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Image from web page 98 of “Annual Meeting and Banquet regarding the Pennsylvania Scotch-Irish community at ..” (1897)
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Identifier: annualmeetingban09penn
Title: Annual Fulfilling and Banquet associated with Pennsylvania Scotch-Irish Society at ..
Year: 1897 (1890s)
Authors: Pennsylvania Scotch-Irish Community. Meeting and Banquet
Topics: Pennsylvania Scotch-Irish Community Scots-Irish
Publisher: Philadelphia : Allen, Lane & Scott
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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APPENDIX A. Report of Charles L. MoKbbhan, Treasurer Pennsyl-vania Scotch-Irish community, made February 26th, 1897. 1897. Dr. Feb. 1—Balance from preceding 12 months |507 39 Dues from users and subscriptions to 7th an-nual banquet 632 00 Interest on deposits . . . , 11 64 51 03 Ck.resort Bellevue, 7th annual banquet . . |281 55Allen, Lane & Scott, printing 7th yearly report 155 54 Stenographer and clerk hire 45 00 Avil Printing Co., printing booklet of songs . 25 00 The Art Printing Company, menus 80 00 William H. Hoskins, invites 9 25 songs 30 00 Postage, stationery, &c . 35 50 1 84 stability 539 19 51 03 the aforementioned report of Treasurer was examined and discovered proper,showing a balance of 9.19 towards credit regarding the Society in bank Feb-ruary tenth, 1897. JOHN W. WOODSIDE, JNO. A. McDowell, Auditors. (95) CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS. I. Name. The name for the Association will be the PennsylvaniaScotch-Irish Society, plus it shall represent the Pennsylvaniabr

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Image from web page 464 of “Harriet Martineau’s autobiography ..” (1879)
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Identifier: cu31924104001791
Title: Harriet Martineau’s autobiography ..
12 Months: 1879 (1870s)
Authors: Martineau, Harriet, 1802-1876 Chapman, Maria Weston, 1806-1885 St. John, Cynthia Morgan, 1852-1919. fmo Wordsworth Collection
Subjects: Martineau, Harriet, 1802-1876 Authors, English Social reformers
Publisher: Boston, Houghton, Osgood and Co.
Contributing Library: Cornell University Library
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t found me. I happened to be waited upon in my lodging by a sickly-looking, untidylittle orphan woman of fourteen, — untidy, because the state of hereyes ended up being so that she cannot sew, or have any reasonable chancefor hygiene. She had been the niece and reliant of my hostess,by who she was scolded without mercy, and, it did actually me,incessantly. Her quiet and cheerful submission impressed me atonce; and I also heard these types of a study of the girl through the lady whom hadpreceded me personally within the lodgings, and who had known the child fromearly infancy, that we took a pursuit in her, and learned hercharacter from the outset. Her character ended up being quickly known ; fora more standard, upright, honest, ingenuous child could not be.She had been, in fact, as intellectually unable as morally indisposedto deception of any sort. This was the lady Jane which recov-ered the woman health by mesmerism in companionship with me, andwhom I became required by the doctors, and by the Athenaeum, to**give up as an impostor, after 5 years family inter-

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■ve. nl ijueii. ^AA.^*. Aged 37.] the WINDOW with TYNEMOUTH. 445 course together, along with my indirect knowledge of her,through my neighbour, from age three. I may mentionhere that my unvarying good opinion of this lady ended up being confirmedafter the recovery of both because of the experience of the woman householdqualities for seven many years, during which duration she lived with meas my prepare, till she emigrated to Australian Continent, in which she has livedin high credit right from the start of 1853 till now. This Jane,destined to so wondering an event, and to therefore discreditable apersecution, (which she bore within the finest nature) was at the doorof my Tynemouth lodging when I arrived : and lots of were theheartaches I had for her, during the many years that her muscles lookedlike dough, and her eyes like ……… I will not state exactly what. We endured the untidiness of my rooms, I own; and I also soonfound that my Norfolk notions of hygiene met with noresponse at Tynemouth. In a short time, I became moved from purga-tory to utopia

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Image from page 420 of “post on reviews and earth’s work” (1890)
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Identifier: reviewofreviewsw33newy
Title: summary of reviews and world’s work
Year: 1890 (1890s)
Publisher: New York Post On Reviews Corp
Contributing Library: Robarts – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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ynasty, also, it’s believed, would throwlight in the present riots at Nanchang, duringwhich six French Catholic missionaries and anumber of English mission workers were killedand much property destroyed. The anti-Manchuelements, which were the backbone regarding the Boxer THE PROGRESS OF THIS IVORLD. 407 rebellion in 1900, have always endeavored to useoutrages upon foreigners, witli the consequentprobability of European input, to con-vince the people associated with the necessity for doing awaywith the present dynasty. The government atPeking, but features declared its intention ofprosecuting those responsible for tlie massacre.Indeed, the governor of this province in whicliNanchang is situated has already been degraded,and, it’s established, is likely to be executed. Chinese There is no doubt that anti-for- 7>fthe^ eign feeling is extensive, and, per- Miiitary Art. jj^ps, increasing. Confirmed, however, the bulk of tlie Chinese i)opulation is apparently untouched bv the agitation, even though the senti-

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MH. T. V. <:HANU, A ItEIKESKNTATlVE CHINESE STUDENT INAMERICA. (See article on page 423 this month.) ment in support of boycotting products from Europeand America is obviously dispersing. A clearstatement for the situation in China is printed onanother web page this thirty days. It is from the pen ofa youthful Chinese pupil on University ofCalifornia, who, despite their evident youth,should be paid with having already con-tributed much, by his writings in American press, toward a far better knowledge of Chinaand the Chinese because of the individuals of the UnitedStates. In the face of reports that Russia isquietly making the woman arrangements to absorb Mon-golia, that F^ngland has actually do not surrenderWei-Hai-Wei (which was to be held because of the Brit-ish federal government just so long as Russia held PortArthur), it is considerable to see that an imperialedict was granted transforming the famoushistoric literary evaluation halls in Peking intoa armed forces college. As of this, in addition to at othersmaller establishments

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