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Image from page 929 of “Popular technology month-to-month” (1872)
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Identifier: popularsciencemo89newyuoft
Title: Popular science month-to-month
Year: 1872 (1870s)
Subjects: Science
Publisher: New York : D. Appleton
Adding Library: Gerstein – University of Toronto
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esting tenden-cies associated with times within the automobile-manufacturing company is the growingpopularity of wire wheel. An exami-nation of data of wheel produc-tion in this nation reveals the fact adistinct wire wheel growth is under wayand is rapidly gaining energy. Atthe end of 1915 it had been determined thatthere are not above ten thousandcars equipped with wire rims. The1916 period, though perhaps not however finished, hasprobably included fifty and on occasion even sixt- thou-sand cars to the course, an increase of fivehundred percent. Thereupon spectacu-ar escalation in head it is notdifficult to credit well-inform-ed automobile men whopredict that 1917 will seetwo hundred thousandnew vehicles placed on wirewheels. These wheelsare preferred on ac-count of these hand-some appearance;and obtained re-ceived an impetusfrom the scarcity ofhickory regarding the bestquality, and fromthe patent litigationwhich has actually vexed themanufacturersof thedemountable rim. Making^^the Coldest cool think about 400 de-grees below zero!

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Burning up a bit of cold-rolled steel in fluid an. The liquefied oxygencombines so quickly aided by the steel that a furious heat is produced At right: By making use of a vacuumpump the rate of evaporation can beincreased enough to freeze the aircontacting the surface regarding the pipe AMONCi the greater start-AA Hng discoveries of thejjast decade could be the pro-duction of conditions reach-ing as far as 400° F. below-zero. It will be the attainment ofthese low temperatures thathas introduced the chemist andplusicist into a globe;for when matter is subjectedto these types of degrees of cool, thereis an entire alteralinii ofboth its substance and jilusicaljjropcrtics. Each compound on ourearth features specific properties, Ixitli (luin-ical and actual, whicli it could keep onlat a particular temperature—a heat 916 think about gases which have been squeezedand cooled until they look like water! which nature set for it.If we alter this tempera-ture by synthetic means thesubstance will gradualh-assume a diflerent physic

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