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Image from page 116 of “Annual report of the Public Service Commission, and the … annual report of the Board of Railroad Commissioners” (1914)
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Identifier: annualreportofpu19172mass
Title: Annual report of the Public Service Commission, and the … annual report of the Board of Railroad Commissioners
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: Massachusetts. Public Service Commission Massachusetts. Board of Railroad Commissioners. Annual report
Subjects: Massachusetts. Public Service Commission Public utilities
Publisher: Boston : Wright & Potter Printing Co.
Contributing Library: UMass Amherst Libraries
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n 03 g CI 5 9 S (MOscoeoicwsioot^t^t^cocomO^Oi-tioas :i(M^idCC0tOrJHC0i-H>.Ci-^3 lO ■-H C5 O Cft lO <N O ^^■^-^^<^ ^^^-^^ ^T-H lO CO C5 CO »-H O Tt< ioqO i-Tod 00 CO t*^*0 iC CO i-( kO) OO CO M i-( 1—I OCOOi-^ OO C^ CD CO COiC CDOO CD o r* CO <M 1 I I I I I I I I [ I t I 1 I I 1—I C5 O O lO CO so coo t^ H CD CD-^ O OSCDtOO lO 1. ■^^■^ COUO Ol 11)1111)1 ■^ i-l i-H OO lO lO -CDO5I>-f-HCSO^T-lCSC0C0^00aiCDC^00l0 H^HOCOIr^T-HO-HCOC^WCOcOeDTHOOiC-HCOO ■^I>-000ilO05C000t^Or CO CO c- 00CO-* _ _ _ _ W5 C5 O 03 001-^ CO COM 1-tT -eOcDTtfCDi—iI>.OiTt*CO * o g S3 ■ 03 ^ • -p^ ■ £ ■. .*^ .> (3 03 S csMtJ^^T^yw^o..* 03OrrOp-,c3 —„-,.-„ sj3 5S§aa.■S o o o o.1i o^^5 o o o o oir; ».-S o ® o o o Sg .■S o – a> c3 o3 rt o o S fe m fi S t^ b ^ O O O » oj5

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114 RAILROAD RETURNS. [Jan. Miscellaneous Items in PKoriT and Loss Account for the PeriodAugust 30 to December 31. Item. Debits. Credits. Conscience money, ………. Property retired and not replaced, ……. Depreciation accrued prior to July 1, 1907, on equipment retiredAugust 30 to December 31, 1916, inclusive, ….. Total, ,515 1135,672 63 9,187 74 92 S4 92 Road operated at Close of Year.Miles of road, ….Miles of second main track,Miles of third main track,Miles of fourth main track.Miles of yard track and sidings, etc., Total, …. 2,305.50 591.11 4.20 1.98 1,345.09 4,247.88 Miles of Road Operated at Close of Year — (Single Track). ■ By States and Territories Line owned. Line operated under Lease. Lineoperated under Contract, etc. Lineoperated underTrackage Rights. Total State or Territobt. MainLine. Branches and Spurs. Mileageoperated. Massachusetts,New Hampshire,Maine, …. Vermont New York, Canada 213.47179.13133.11 127.2874.523.83 451.20813.164.63123.18120.5035.4

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Photograph of airmail pilot William Fillmore
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Image by Smithsonian Institution
Date: c. 1925

Object number: A.2009-8

Medium: paper; photo-emulsion

Description: William E. Fillmore had a short career as a Post Office Department pilot, flying the mail for nine short weeks, from August 6 to October 4, 1919. Fillmore was based in College Park, Maryland and Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. On September 4, 1919 he had a rough landing in Harrisville, Pennsylvania in airmail ship #91. In his forced landing report, he noted that "owing to rain and poor visibility had not been able to check up any landmarks coming to the mountainous country and poor visibility, I decided it was best not to keep aimlessly on, but to pick a good field, and get my bearings. I looked all available landing fields over thoroughly, finally selected a very good field, flew low over it and back again and made good landing. It had been raining and one of the tires blew, letting the wheel sink to the axle, causing the ship to go up on its nose, damaging propeller and radiator." Fillmore and airmail flying were not meant for each other. Seven days later, he had another forced landing, this time at the Cleveland, Ohio mail airfield. He was trying to race a storm, but failed. Engulfed by clouds so dark he could "plainly see the flames from the exhaust," Fillmore barely made his way to the field, landing roughly and damaging another aircraft on landing. National Postal Museum, Curatorial Photographic Collection Photographer: Unknown

Place: United States of America

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Credit line: National Postal Museum, Curatorial Photographic Collection

Photographer: Unknown

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Repository:National Postal Museum

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