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Image from web page 170 of “COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE JOURNAL (CANADA) 1917 pt. 1” (1917)
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Identifier: commercialinte1917p1cana
12 Months: 1917 (1910s)
Contributing Library: Robarts – University of Toronto
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T. Lithgow) 73 British western Indies (Mr. E. II. S. Flood) 74 Russia (Mr. C. F. Just) 78 Sash Sections and Ornamental Mouldings (full-page cut)…. 80 Englands Trade with France 82 giving Credits to international subscribers 83 Extracts from Monthly Report for August 89 Canadian create costs in britain 92 British Agricultural create Imports 93 Crops in Cuba 94 marketplace for Machinery in Asia 95 costs of Fruit in Great Britain . 97 Cuban marketplace Conditions 98 Brit Manufacture of Flour and Bread 99 Uk Prohibited Imports 101 British Colonial Imports:— Jamaica 101 Notes on Foreign Trade 106 Canadian Grain Statistics 115 Tenders Invited— Southern Africa 117 Trade Inquiries 118 Publications of the division of Trade and Commerce. . . . 133 Commercial Intelligence Service 134 Enlarged Canadian Trade Intelligence 135 Ottawa; Printed by J. de L. Tach£, printer towards Kings perfect Majesty, 1916. DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND COMMERCE INDUSTRIAL INTELLIGENCE DEPARTMENT [ 1 VOL. XVI.

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No. 677. WEEKLY BULLETIN Containing Reports of Trade Commissioners and Commercial Agents,Trade Inquiries and other Commercial Information. * ft;,., ■ /*sv^ f*^£ if JAN ! 61917 MONDAY, JANUARY 15, 1917. ^ >y^/TY0FV Published by Authority of Rt. Hon. Sir George E. Foster, K.C.M.G., M.P. (Minister of Trade and Commerce). OTTAWA PRINTED with J. de L. TACHE,PRINTER INTO KINGS MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY 1917 13536—1 ♦ The Commercial Intelligence Provider. The purpose of the Commercial Intelligence provider is always to advertise the sale ofCanadian products abroad and offer Canadian producers and exporterswith details about trade circumstances and opportunities in nations inwhich Canadian goods will probably discover a market. The division gathers, compiles and publishes inside Weekly Bulletin andsupplements thereto a large volume of helpful commercial information. Personsdesiring it and thinking about Canadian manufacturing or expert might have their particular namesplaced on the regular mailing li

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00036936 SDASM
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Image by San Diego Air & Area Museum Archives
Mahoney-Ryan X-1 (X-7621) Special "Sportster", experimental lightplane. Span 27′, size 22′. powered by 90 hp warner Scarab as 1929 protection palne entry with a variable-airfoil wing (no two ribs tend to be alike) controlled by a lever in teh cockpit. No fin or stabilizer, which were changed by alarge, moveable stabilator and a longitudinally-adjusteable 50# fat on a track to shift the c/g. All this work led to enought stability issues to cancel the task. It absolutely was reported that this plane was flown repeatedly by Charles Lindbergh. Circa 1928-29
JMF Haase collection
via San Diego AeroSpace museum

From Haase Range

JMF Haase Collection

This variety of stunning photographs of very early Navy aircraft is from J.M.F. (Joseph Malta F.) Haase collection, thanks to the hillcrest Aero area Museum. J.M.F. “Bunny” Haase ended up being a Navy Chief professional photographer which reported most of the aviation tasks from very early 1920 through early 1930s at North Island that during the time encompassed the Army’s Rockwell Field and NAS north park. His big collection additionally addresses civilian and Army aircraft aswell. Their air-to-air photographs tend to be featured in lots of aviation research books but often under the personal line of credit of US Navy. Chief Haase additionally participated in the next Alaskan Aerial research in 1929 and had been in charge of the first US film for the sun’s eclipse done in 1930 which was done from an aircraft.