell tolled forth unfortunate and mourn-FATHER GIBAULT fui tones therefore unlike its cheerypeals of the past evening. While all was thuswrapped in quiet dread, a man clad in a flowing blackrobe had been seen to accelerate quietly along the lifeless streetsin the direction associated with fort. His whole bearing bespokedignity, courage, a

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